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Spring stamina and spring Fury ring.

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I was going through the warspear database and checking gear combinations for my hunter when I noticed these two rings. The stats are as follows:


Spring stamina ring:

Level 24: 298 base mdef: 50% hp increase. 




Spring fury ring: 

Level 24: 351 base mdef: 20% crit: 50 health regen: 15 energy regen. 


I have also seen level 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 versions of these rings in the ws database. 


And on the parameters row, it says "Quest". These stats are amazing but I've never seen these rings in game. Would appreciate any info on how to get these rings! 


I've attached screenshots for reference. 


Thank you very much! 

Looking forward to some info! :flying-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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On 9/8/2019 at 12:41 PM, Higgings said:

If I'm not wrong, these rings belonged to the event of 2 years ago, available only during a spring dungeon session (aka solo dg) and would've disappeared once the dg was over.

Was first solo Dgs released ( I was jr in HS Soooo... 2015) When you went through the dg it was super hard to make it easy you could go off the beaten path ( Which would make ur run a tad slower) and get these rings and amulets from chests. But higgings is right after you defeated the dungeon theyd dissapear. there still in the game files but do not exist in the game itself.


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