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SMS Payment for Philippines and other countries in South East Asia.

DO you want to add SMS Payment for Philippines and South East Asian Countries?  

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  1. 1. DO you want to add SMS Payment for Philippines and South East Asian Countries?

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    • Totally Yes

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Well You Already created the S.A. Pearl which is a server for Countries in South East Asia.

That's a great job, however don't you think Devs its time to create SMS Payment for those countries.

When you created S.A. Pearl server I feel that you finally noticed the potential South East Asia to bring more players and of-course profit for warspear.



Lets look at the country called Philippines, well if you don't know, this country once was called texting capital of the world and also now its new name is Facebook Capital of the world, because Filipinos are really fanatic of modern technology. In other words almost all of Filipinos got Mobile Phones and gadgets.



We all know via this gadgets we can play warspear right? So it means Philippines can bring lots of players to the game.



But why do Philippines need SMS Payment?

Well most of Filipinos don't have credit cards and as of now only  master /visa master card are only available for miracle coin purchased. Also some reload stations but this reload stations are only limited in some areas in Philippines. So only few Filipinos are able to buy Miracle coins.



What is the best solution to encourage the Filipinos to play warspear and Purchased Mircale coins?

Well there are 3 companies that can  be a potential partner for SMS Payment System.

This are:

Globe telecom


Sun Cellular



Most of Filipinos are subscribers of those companies so it will reach all Filipinos in all area of Philippines.

Better strategy because Filipinos are addicted to online gaming.

It means it will bring more players and more money to warspear.



Also since you created S.A. Pearl why don't you create the SMS Payments for South East Asia ?



This will help to make the game more alive specially in the S.A . Pearl Server.



Benefits of SMS Payment

I want to buy Miracle coins but I dont have credit card.- now payable with SMS Payment problem solve.


I want to buy Miracle coins but I need to go to a load station, and sad to say this load stations are only limited in some areas here in Philippines- now payable with SMS Payment problem solve.


Load stations are really far away from my home I need to go to mall just to reload miracle coins?-now payable with SMS Payment problem solve.


Some Payments need banking and online reloading  I need to log in to a computer just to reload  what if I don't have a computer in home? This is very Inconvenient for us. Also in banking I need to register to those banks before I reload the Miracle coins, many many process.-now payable with SMS Payment problem solve.


Conflicts in miracle coins as of now:


I cant buy miracle coins no other payment system works well, only credit cards or Mol points but other wont work on me.


I cant find the reloading stations near my home so cant buy miracle coins.


Some of the payment systems like online payments have delays and sometimes it doesn't work well. in the end failure to purchased miracle coins.


but if we have SMS Payment system it will be more easy and faster to purchased Miracle coins and it will encourage to bring more Filipino players and profit for the game.





(Countries in South East Asia available for playing Warspear Online.)







East Timor









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ofcourse yes!!


I don't have any credit card or any card to buy coins.i m still studying like me many more players are there too.so it's not possible to buy miracle coins  except for SMS payment which is easy.



Imagine if there's a SMS Payment, its very easy to purchased miracle points.

so please devs create SMS Payment for SOUTH EAST ASIAN COUNTRIES, S.A. Pearl would be very happy. :good:

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Even having SMS payment system will not end our probs.,,, In India, Sms payment system does not works,, they will reduce ur balance bt u'll get nothing,,,,, I wasted over 200INR... :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :'(



I think in India, you need to find better company partner so that your money will be not wasted.

Better company so that it will give you more affordable price for m.coins



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TOTTALY AGREE... AND PLS LOWER THE UNBINDING SYSTEM.. COZ IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE AT 399 MCoin.. the unbinding system is garbage.. loosing its shit amps at high price



Agree maybe make it 199 instead of 399.

because you will lose all enchants and amps example +10 doom sword with enchants and you want to unbind it, I mean you lose lots of money for its amps and enchants, so why not make the unbind cheaper? so many players can unbind their items.

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.well i guess devs will reply that we can have sms payment via mol points,

But sms payment via molpoints is too expensive. It cost twice than the normal price.



Mol points. hmmm Money Online right?



First mol points got many many many issues, some didn't received their SMS payment in time or it does not work properly like failure to received m.coins.



I think its better if they have other option than mol points.



only thing that works well on mol points are via Credit Card or via Online Banking.



SMS Payment is Epic failure in mol points.



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Agree.. Hope devs will take attention to this its been almost 2yrs for sms payment request.  :cray:



2 years? thats sooo long.....





But that time S.A. Pearl was not created yet, but now that they created a server for South East Asian Countries I think its time to create a good and working SMS Payment... Right? :drinks:

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DEVS WHERE ARE YOU  :cray: :'(

the more we wait the more the evacuees



Devs its true many players is now decreasing due to unbalanced skills of mcs and elfs they said elf skill is shit and mc skills are cool, if you ask me, I can say that its true, however decent SMS Payment in South East Asia may help to increase the number of players........... :clapping:

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