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Ranger Blessing increase, Barb charge Decrease. -_-


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Im Necro and no matter what, If I get in Archer's range, Bone Shield goes down the first hit. Blessing takes half my health, Archer's out-range Nightmare's cast range *hard*. Blessing hits too hard making resilience do nothing :nea: and if Necro hit any trap, GG Necro. I think it's just resilience + penetration vs bone-shield + cloth (Not fun) . I feel like a glass object cuz I have to engage Archer to nightmare and if theres 2 Archer, double bless = GG  :'(

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Ahem ahem... So... Nobody has heard of hamstring?  :facepalm: once you get hit by that cant move then ranger takes away a quarter of your health. Bd stops you from using skills and ranger traps so dragging and stunning useless as now you should have 1/4 life left until then its all over. So... Rangers still arent strong? If your in a pt vsing a ranger and bd... No chance and look at the arena ratings

Atleast 80% of the top 10 are rangers or bd...  :facepalm: Keep making excuses rangers.

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