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Achievement Skin Choices

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@Reivenorik relay this to devs please


Can you guys please give all classes the option to choose the skins we achieve based on weapon types the class is able to use.

(Example you play Bladedancer you get access to dagger + sword + axe skin choices)


Getting 400+ achievements is already no small feat but to then to get a skin for a weapon type you don't even use (2h in my case) that is 1 time use is insane.

As these skins are also not easy to get and you can't get them back, can you give an option to unbind/cleanse only those skins (mcoin or in game item) so they can be reused.




  • More unique looks (e.g. 3 rogues all using same dagger skins not limited to those, thus varied looks)
  • Mcoin usage if unbind option is available
  • Me happier 😉 
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Oh and off topic but also a Barber npc would be nice who can sell the hairstyles in game (mcoin sets available at npc also)

So when you buy or acquire a hairstyle, you "own" it and for a fee at the npc you can change it back to previous styles owned.


This won't affect coin sales as should still be you buy say Barber Set you get 1 choice, so "owning all" you'd need to buy that item multiple times.

Hair colors should also be sold at the npc but they should always be 1 time usage so never "owned".


That is all.

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