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How big is Pvprange bank?



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  1. 1. So...?

    • Pvprange weaksauce bank.
    • Wow, nice bank!
    • My little sis has more in her pink piggy bank!
    • Pvprange/Pvpshaman #1 Pro Player
    • Cows go moo!

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Guest XthekingX

Tyler MOst Be Suprise now  :lol:



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Money doesn´t make you a pro player... :facepalm:



In Spain, there is a well-known said: "Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda".



In English is something like this:"you can´t make a silk purse out of a sow´s ear"




Merry Christmas.  :drinks:

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i thing best player and pro man is playing warspear without miracle coins.....

So.....pvprange not #1 pro player....but he is rich player........:D



merry christmas....



Sapphire/Bd/lvl 20/Anjing;)

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What ever guys think, Pvprange is playing the max of a ranger, I mean to it's fullest potential, when you have such stat you don't need any strategy. The one who survives the arena is the winner and winners are pro. Dosen't matter which path you choose, what matters is you suceed or not. . . .:)

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