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Found 3 results

  1. I made a guild recently, and am really enjoying it, but I have found there are a few problems for me. 1. I am not a very rich player, and well, guilds are kinda expensive to run. 2. I really would like to give guildies who make loads of gp the ability to use the xp skill, but can't trust they wouldn't abuse the power of being heir. My solution is companionships. (Or you could call them companys, fellowships, etc, the name doesn't really matter). To make a companionship you must be lvl12 with 30k gold and a unity sign (exact same as a guild). The main difference would be that there is no 'leader'. In a companionship, all members are (sort of) equal. Each week, ones rank in the companionship is decided by how much 'Companionship Reputation' (cr) you make. The 'Head' (mostly the same as leader for a guild) of the companionship is whoever earns the most cr. Other ranks are automatically set like so: Deputy (heir) - 2000cr Explorer -1000cr Member (Newbie) -100cr Note that here <100cp = auto kick. Having the possibility to add more ranks would also be cool 🙂 Any changes that the head thinks should be made can be suggested as 'motions' and when >50% of the companionship agree on a motion, it is passed (the suggested change is approved). Such customizations would include: What rank one must be to activate skills How much CR is needed to earn each Rank Whether the companionship is open/closed Note: An OPEN companionship would allow anybody to join, without invitation. A CLOSED companionship would require invitation from a companion with Explorer rank or higher (Same as guilds) To upgrade a companionship, members would donate unity signs/gold to whatever skills or level upgrades they wish. It will be up to the guild head or deputys to spend the gp when the gold/unity sign requirements are met. To earn Companionship Reputation: Earning 1 guild point = 1CR Donating 2 gold to a skill/level up = 1CR Donating a unity sign to a skill/level up = 1000CR The basic idea is that everybody in a companionship is motivated to improve it, and nobody feels like they have to do more than the others. Also, one problem with my idea that I cannot think of how to solve is what happens is a companion goes on a short 2-week holiday and can't be on the game or whatever. Thanks for reading!
  2. Доброго времени суток, дорогой читатель! Если ты это читаешь, значит мой заголовок тебя заинтересовал. Все мы наверняка знаем про такой мессенджер как Telegram. Так вот, хочу сообщить, что специально для комьюнити нашей игры я нарисовала и собрала стикерпак "Мемов"! К сожалению использовать данный стикерпак можно только в телеграм... Скриншоты и ссылка на добавление стикерпака будет ниже. Хорошего дня! Получить набор "Мемов" - при возникновении ошибок используйте VPN-сервисы или Proxy. Подробнее об этом вы можете почитать в интернете. Спасибо за внимание! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kind time of the day, dear reader! If you read this, it means that my title interested you. We all probably know about such a messenger as Telegram. So, I want to say that specifically for the community of our game I create a stickerpack "Mems"! Unfortunately, you can use this stickers only in Telegram ... Screenshots and link to adding a sticker will be lower. Have a nice day! Get a set of "Memes" - if there are errors, VPN services or a proxy. More on this you can read on the Internet. Thank you for attention!
  3. As you may have read on this forum, many people claim, what makes Warspear Online the best, are friends. And this is true. Without friends, WS would be like phone without battery, or a plane without wings. Now, we have an epic notification telling us our dear friend has entered the game. However, it happened to me a number of times that I met my friend somewhere without realizing. I suggest let's mark friends with a color. Green is for guildmates, light blue is for party members, dark blue is for chaos potion user, red is for enemies. Why not mark friends with orange for example? Next. Uhmm... Likes. If you want to show someone you liked what he/she said or so, you may like their profile/character. So? How you like it?
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