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Found 25 results

  1. TRANSFORMAR EM VIDA TIPO: PASSIVO Quando o Warlock recebe dano ele transforma parte desse dano em pontos de vida(ativação ocorre durante o primeiro dano no qual o Warlock recebe). duração15s recarga: 9s Dêem dicas ou melhorias para deixar essa skill mais funcional
  2. If you have a suggestion of a skill rework (don't matter if you play with the class or not), say it here!
  3. Smoke Bomb Throw a smoke bomb, blinding enemies in a 3x3 area, decreasing their accuracy, silencing for 1 second and removing Rogue's "In Combat" status, allowing it to use Invisibility. If you think it is a bad idea and unnecessary skill, look at this part:
  4. seria bom se tivesse mais slots para as habilidades, pois são muitas skill e tirando as skills seria bom ter espaço para botar algumas coisas necessarias, como pot de hp ou pot de mana, isso ajudaria muito, a pala solar labs e em missões principalmente seeker que tem pouca mp, seria bom aumentar os slots(espaços) de habilidades ativas também pq ajudaria ao lider ativar as skill de guilda quando necessário, enfim isso ajudaria de diversas formas, e também seria bom ter a opção de selecionar qual botão vc quer selecionar para aparecer skill, se quer numerico(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) ou se quer por mesclado(1,2,3,4,5,q,w,e,r,t)
  5. whatson


    Alguem ai sabe me dizer o que são as habilidades do lacaio rato branco ??
  6. Hello! I want to understand what's wrong with this explorer's expert skill. At level 1, the attack increases by 10% when health reaches 30% of maximum health. In the description of the skill it says that the power of the effect and the minimum amount of life to activate the skill "INCREASE" as the skill develops. However I put this ability at the maximum level (4/4) the effect power actually increased, from 10% now it increases 40%, but the minimum amount of life to activate the ability has not increased, it remains at 30% ..., it is a bug or the skill description is wrong.
  7. Please put a visual effect on the warden's "fortification" ability, it is frustrating only that (active) skill doesn't have an effect
  8. Why after use poison shield it make acid rain delay 1s ??? Warspear_Online_2019-04-06-15-33-36.mp4
  9. Okay, first of all this aint mine, it's my brothers'. I just want to help him get it fixed. since the in-game's Bug report option is currently unavailable. As you can see the Wrath of Gladiator Skill is gone, even though he got it from the previous season he won. It was gone after the snow update. i mean after he update to 7.8 version which is Snow Boundaries 2018 Thats all, hope it gets fixed! Happy Holidays!
  10. I want to share with you this skill "bug" or use, i never saw anyone do it before.
  11. i wanna know dk all skill detail level by leve especially Blow of silence and sharp shadow anyone know about those 2 skills detail?
  12. Bom a skill do charmer de soltar lobos está bugada, porque por exemplo: eu estou x1 com um elfo, aí eu o envoco, em vez dele atacar o elfo que estou atacando ele vai atacar o outro que está ao lado, muitos andam reclamando, gostaria de saber se o game irá ajeitar isso. Não só eu como muitos querem saber.
  13. why icy relic increase critical when rage active not available for barbarian? all hero can use this except barb?
  14. Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  15. Thoughts? I think the extra PHYS % and CRIT % is much better than the extra damage from Fatal Shot. Fatal Shot might seem better at low levels because most of us don't have proper mana regen gear yet, but as Hunters most of us will want mana regen to eventually keep Combat Stance up at ALL TIMES. Therefore I think 5/5 Combat Stance is better at higher levels, especially if you amp your weapon to a high level since the PHYS % boost will be more effective. BTW, why is the Hunter forum so inactive? Easy class?
  16. What is the best form of skill-set for a Magic dmg paladin at lvl 28? (2-handed primarely, but I'd be glad to hear if you have specific thoughts on 1-handed aswell). I am just wondering about some stuff as I am coming closer to the higher levels on my Paladin. For magic dmg Paladin do you put points in you Aura? Does the damage over time from Purifying+Fetters increase with more skill-points and magic dmg? What Expert skill do you max except for Banner. Illumination skill? I guess I'm really asking for what skill-set you guys would use for in your Magic dmg paladins and Why. Personally I am using 4 pts Puri, 4 pts Fetters, 5 pts heal, 4 pts Banner. (Lvl 23 atm, soon leveling up)
  17. Simplicio

    Daggers vs Axes

    Hi guys, I love daggers and i use them, i think that the skills in rogue, bd, ranger and hunter should be based in atk speed, because axes/xbow will always do more dmg, because they all have same dps (without count bonus speed in weapon), you can use math to prove what im saying. I can afford axes, but i want to use daggers, because they are faster. I dont want to do less dmg than a guy with same equipment and amp but axes instead dagger, i hate this, the same goes for a guy using bow. This is unfair.
  18. Inspired by the latest "give us more hotkeys" topic, I had an idea: In the skills menu, add a "use" button similar to the one in the guild skills screen. This way you could use the skills with a 5 min cd without them taking one of your hotkeys, or having to do some quick assigning during the 10-second window in which the arena match hasn't yet begun. As some of the skills have to be targeted, the menu should close itself after every use of any skill. This also makes it more tedious to just spam all your skills from there - a method that wouldn't even be viable in situations where attention must be paid to the surroundings like pvp and more advanced boss fights. tl;dr Menu > Character > Skills > Menu > Use skill > (if required) Target skill
  19. Hi there, Firstly, my apologies If this issue has been resolved or another topic has already been made about it, I haven't been active on forum in a while and i've recently returned to the game. i've checked for a topic on this and there doesn't seem to be one. If you apply Word Power onto an enemy with low energy and they use a skill, Word Power no longer takes the full energy cost of the skill from the enemy below zero mana. I checked all the recent announcements to see if it was listed as a skill fix/nerf, but I couldn't find it and after experimenting with the skill I realised that may not case because it would render the skill unusable against bosses and impractical against most players. Screenshots can't show this bug, but it's very easy to recreate and I can make a video if needed. Thanks
  20. Benevolent Guild is recruiting memebers.
  21. Since necromancer spend some % of their hp for healing and shield, i think necromancers need second heal skill. and here is my suggestion. Skill Name: CURSED Necromancer will put a cursed mark to target. when its active, it reduces the speed of target's movement and every attack to target will refill the attacker's hp as many as the damage made. so this is not a direct heal, but it that can heal you as many as the damage you made to the cursed target. Other support classes got their second heal skill, necromancers need it too. leave a comment please. thanks
  22. So i got this wicked idea for a new mage skill, here it goes: Metamorphosis -Type: Active It would be a self buff skill, sort of like Overload, and it would work on a similar principle. Once the skill is used, it provides the mage with a buff that gives every attack a chance to effect your enemy. So any dmg caused to the enemy, has a certain chance to apply the effect, while the buff is active. And now the fun part which makes Metamorphosis both interesting and effective, The Effect. (ram pam pammm) The actual effect of Metamorphosis would be the following: When the enemy gets hit by the skill, it turns them into a Jerboa!!! Why jerboa you ask? Well it doesnt have to be a jerboa, can be a rabbit or a bird as well, i just like the word ''Jerboa''... I don't mean make the enemy 1hp, but make them incapable of hitting or using skills for the certain amount of time. I leave the chance and duration to devs, to implement values in balance with rest of the game, but my idea was that each skill lvl increases chance and duration of the effect (Jerboa metamorphosis, for example lvl 1 skill has 10% chance and enemy is jerboa for 2 sec and lvl 4 skill has 25% chance and enemy is 5 sec a jerboa). Since mage is lacking a proper stun, that would lock skills of our enemies, like root or blind or fear or some such (i am not counting the ridiculously low chance of fear from fireball+blazing ground), and as much as i love mages lets face it, we are paper even at +10 def (mage handles bd as well as butter does a hot knife), some such skill would be nice. Of course, if such is possible to make in the game, that part i leave to devs. I'm eager to hear your opinions, both from players and staff members, what do you think about such expert skill for mages? Should something similar be made, thus giving mages a proper stun? Maybe have some way to improve my idea? I'm open for suggestions
  23. Beyler yenı char açtım 16 lv us emerald bs . ancak skillere nasıl vericeğimi bilmiyorum bd arkadaşlar tavsiye verebilir mi çok iyi olur, simdiki skill buildim 5/5 flash strike 5/5 hamstring yaptım şuan napmalıyım ? Sap mi yoksa evasion veya aggression mu tavsiyelerinizi bekliyorum arkadaşlar. Like This Quote
  24. i see you havent made more skills in a long time so why dont we forum members suggest some skills for classes to give them inspiration? ill start.... Rogue: Clone The rogue summons multiple identical clones of himself that walk right beside or in front of him. clones do nothing (except pretends to hit in combat). each clown disappears when hit or takes a certain amount of damage. Barbarian: Revolve the barbarian swings around at a rapid speed for a few seconds. anyone near the barb gets continous damage. the barb's resistance towards attacks is also increased. Necro: Resurrect the necromancer becomes paralyzed for a few seconds and loses health after summoning an ally to fight for a fixed amount of time. after that time is up, the revived hero will die again. **revived ally will have minimal health** Priest: Awaken the priest loses all of his power (attack and defense go 0) after reviving an ally for a few seconds. after the time is up, the ally will die again and the priest's power will be restored. **revived ally will have minimal health** Mage: Flare the mage emits a blinding light that immediately pushes all enemies around the mage far away (depending how close they are) and stuns them for a few seconds. ** maybe not such I good idea,i realised it is wayy to similar to chains** Paladin: Mystical Barrier the paladin surrounds himself and his allies in a fairly big energy field (4x4) where all opposing players and attacks are deflected away from whoever is inside. during this time, the paladin is unable to move or attack. Druid: Vines the druid summons a plethora of miniature vines around a small area (3x3). any player within that range gets their energy drained slowly during the time of the attack. *this skill does not stop opponents from moving or using skills like entangling roots* ____ all i can think for now. please add your skill suggestions and opinions for the devs to see , make sure its in simple format like this so everyone can understand!
  25. Open this topic for those in order to suggest new skills, so it is easier and organized to meet or discuss new or current spells and abilities. is simple, put the name of the skill, put forward the class, and then its effect (as detailed as possible and well explained) Who likes leaves a "like"! Note: answer only if you have any suggestions on skill!
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