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Found 1 result

  1. So my friend Sage decided to start making new pvp gear and it was forcused on max cd (Cool down) so all your skills would cool down super fast.I personally think it is really smart choice,because... I believe this gear set up is even better than arena gear and probebly as good as greatness gear but for a really cheap cost.(Still pretty expensive but alot cheaper than greatness gears) http://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/93440 I believe these gears are super good in pvp as this will permanently stun any class and will give you time to do anything you want.And by that I mean you can heal up to the max while they are stunned or keep attacking and stunning.This would easily kill damager classes especially like bd because if you get the stun off first they are done.This setup has light armor but still is pretty tanky with pretty good def for magic and physical dmg.Has good auto attack.45% critical hit,55% ferocity,65% cooldown,55% phy def and 46% magical def. The only downsides to this setup is that you have a small amount o resilience(29%) and health which is about 5,600 health.If you want to have more health you can replace torso,belt or hands with sheer emptiness gear due to that there is 1 slot of cooldown which you can sacrafice for 500 hp and alot of def. What do you guys think about this setup?Dope or nope?
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