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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not sure how to say this but it is really confusing to quest, at least for me, I don't really look at the stories, maybe I should. I am going to sleep right after this, so I am wondering if there is a step to step guide on 1. Where to go after a certain level 2. How to transit from a place to another(How to get quests on other islands) 3.How to complete some infamous hard quests. I really wish this guide exist or is more available to the public. But hours of searchings to no avail, so if maybe someone can guide me or post a level 1-28 guide in the forums, I and the future generation of Warspear players will be too. Obviously, the guide might just be too long, so maybe a 2-3 part thread will do the trick, (lvl1-18,18-24 24-28). Such an interesting game, but is just too slow pace for some players, what am I saying, I need some sleep. Bye hopefully a helpful reply will pop out tomorrow in the reply section 😄 PS What I am stuck with is how to get ayvondil quest, I was told I must finish yellow quests, chainless, norlant yellow quests, but after that maybe dg quests on map 1, but I realize norlant quest is way to time wasting, so I tried my best, then die a few times, so I go back to daily quests, after I bored myself out, I go back to norlant trying to finish the "Ravva power" quest, but idk why maybe I am unlucky, but I never get to finish the quest. So I go to the forum to see if I can get an answer, nope, after that I tried to finish the yellow quests in map 2, then after that, I reached lab quest, OMG, LAB?!?!? I can't past the first group of mobs in the lab. After that I found some thread saying that you need to do daily to get to level 18? so I look at the thread more, 150 exp per day?!?! It will take 10 days of 7 quests to reach level 18, then I start questioning why I am playing this game, then I give up on searching for an answer, to start making this thread so the answer will come to me, hoping maybe you can leave discord number because I don't think 1 time answer will be enough for me, I don't expect any too in-detailed replies. I ask players on the server, but everyone is just too busy or don't know how they got to level 28. Am I the only 1 who is having trouble?!?!? I am just too confused, where do I go, I am level 17, how do I level up from there?????????????? IF THERE IS A GUIDE PLEASE LINK!!!
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