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Found 4 results

  1. Kuf

    Ded but not ded

    After arena came back and boom this happened
  2. This Glitch Appeared on war 7.7 (Friday) when you caputerd Legion or Riff flag the 2nd flag wouldn't appear and you couldn't attack the other flags also, Ghaspel, Riff has flags and they normally don't have Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WobLBoz69o4&feature=youtu.be
  3. There is a character glitch going on, this also can happen in lab, if many mobs attack you (Lyzois only showed how this bug works he didint abuse it/use it unfairly) Video:
  4. Have you ever played sham and you cast earthquake and you character begins running to the area you just selected??? And you're like " what the hell is going on here?" I know many of us players know about the bug/glitch, (what ever you decide to call it.) Where when you use a skill like; earthquake, tornado, totem, and any skill that allows you to select a chosen area to cast your spell/skill. Your character move to the area but, to other players you are still standing in you original spot you were standing in before u cast. Which is the current spot you are standing in the game. This bug is very annoying to me I don't know of it is to others. But it was so annoying I decided to post about it. I'm not sure if this was intented for this game or not but I would love a response on why this happens and whether or not it will be fix. Thank you, I'm not "crying" about It just would like to know is all.
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