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Found 7 results

  1. well, charmer is my main class, and has some changes that would be most welcome in class, targeting mainly pve. ------VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS IN SKILLS 1 - dark prism: making it larger, and making the prism fall from a greater distance, would help you locate where you used the ability. 2- warrior healing: leave the ability with a stronger coloration 3- stone curse: increase the size of the stone 4- knowledge of the dead man: when the ability is loaded, a purple glow would remain around the charmer. 5- eye of the darkness: make a shield around the eye at the time of use of the skill, to give more clarity. -----GAMEPLAY UPGRADES 1- call: make the wolf behave as an ability to summon event helpers (ex "sebastian's help") -limit the charmer to have only 1 wolf evoked at a time; -change the health of the wolf that is fixed to a% of the value of the health of the master, add bonuses of ferocity in the wolves, penetration and criticism based on the status of the charmer. -improve the appearance of the wolf, to look more like a wolf. 2- otherworldly blessing: allow the charmer to use this ability on allies, to enhance the charmer healer. 3- otherworldly fire: increase the size of the stone and make only 1 stone fall, make the stone fall from a greater distance -make it a point and click ability, thus improving the use of this ability. 4- chaos' assistence: change in status of summons, change the health of the bird that is fixed, for a% of the value of the health of the master, add bonuses of ferocity in the bird, penetration and criticism based on charmer status. -make the bird attack 3yards away. 5- Goading: This is a skill I do not know why they have added to the charmer, but since they did. -make it affect enemies in the area. 6- energy manipulation: rework in this ability, making it an ability to command the helpers. -When using the skill you select one of your animals to use a specific skill. -Wolf: Use an area attack, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. -Bird: removes the negative effects of the target. ----------GENERAL SUGGESTIONS -allow charmers to use two-handed apples. ---------SUGGESTION FOR NEW SKILL -summon dark dragon -summon a black dragon to help you in battles, attacking enemies and causing physical and magical damage -energy manipulation skill: causes the dragon to burn the enemies it attacks, duration of the 6s buff. -dragon range: 4yards. hp = 50% of charmer healt. 50% of the damage done would be physical and 50% would be magic. -this skill would prioritize to make hybrid charmers stronger. -Esta habilidade iria priorizar para tornar mais charmosos híbridos.
  2. Thanks for watching.
  3. https://youtu.be/bUM--OAWWaI Hope you enjoy
  4. -Hope you Enjoy-
  5. Todays video is also a call for a challenge. Try to kill Granite Guard or the leopard-murderer (on Sentinel side it's Genie the Bloody Fire and Fire Cougar), and let's see who will be the best! (Not me for sure) I appreciate any feedback.
  6. Hello All & Creators, As a new player, I've noticed some areas that could use some attention. (comments about stop being a baby (puppymonkeybaby) i won't read it so way waste the time typing). As a neutral player who is trying to complete quests to grow and be able to compete with higher level players, id like to suggest two options for helping player who are just following story-line and not involved in PVP wars. 1) option one: after being killed 3 times by ANY player/s, there is a reset time of 1 hour that you can not be attacked or attack other players, but only follow story-line and attack NPC and Monsters. (as point i cant even leave city area 3 steps before im attacked (following story-line) and lose my Minon that I PAID $$ for.* 2) option two: offer player shield against other players that you can purchase like other items in miracle store. This shield, will only allow you to follow story-line for 1 hour, you can not help (health/attacks) other players fighting PVP, or drop shield to (help/attack) then re-shield. Once used you wont be able to disregard it until the shield time is up, thus solving attack and then shield playing, like in some other games. thank you for reading and i hope one of the two options is used. * if you die in PVP killing you should not lose your minion as I have been attacked 10 sec after I use it out of my bag. Sincerely GM Shiroe, Log Horizon in Akihabara
  7. I've doinked around for awhile and tried a few classes out. While fairly effective, a few skill kits simply do not synergize at all with themselves. A Hodge podge of skills that seem neat that ultimately do not flow together as a cohesive set. I'm still making a full list, and the reasons why they become disjointed in game play. Been playing MMORPGs for a bit over 15 years so this is just a personal irritation. Making thread now to update tonight with the list.
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