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Found 1 result

  1. Rayotenper

    Class Balance

    Greetings! im willing to bring the balance back to warspear online,but how i'm gonna do it? Posting this subjection The Firstborn classes seems to have glitches stats,such as Warden,Ranger and BladeDancer,because its nearly impossible to beat them in a fight,maybe other classes as well even lvl 20 Firstborn are able to fight and beat a legionnaire,thing that should be impossible,no matter your amp or stats A good game should be balanced,as some people might don't know,balancing a game is hard i heard some person that said that developers favor the firstborns,i'm not really sure if this is true,but in any case,developers should keep a neutral position let's SUPPOSE i'm a developer,ok? let's SUPPOSE,i'm typing it that big so it can be clear for all of you,ok,as a developer,i have favoritism to the legionnaires,but if i make everything unfair to one side,that side probably will lose all players,and when the other side gets full,what the players are gonna do now? play on the other side where the legion outmatch the sentinels? of course not even if you're a developer,and you have favortism to the sentinels or the legion,game should be fair for both alliances no matter what,all players should have same chances to win i want this game to live longer,all i want to do its try to make the game better for ALL,for ALL thank you for reading and remember,balanced game its a good game
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