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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, i'm here today to talk about ranger and what I think to make the class healthy again. I wouldn't really make this topic, but then hunter was announced and oh well, here I am. My biggest issue with hunter is: It is very similar to ranger, but yet feels more right than ranger. Ranger dont fulfil the ranger fantasy right. The new seeker even being a stealth class have nothing to do with rogue. Even druid and shaman who, in paper, have a very similar way of be, in game feels completely apart from each other. (Actually I dont expect none of this to be done but well this section is a section for dreamers right? Lets go then). Ranger right now suffers alot from the fact that they cant get in range without get rushed or something like this. There's "Range" in their damn names. My suggestion here is simple, increase ranger's autoatk and skillsrange. Passively, or actively. Passively, it could be a passive ultimate skill or even straight up increase it. Actively, we could change ranger's blessing, instead of it would increase ranger's atk range, and would give him another kind of attack bonus, a good idea is to make them deal extra damage based on the distance (The more far away more the damage) and be penalized if he stays too close. With it, we should make changes in scatter shot and traps. First scatter shot, it need to be a little bit more effective, but have longe cooldown, a cool addition is to make it gives a movement speed debuff with it normal effect. And about traps, it need to have a charges system, the skill cooldown would be really fast, but the charges not, you would place like 2 of them, and them the skill would enter in a big cooldown. And other important thing is to make enemies NOT be affected be a second trap, to avoid stupid stun chains. For instance, you get bite by a trap, get locked, steps in another, you will only receive a "tick" (like when u take damage) and disarm the trap. Its a way to incentive the ranger to stay safe and away from danger, and make his play style arround it, stay away, stay safe, if you get closer you die. He would plan his combat, place traps and stay there, scatter shot will be a last solution after the enemy have reached him. There's lots of things I could say about ranger and what I think would fix it, but for me the range issue is the biggest problem. Thanks for reading and please let your opinions.
  2. Everyone knows very well how the current guilds tournament works, and we all are aware that 3-4 are the only guilds in every server that fight each time for top 3 ranks, right. Wouldn't it be better if it was split in categories? Let me explain how it could be, way more motivating and fair for every guild. How it could work : First, there would be 3 categories depending on the guild level. Levels 3-4,levels 5-6 and last, 7-8. One guild to join the guild tournament should reach at level 3,and fight in it's category.A good motive for guild to try and level up, because we know that guilds of 4th level and below never join the current guild tournament. On the other hand, guild rewards could stay the same, and give a chance to every guild to be rewarded for it's hard work. How could it be : Category of 3-4 levels. Top 1 will get the bronze coffer and Crimson corundum. Rank 2 and 3, will just take the bronze coffer. Category of 4-5 levels. Top 1 will get the silver coffer and Crimson corundum. Rank 2 and 3, will just take the silver coffer. Category of 7-8 levels. In this category, that there is big competition between guilds, yea, they worth the Golden coffer. Here, there gonna be a fight for the 1000 Crimson, and the rest will take just the coffer for their attempt. ( if you are gonna change the rewards, it would be much better in my opinion, some worthy and valuable) In my opinion, this will give the opportunity to every guild to give a try and join guild tournaments, not just sit and exist with the hands crossed. Let the best show up, try hard and get rewarded. Let's discuss, if it sounds interesting,and you think this would be effective. Cheers!
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