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Found 6 results

  1. Este traje combina o azul dos mares e a eletricidade dos céus, foi construido pelos primeiros magos de Ayvondil com o proposito de acabar com a grande guerra que estaria para acontecer este traje era poderoso demais para cair em mãos erradas. Então ele foi levado e escondido em Ayvondil onde a criatura noturna o protegia de guerreiros que estavam possuidos pelo poder dela, e apenas guerreiros de coração nobre poderia usa-lo e acabar com a grande guerra de Ayvondil.
  2. Hey guys! let me introduce my entry contest Advetures Lady !! as you can see,she equipped with mixed light and heavy armor as her choise of armor, unlike deathknight who use full heavy armor and rogue with his light armor.If you ask why even??the answer Its because of balance !the balance of defense and agility! she was an adventurer who seek thrill of unknown ,exploring ancient ruins,fighting mysterious being,even venturing to absolute death zone who nobody dares to enter!,for accomplish that feats she has to be tanky and nimble and dont forget....*omitted**cough**cough*back to her equipment adventures lady is using black linen cloth as her inner clothes,half plate armor protecting her chest area,2 brown shoulder pad,an unused grey mask in her neck,aslo 2 silver belt hanging in her waist cheater and finaly 2 small pocket where adventures lady save her throwing dagger. . . 1:1 ver . . 1:3 ver . . thats it guys, hope you like it
  3. Guerreiros de Arinar , apresento um novo costume chamado Assassino Noturno, um traje perfeito para um assassino, uma Armadura Feita pelo Melhor Ferreiro de Nardir, com uma cor preta com detalhes em azul e dois olhos vermelhos na armadura na altura do peito que bota medo em quem chega perto. Uma versão feminina desse traje ainda está em criação pelos ferreiro de Nardir, uma versão igual essa com cores preta e Detalhes rosa. 😉
  4. Kenyalang, the Ravva Messenger "The Ravva was known for producing ferocious creatures like the gnolls, the wyverns and the murlocs that hunt petty explorers who roam at the Norlant Swamp. In hidden wood of the Norlant Swamp lies a Kotoravva man. The Kotoravva natives call him Kenyalang and he like to explore unknown places in swamp despite the danger of the swamp and warnings from his tribesmen. During one of his expedition, he met an unknown entity and was enchanted by it. A blast from the spirit, his limbs were twisted into avian claws and grew feathers. Kenyalang returned back to his tribe but only to frighten those tribesmen who himself became an abomination. Kenyalang was forced out from his village's head as they fear his cursed formed will bring ill omen to the people. Kenyalang wander aimlessly in the swamp alone. Eventually, he hear voices around his head. It was the Ravva's call. The Ravva offer him the power to allow Kenyalang to roam freely and in return to become Ravva's eye who will observe his domain. Kenyalang himself who love to explore and soon realise he was free from his village's role , he gladly accept the offer. Today, many explorers around Arinar came to Norlant Swamp to seek fortune. Kenyalang become the Ravva Messenger to observe their activity wondering what's happening next." Costume Detail Head - A headdress made from feathers and beaks of a rare bird species in Norlant Swamp , the RhinoBill. - The headband made from thorn of Carnivorous Plant colour with yellow Ravva's Kiss. Body - He wore a tribal vest made from thorns of Carnivorous Plant dye with Ravva's Kiss. - He has black ink tattoo on his both arm, abdomen, and back. -He wore a white arm bracelet on both arm made from thorns from Carnivorous Plant. -His hands were enchanted by the Ravva into a bird claw and grew feather from his forearm. Bottom - He wore a loincloth around his waist dye with Ravva's Kiss flower. The pattern of the loincloth describe the Ravva. -His feet were enchanted into a bird claw for gripping. Thank for reviewing, I had fun doing this.
  5. Ola Esse é o guerreiro das profundezas, um elfo contaminado com uma lava do fundo do mar, a sua armadura é feita de um minério vulcânico que é encontrado apenas no fundo do mar, que se torna ainda mais poderoso, alem de ser encantado por uma Feitiçaria Antiga e Realizada pelo REI DAS PROFUNDEZAS. Feito por: Phorome. Classe: patrulheiro. Nivel: 28 Servidor: BR- TOURMALINE.
  6. A mythical creature who lives 600 years even before the Great War. This creature lurks the depths of South Cape's Seas where it manage to consume its own creator giving him intelligence that par with a human. It commonly abduct adventurers that passes the Sentinel's Oak Forest and steal their belongings. Idantropos once lured inside Berengar's Tower where it encounters Aliens that interests the creature, it then sudden consumes the Alien, then afterwards Berengar got the news which makes him close the tower, entrapping Idantropos. After a few decades, Idantropos is not in there anymore. raw: w/ cape:
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