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Found 13 results

  1. Hello there, am a small youtuber I always had this question in mind... How some other ws youtubers are able to use high quality warspear images of game which is hard to find... I couldn't find them on google images or in forums.. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance
  2. Guys i want to take warspear official trailer and translate it to arabic and republish it on youtube channel, as a start of the warspear online videos that i will publish. Will it have copyright problems ? I want to do that because i have never saw a single arabian in warspear so far except ( elasiribd ). So i will use it as a way to collect people then start publishing ingame videos ( in arabic for sure )
  3. Free Slot Contest #10 weekly Free Slot Contest
  4. Hi guys i just got an idea how to make warspear online larger on pc and i wanna share it with you! be sure to leave a like and subscribe bro!
  5. This is a video I thought would be interesting to show you. It isn't a professional one, because I made it on my phone. Entirely. Nowadays you can get to Kamp-Gasphel with meeting noone, even if you choose to walk on the road, as I did. And there is noone in the city as well. Except some low level guys, who are not really enemies for me. I appreciate any feedback. Excuse me for my English, recorded the sound in one piece, and well...
  6. Turtle

    SiN-Us Sapphire

    SiN Is Open for New Members Who Enjoy Arena and Farming (: Ill upload A video here to get the Around feeling what SiN is about Inquire ingame to any Heir to Join. Us-Sapphire Guild Level 2 All Skills Maxed 3/3 Storage maxed and Stocked with Equipment,Tickets and Pots for Loyal Members. Leader:Oneshotwin/Metallica Heir Names: Dkcam Kronusx Dispensed Shshadow Eviiill Also Dkcam wanted to post this video as an Introduction for himself... even though it's childish I think it's funny so I'll post https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cnBzAJclt6A
  7. Todays video is also a call for a challenge. Try to kill Granite Guard or the leopard-murderer (on Sentinel side it's Genie the Bloody Fire and Fire Cougar), and let's see who will be the best! (Not me for sure) I appreciate any feedback.
  8. Hey guys, I am starting to play warspear and I am hoping to be one of the warspear players that can contribute to actually making this game more popular by reaching a higher audience. Recently I have been having trouble because of the lack of a players so with this request comes a question. Where do you think would be the best place for me to promo my content where I would reach a large audience Side note: I do understand the game is very slowly dying so there may not be such a place. You can check out my channel here
  9. Hi everybody! at first a question: how can i insert a youtube Video so that there isnt just a link and a screen to klick on? I am back playing warspear, not as serious as before but im back and ill do more and BETTER videos! The new videos will have music and english commentary! In this thread ill post every of my videos, always when i upload a new one i post it here! My channel includes Warspear videos with english commentary and Fifa 15 videos with german commentary! Here ill just post the Warspear videos! Enjoy it and cya! My Facebook: 1. https://www.facebook.com/jay.rox.7564 2. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jayrox-Warspear/454343874699140?ref=hl Newest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kBPBH4tvGY&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
  10. I dont call myself a "Legend", was just wondering that some persons pmed me with: Welcome back Legend well yeah, im back and i do some videos again about EU_EMERALD Gameplay this time my videos will have MUSIC and english commentary! Whats the most exciting thing in EU-Emerald now a days? btw when i have 500 Subscriber im doin a GIVEAWAY were all player can win something! enjoy the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFu-TV5YqdU&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
  11. Here is a good video guide with commentary for all who want to do Norlant Qaqueducts quest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpz7wnFNzC0&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
  12. jayrox


    Hey guys Sup? since Warspear is so boring i started doin Videos for FIFA 15 !!! If you are interested in FIFA, especially in Fifa Ultimate Team, Check out my Channel and my new Videos! regards, Jayrox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L81eM4B4SoE&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
  13. New Youtube Contest: Record a funny or romance or horror or anykind of theme u see is good of a mini video which should include the following: *Your Character regardless if mc or elf *At least 1 member or more of THEMERCS guild US Sapphire *A little story Make a mini video of 1-5min, should have a story behind it u can talk real voice in it or include text or maybe funny music or action music depending how u want the video to be, try to be creative as much as u can, the more creativity in the video the better chance of u winning. Example: Ur an mc, u ganked a member of THEMERCS in a funny way and u recorded,edit n upload it Ur an elf, u went on a dungeon with 3 members of THEMERCS and had action scenes, record, edit n upload it. How to join: After u have your video ready and edited, upload it to your channel of youtube and comment a link of your video in my channel Warspear THEMERCS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZElH91kOlJaXks5v64lvRQ u can comment in any of the videos in my channel, i will watch each video carefully and judge fairly Rules: There is no rules, anything is allowed, anyone can join even if hes already a member of THEMERCS the only limit is ur creativity. Prizes: 1 Winner will be picked by zeusxelie aka me, will receive 100k elf side gold There will also be many secondary prizes for whos videos has great stories. Time: I will close to contest on Saturday 28/2/2015 thats at the end of this month u have till u record, edit and upload your video, dont forget to comment a link of your video to enter the contest. I will pick the 1 winner and give prizes to most of u guyz in between 5-10th/3/2015 depending how many videos there will be After i picked the 1 winner and the others who will receive secondary prizes, i will post them in a video that will be uploaded at Warspear THEMERCS channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZElH91kOlJaXks5v64lvRQ Because this is the first video contest THEMERCS doing, i will accept 2 videos/channel U can have as many channels as u want i dont care no rules no duplicate videos allowed ofc I will contact you for the prizes, if you have any questions please ask here If u gona include real life voice or text, please keep it ENGLISH only Always remember: THEMERCS KNOWS NO FEAR
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