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Found 2 results

  1. Ninja

    Guild Wars

    Guild vs Guild war system: - Guild leader can declare war to other guilds (via Tour list) - Opponent leader can accept or decline war - During war, PvP points from killing opponents will count for own guild score - First guild to reach 1000 points (about 50 kills) wins war - World Chat INFO: Guild XXX won war vs guild YYY - Guild Chat INFO: Member X killed Y for 22 points (War score 282/211) - War opponents will be marked with orange names - If guilds in same faction, disable war in Towns and special zones/islands
  2. Ninja

    Dominion War

    The current war system is boring: - regroup, walk town to town, jump on flag, die, repeat... - almost no strategy or fight involved Here is an idea for a more dynamic war system: - at start of war, spawn some flags in the midway - e.g. start with 2 mc-flag and 2 elf-flag like in this map: - destroyed flags get replaced by an opposite flag - lost flags can be recaptured (like Seals control points) - each flag gives 1 point/sec, first faction to reach 5000 points wins - the key is to capture and defend most flags
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