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Found 25 results

  1. Please, suggest me a survival and good damage build Need to know which expert skill to buy. I need stun and health steal too Also please do mention some good relics Server : Sea Pearl Name : Urervenon (19) If you want I can give a ss of my armour and attributes. Thanks for reading.
  2. Bom, vim dizer umas ideias que na minha opinião deixaram o jogo mais interessante. 1 - Como tá dito no tópico, todos os maps tem dungeon menos o map 3, imagina só uma Dungeon onde seria difícil a party chegar, mas que os drops seriam únicos no jogo, tipo trajes que não podem ser obtidos em nenhum outro lugar, novas armas e armaduras talvez. Seria como a bg do MAP 2. 2 - Uma outra ideia é dar um baú para cada local conquistado por uma facção durante a war. Porque ela não da nada a não ser aquelas estrelas e um baú onde pudesse vim coisas mais únicas e interessantes seria muito bom, assim todos iriam participar. 3 - Também seria bom diminuir o preço cobrado para amplificar uma arma ou armadura, além de gastar com sing e esferas teria que gastar muito só pra amplificar. 4 - Outra sugestão é mudar os intens lvl 16 de Nadir para " equipando " assim, os players poderiam comprar por gold de outros players que tenham corimdons, assim como fazem com equips lvl 20. Porque cá entre nos ne, quem lvl 16 consegue as moedas de Nadir tão fácil? 5 - Uma ideia divertida, seria legal conversar com a facção rival somente em arena, imagina só falar com o inimigo no bate papo da área, a luta seria bem mais provocante.
  3. Book of Knowledge is an item that once consumed apply a buff that last about 12 hours on you that allow you to speak the language of opposed factions enabling you to talk, trade or maybe even form Party's thou you are only capably of speaking in personal and area chat even if you can speak and trade with opposed factions they are still capably to attack and kill you and same goes for you i feel this item will change the market Prices drastically because it will allow us to exchange items with the opposed factions and trade items that a faction might have a lot of but the other don't or items that maybe useless to people but useful to people in other factions
  4. Hello GM, I would like to suggest to you developers to add a Solo DG on our game even there is no event. It would be great for those players who want to spam alone and enjoy some dungeons alone. I would like to suggest to put the same drops and same gp and difficulties for each Solo DG. For example, Solo DG of Kronus, 400 gp per run without upot and same equipments received like the original dungeon. This might be helpful to satisfy players who are really bored without an event, this is a great suggestion, trust me. I hope you will add this to the game because this is maybe one of the best upgrade to our dungeons in-game. Thank you GM !
  5. hentbank

    Area bug Fix

    Dear GM, Please fix the area bugs in Kronus and Techno Dungeon, where it shows some delay and differences of the position of our character from the real position. Our skills is getting delayed because of that, even though we doesn't have any lag. It shows that we are standing near our ally, but it still takes time before the skill activated to the ally or to the mobs. Please fix this ASAP Thank you GM.
  6. Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  7. Greetings Warspear Commumity. As some of you probably agree, there are some things "missing" on our beloved game that could lead things to a lil bit more excitment/enjoyable way. NOTE: The following list is based in my opinion. 1. Character customization. It is true that when it gets to create a new char we can define some of its physical aspects such as gender, hair style and color but ot could be possible to add some extras such as marks, accessories or even eye colour. 2. Titles Some people dedicates their time completing the hardest achievements that WS provide us regarding PVE/PVP but wouldn't be better if we could win unique titles by completing them? Titles would be shown between our nickname and guild name. 3. Add gender change option. Can be usefull for some people. By item or menu option we could be able to change our character gender. 4. Sub-hotkey tab for consumables. I've seen lots of players complaining about the skill tab size, most of them android users due to screen resolution. It's true that we can't use all skills and we must get a build that suits us with the best skills but in my opinion, a sub-tab for consumables such as potions, scrolls, etc would save lots of space. If not a poping up sub-tab It could be used as a fixed side-tad. That's all for now. I got more suggestions but these are the ones I've been struggling for. I'd like to know your opinion about it! Thank you all. NOTE: I apolagize for any mistake in my topic. I'm not english so... Danwar
  8. First of all, I know the game is yours and you make whatever you want with the skills, but there are kind of rules to a fair pvp about crowd controls. Roots are intended to prevent movement skills, not every skill. It is just to immobilize the target, as you can see here on this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowd_control_(video_gaming)#Types_of_crowd_control. On the first topic says this about roots: "Root/Snare - immobilizes character while allowing all other actions to occur". I'm really tilted about the Druid root right now. That's why I'm asking it to be changed. As a lvl 16 weak Necromancer, I just wanna be able to use my shield and heal while I'm rooted, because this is the way a root should work to be fair for the opponent. The current root Druids have is called stun. At least try to make a fair pvp, please.
  9. Hey there! So I've been playing Warden since the release and now I'm at lvl22, and I think it was enough to figure out what it needed as the two remaining expert skills from my own point of view, might as well brainstorm some ideas, maybe it'd help to inspire devs in a way or another to create the new skills (If not done yet). First I'm gonna start with giving a general opinion about the class and its possible roles and aspects in the game. First of all, Warden is tanky af. According to the green bar that appears at the beginning of the process of making a new character, it has a full defensive capability, which by the way exceeds Barbarians and Deathknights, the only thing is that it has lower damage, single target and AoE control, and movement skills. With that much tankiness, it can tank 1v1 very efficiently and better than any other class, but I don't think it has a big role in group play, because it lacks the AoE control, further more, the lack of movement skills (Jump/Rush) and ranged disables, it could be kited forever and ever. And in dungeons, it deals way too low damage to be as useful as other elf tanks. Anyways, let's not make this topic too long as usual. In my opinion, Warden doesn't need any more defensive skills, it should rather have some more damage or AoE control to be viable in its alliance. Here are my ideas: **Numbers in all skill suggestions are subject to change of course** 1- Repulsive Jump (Active) : The warden rush-jumps to a certain place creating with his heaviness a strong earthquake pushing away surrounding enemies and locking their movement for a certain amount of time, enemies will still be able to use skills and attack. (The effect is similar to Mage's Illusory Chains) Cooldown: 20 seconds. Jump range: 4 yards. Push radius: 3x3 around the Warden. Knock-back distance and lock duration depend on skill level: 1 yard - 1 sec, 2 yards - 2 seconds, 3 yards - 3 seconds, 3 yards - 4.5 seconds. 2- Survival Rage (Active) : Warden enchants his weapon for some time increasing his physical attack and critical hit and increases the chance to deal a stun with each attack (The stun stat). Buff duration and amount increase with studying the skill. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Buff duration: 5/7/10/14 seconds. Buff percentage: +2% > +4% > +6% > +8% to physical damage, critical hit chance, and +2% > +3% > +4% > +5% to stun chance. 3- Deadly Path (Active) : The Warden casts an aura on himself, increasing his movement speed and periodically damaging surrounding enemies around the Warden. While the skill is active, warden's defense is decreased. The skill's duration increase with skill development, and the damage depends on the character's physical damage and skill's level. Cooldown: 25 seconds Buff duration: 2/4/6/8 seconds Damage: 5% > 9% > 13% > 17% of the character's physical damage. Warden's Defense is deceased by: 5% > 7% > 9% > 10% That's it.. Thoughts? Ideas?
  10. i just wanna say pvp is get very unbalanced i suggest to back weapons bonus in arena weapon to resilience and keep ferocity like crystal ONLY that will give char more def and less dmg some Hope you dev think about this fix
  11. A somewhat non game breaking suggestion regarding the secret reserve skill of dk. Upon skill activation a aoe debuff occurs along with the hp regen so as to provide a little safety net for the death knight since he/she is almost already dead. I have had several ideas in mind for the debuff here are some of them... Mind that these are already skills in game (my main objective is just to secure the dk a bit once secret reserve is active because the defence increase is quite insignificant because of the dmg reduction % ) -> Aoe nightmare (forest song) -> Aoe damage reduction (roar) -> Hp lock (no dmg can be taken in these 1-4 seconds *might seem op so don't mind this one if it is so*) -> Aoe mob dps decrease -> Aoe position lock (druid root pool) If anyone wants to add any more suggestions or argue with the fact that reserve is good enough as it is (no it isnt i die before the regen ticks once) please do so, i hope Daria notices the post, thanks.
  12. I want to bump to this topic once again. Remember half a year ago I made a suggestion to renew the system of daily gifts? I rethinked it, tried some new games and here's what I made up finally. You may think daily gifts are useless, who need daily gifts and so on. But that's because you only play Warspear Online, where daily gift consists of a chest containing usually junk stuff that you can instantly drop after opening. I won't tell game names, but I played a game where there were four types of daily gifts at the same time. Did it make the game easier? Certainly not. But it made the game much more enjoyable and made me log in everyday. I suggest to renovate the system of daily gifts in a way like: 1. 7 day log in reward: Miracle Coins - In a 7 day period players would receive a small amount of Miracle Coins. Remember: SMALL amount. I don't want to make Miracle Coins worthless, but this way with a little patience, everyone could get smaller items from The Shop. This reward could be collected outside the game (in the main menu), to prevent multiple reward collection with different characters. 2. Monthly reward: Gold, items and more - Players would receive various reward on the different days of a month, increasing in value each day. Rewards could include gold (not bars); common, fancy, rare (and maybe unique) gear, weapons and accessories depending on the player's level and class; craft resources varying in value, potions, scrolls, spheres, [sign of Imperishability] and so on. 3. Weekly special discount - We get discounts on items from The Shop everyday, but what about a special discount for each player every week? For example I get a 50% discount on [sphere of Damage Enhancement III], while someone else gets it on [Crystal of Ferocity]. It would bring a twist to trading between people. With this gifting system you could encourage people to visit the game everyday, and obviously more people would return and play again. What do you think?
  13. Warspear Online is a multiplayer game, where players interact with other players, they make friends, chat, etc. What if you want to go on vacation, but don't want to be kicked from your guild? Simply write your status "On vacation, don't kick", and it's sure the others will see it. Or if you have birthday and want to let people know it, update your status "I have birthday today!" So you can let others know what's up with you. In a simple way. This function would be really useful, I have missed it for a long time, and hope devs will add it to the game someday. Another idea is the mail. Do you want to say something to your friend but he/she is offline? Leave a message! They will get your message as soon as they get online again. Hope you like it, feel free to comment on the ideas!
  14. Since necromancer spend some % of their hp for healing and shield, i think necromancers need second heal skill. and here is my suggestion. Skill Name: CURSED Necromancer will put a cursed mark to target. when its active, it reduces the speed of target's movement and every attack to target will refill the attacker's hp as many as the damage made. so this is not a direct heal, but it that can heal you as many as the damage you made to the cursed target. Other support classes got their second heal skill, necromancers need it too. leave a comment please. thanks
  15. There are a lot of types territoties/biomes in the world of Arinar. Snowy mountains, elven land, island of darkness, a place of volcanic activity, a dangerous alien word, a fairy world, and so on. One thing is really missing from Arinar: the magic world of the Orient. My favourite one. Oh, the enchanted Orient with its crowded bazaars, mud-brick houses, mosques., deserts and oases. Why doesn't Warspear Online involve the Orient? Would be awesome! Monsters such as scorpions, lions, crocodiles... And not on a separate island, no! It could be an expansion to Islernort. Every player finishing Berengar Towers could get the storyline quests, which would lead to a new boss at the end. Bazaars could contain a brand new type of trading, which I will include in another, extended version of this topic (working on the details atm). What do you think? Do you have anything to add?
  16. This arena map was hated by majority of players, and cause bad experience in the game. * Rogue lose invisibility and stun. * Necro lose stun. This make bad experience for those class.
  17. Wow. A new suggestion topic in such a short time after the previous one Well, these are older ideas of mine, just have the time to share them now. So. I think I have seen some similar suggestion too, but... I want to highlight some things again. DAILY REWARD CHESTS!! You know what you can get from those chests? The most sh*tty drops compared to any other chests (not counting quest items from [surprise Chest]). Full of poor items. The only difference between [barbarian's Secret Chest I] and [barbarian's Secret Chest III], that from the low lvl one I can get personal low lvl runes and crystals, and from the high I can get lvl 12-14 ones. C'mon! Do you think that's okay? The amount and worth of the possible drops should increase with the level, also, what's this, I get the same chest on the first day of login, as on the 31st day. At least you should increase the rate of getting good items! Furthermore, you should lower the chance of dropping [Cinnamon Apple Pie] and [Lesser Life Potion]. They are so unworthy for a lvl 24 player. Getting even further, why not create steady daily gifts? Like on the first day I get 200 gold coins and a [Potion of Health]. On the second day, the amount of money would increase, and so the worth of the item. On every 10th day or so, the gift item would be a piece of [sign of Imperishability]. And finally, on the 100th, it would be a [Warrior of Time] costume, which rewards you for your loyality. What if you get to 100 days for the second time? Would you again get a costume? Well, if you have already recieved it, the reward would be like a set of [sign of Imperishability] or since it's too much of it, a couple pieces of Miracle Coins maybe. I am working on a design of Time Warrior, I want to make a topic for costume design suggestions in the near future anyways. Any comments?
  18. 28 November 2015 - 02:36 PM please even not all skill can be in hot bar what about pots and scrolls , its hard when you do something to use scrolls and pots if you can add like anther 9 hot spot , that will help much watch attached file hope Dev will take this seriosly aaa.jpg 130.74KB 1 downloads
  19. We all know that Warspear received many upgrades over the years with many bug fixes and improvements, but these updates something important was left behind , an free arena mode to train and test players powers with friends. This is not an mode in which it awards or points , but we can choose who to fight and call him to fight. I suggest a new button in the menu interact interact - > challenge to fight Could be on a map of the arena or in an area dedicated to these struggles , I would prefer an area where other players can watch these battles as an audience. I know I'm not the one who would like it, but also other passionate players for pvp fights.
  20. Hey everybody. I want to suggest a change for shaman's earthquake. Some of you may have played shaman. You were maybe fighting a bird with your shaman. You used eartquake, and the bird got hit and died. Pretty normal or what? But... Have you ever thought about that you just hit something that was hovering above the ground? How is that possible? I mean, it's called EARTHquake, not quake, airquake or earthandairquake. And if the bird didn't die, it would get trapped in the air by an EARTHquake. Or elementals. It's big pieces of an element levitating above the ground. Still hit by earthquake. My suggestion is that earthquake becomes a real earthquake. That it won't affect flying mobs (Like birds, dragons and wyverns) and levitating mobs (Like ghosts and elementals). What do you think about my suggestion?
  21. i see you havent made more skills in a long time so why dont we forum members suggest some skills for classes to give them inspiration? ill start.... Rogue: Clone The rogue summons multiple identical clones of himself that walk right beside or in front of him. clones do nothing (except pretends to hit in combat). each clown disappears when hit or takes a certain amount of damage. Barbarian: Revolve the barbarian swings around at a rapid speed for a few seconds. anyone near the barb gets continous damage. the barb's resistance towards attacks is also increased. Necro: Resurrect the necromancer becomes paralyzed for a few seconds and loses health after summoning an ally to fight for a fixed amount of time. after that time is up, the revived hero will die again. **revived ally will have minimal health** Priest: Awaken the priest loses all of his power (attack and defense go 0) after reviving an ally for a few seconds. after the time is up, the ally will die again and the priest's power will be restored. **revived ally will have minimal health** Mage: Flare the mage emits a blinding light that immediately pushes all enemies around the mage far away (depending how close they are) and stuns them for a few seconds. ** maybe not such I good idea,i realised it is wayy to similar to chains** Paladin: Mystical Barrier the paladin surrounds himself and his allies in a fairly big energy field (4x4) where all opposing players and attacks are deflected away from whoever is inside. during this time, the paladin is unable to move or attack. Druid: Vines the druid summons a plethora of miniature vines around a small area (3x3). any player within that range gets their energy drained slowly during the time of the attack. *this skill does not stop opponents from moving or using skills like entangling roots* ____ all i can think for now. please add your skill suggestions and opinions for the devs to see , make sure its in simple format like this so everyone can understand!
  22. I have recently invited a few of my friends to play Warspear Online, and helped them develop characters. We played while talking on Skype, and I always had to explain what's going on, which actually would have been pretty difficult without skyping. After three hours of intensive gaming they went offline. For a few days noone was online, and when I asked them if they want to come to play, they said the grapics are cool and so the controls, but understanding the mechanism of the game is VERY hard. So, they ended up on playing WS after only a few hours, although they are big MMORPG fans, but this was too hard for them. What to upgrade, where to find different things, what weapon to use, how to craft, the system of mobs (normal, strong, etc.), and I could say a couple of ther things they told me they found difficult. So here is the suggestion: Make a completely new, detailed tutorial for beginners. They need it, beleive me, more than half of the new players quit cause they don't understand the whole thing. Once I was explaining the game and guiding a player for hours, and never saw him again. You may think "Why? This doesn't bring any profit!" But here is what I say; If instead of 50% of the new players 90% would understand and play the game, there would be more chance they buy Miracle Coins, which means BIG PROFIT!! I firmly beleive in what I've written down here. Think about it, devs. It is a big opportunity for you. To make PROFIT. Any comment?
  23. So. I have seen epic ideas under this thread, many of them should be built in Warspear Online. However, I also see comments claiming that this would never happen. Our ideas will never be built in the game we love. What if a representative among you, dear developers, would visit Suggestions thread sometimes and comment on ideas like "Good idea" or "I see opportunity in this idea". To give us hope that we can help developing your game. Of course, things wouldn't stop here. For example every two updates you should contain something taken from the awesome ideas made here, beleive, it would attract more people to play. A game where your suggestions are welcomed! Think about it, devs. This is a great opportunity for you. Though I'm afraid this is will also be only one of the long lost suggestions on Warspear Online forum...
  24. Hello There! I have been playing with Warspear Online for quite a while now, and I love it. I have some suggestions, though, which could make this epic game more epic! Let's get started! --Number 1: A brand new PVP system without annoying gankers-- Yes, there were some topics about a new PVP system, my idea is a little bit different. There would be an interact option to call out a player for a PVP fight. Of course, it would be possible to call players from both allience or enemy faction. If the opposed player accepts the request, the two players would be put in a separate arena-like area (a bit smaller), where they can fight. Potions wouldn't be allowed to be used, and minions would be sent away for the time of the fight (but they wouldn't disappear permanently). The winner of the fight would be awarded with a little gift. For example a little amount of money from the opponent's purse. If the opponent has no money, then he/she wouldn't be able to request or accept fight. Maybe the ammount of the rewarded money could be decided at the beginning of the fight. The players could also set custom rewards from their bags. Of course, there would be different arenas, which would change randomly from fight to fight, just like at arena fights. --NUMBER 2: Marriage-- Maybe you look a bit awkward now, but yes, I think players should be able to marry in the game. There wouldn't be sex, of course. Marrying a person would mean that when he/she enters the game, a highligted info message would inform the other. If the couple fights together, they would get more reward for quests, hunting bosses would have more chance to drop precious items, also dungeoning would have more chance to drop. Since the game is for everyone, I think same gender marriage should also be allowed, although I am not really for it. Maybe in the settings everyone would have to set their gender, for others to be easier to choose their wife/husband. If two players marry, a highligted info message would inform others in the World Chat. Yes, divorcing would also be possible, but with a cost of money. The player who requests divorce, would have to pay like 2000 gold, while the other only 500. Divorcing would only be possible if both players agree. When two players marry for the FIRST time (I mean they had no marriage before), they would receive a special [Marriage Chest] as a gift. This chest would contain some cool and uniqe stuff. --NUMBER 3: Sending gifts to other players-- If you want to thank a player for something, but you don't want to travel to the same area and make an exchange, or he/she isn't online, well, this gift sending system would be perfect for you. Players could send gifts to each other from their bags. If the gifted person is offline, they would receive their gifts as soon as they go online again. It would appear as a daily gift, but in a gift box. Only if they open the box will they know what they've got. It would be possible to set an option for the gift to be anonym (so the target doesn't know who sent the gift) --NUMBER 4: Trophy system-- If a player kills a monster or another player for the first time, let it be ally or enemy, he/she would receive a trophy, which could be seen in a separate menu plot. As at the achievements, others could see player's trophies, and they could compete who has better trophies. For example, player A defeated Hassn, and has his trophy. But Player B defeated Finalsusse, and Player A not. (I am from EU-Emerald) Trophies worth nothing basically, only these competings would make them precious. So, these are my ideas to make Warspear Online better and funnier to play. I will update when I get more. I hope you like my ideas, feel free to comment on them! Ben
  25. GM, Please add Name Change Scroll and Unbind Scroll ! thanks, And Add more Graphics please
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