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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there! I'm just curious if there are any Easter eggs hidden in the game. I have seen Easter eggs in lots of games, so I thought what if there are some in Warspear Online too? I don't need the exact eggs, just a hint if it worth to search for them or not. (Easter eggs are small secret things, items, places or messages developers put in the game for fun. Nowadays most games have them.) Thanks!
  2. I just wanted to ask, because sometimes i see it over and over again... Shall a druid in a formal pvp 1v1 fight use secret link? Pro While e.g. a rogue can have 10 skills, the druid cant use all the skills he has, leaving an inequilubbrium regarding the skills that can use. E.g: You pvp a druid, he has all expert skill slots, and spent them. You too. But the druid cant use all of his skills like you. Much like above, while other people profitate from their builds, a link-build-druid is quite crippled when fighting, thus making it unfair. Players belong to the area enviroment, thus can be strategicly used, just like the dmging statues or the volcano map Contra While in a 1v1 you are (theorethicly) alone against another, link requires a teammate to be casted. So technicly it would be a 2v1 when using link. The HP buff is overpowered on the other hand, and its tide turning potential is just enourmous, so you could say this skill is too strong for a fair 1v1. Some Reasons i figured out, feel free to thnk more about it, and discuss and find another arguments pro or contra to this...
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