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Found 1 result

  1. Farahazi - Son of Zarion A long time ago in a lineage of elves was quiet which was ruled for many years when one day has arrived to the manor house with a lovely fairy Lindia Which one race of dark elves dark secrets concealed. She was sent by the Wizard Zarion instruction placed was a brother of the King of the Elves Gariaza. They had a dispute with each other since passed the instruction placed on the wrong side of the Black Magic. Instruction placed wanted his daughter enamored of one of his sons Enemy to get across to the castle and pick up the book with the strongest witchcraft and black magic wanted to introduce on the agenda because it Gariaz banned because it was behind the bad effects. When Lindia into the realm of the Elves Gariaz did not recognize her because I did not know that the daughter of his enemy. One of the sons Gariaza fell in love with her and after a while started to plan instruction placed to take the desired effect. He wanted his daughter to enamored in itself one of the sons Gariaza to have access to information as to a secret passage into the realm of the forbidden books. But it was not only plan one who wanted to reach the instruction placed also had a son who was killed in a duel with his son Gariaza - Yazariq that loveth Lindia. He wanted to revive his son using a Yazariq's heart. When Lindia Yazariq brought together under the pretext of meeting with her Father Zayron he unleashed on him Yazariq Cerebruses with whom he had no chance to deal with and was killed. The plan instruction placed came to an end now that Gariaz was devastated over the loss of his son he could no longer attack the kingdom except that it did not foresee that his undead gave himself up in his hands he had to perform the ritual at the right time and not undead alive. Instruction placed noticed that he did not find the second part of the book. Now it's time to avert the instruction placed and take his book because otherwise the kingdom will be destroyed !!!. (im using google translator) Boss Information : Health Points : 1920000 Mana : 550 Damage Psychical : 440 Damage Distance Magic : 550 Skills : - Great Life Exhaust (Life stealing players who are in the environment) - Mental Pit - Panic Boss should be surrounded by 4 cerebruses that deal only physical damage and skill poisonus shield. Skills and moobs skills can be changed.:0 Drop : Staff of Forsakens God's ( Magic damage, Critical, Life insurance, Stun), Boss can be at new city for 26 lvls
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