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Found 1 result

  1. Evil spirit / Dornes Story The beginning In the ancient times, long before War of Spear, when Dark Elves ruled, the world of Arinar was full of peace and goodness. Arinar was so peaceful, that they didn't need any weapons or strength. Elves were fulfilled of love and wisdom. There wasn't need to be powerful. Every creature was living in harmony with them. And so Dark Elves weren't strong. Their civilization was rising and they were living over whole Arinar. Evil was rambling through their cities and was searching for the place to stay in. But it couldn't find anything. It has found only love. Once however, when Evil spirit was wandering through the woods, suddenly it saw a young elf trapped in big hole in the ground. He was trying to free himself, but it looked like he didn't have enough strength to climb out. He was trying so hard, but with no result. The evil spirit looked upon him and smiled craftily. It offered him huge strength and power, provided that he will let him possess his body. Elf has rejected at first. But when days have passed and he got really thirsty and hungry, without seeing another option, he agreed and let Evil spirit take control of his body. He possessed enormous power and strength and climbed out of the hole with no problem. The strength he received was so powerful, that he was able to do almost everything. He started to use his power in all kinds of things. At start it wasn't bad. He was using it for daily work and helping others. But the problem was the source of this strength. The more he used it, the bigger impact evil had to him. Evil spirit was slowly taking control of his mind. He started to avoid contact with anyone. Realizing, that his power could harm his closest he found his hideout in the darkest caves. Years were passing and his consciousness has totally disappeared. That was the time, when Evil spirit has woke up. In the elf called Dornes. The awakening When Evil spirit has awakened and felt the freedom, it went berserk. It run out of cave and started to destroy everything what was on its way. It was killing everyone. Whole Arinar has started to ruin, while Evil spirit was getting more and more strength. It was emanating with so much evil, that it has destroyed the harmony between elves and other creatures. Animals became wild and started to be aggressive. Even love and goodness, elves has shared for such a long time has vanished. Evilness has slowly started to overload the Arinar. The civilization of Dark elves was disappearing. Finally fifty strongest elves has gathered together on Aiyvonyil and decided to defeat Dornes. They have challenge it near the Tlaloc's pyramids. The battle was long and difficult. Almost every of them died. But after four days of hard battle, they have managed to defeat it. Only five of them have survived. However, they soon find out another fact. It was impossible to kill the Evil spirit. The imprisoning And so Evil spirit was imprisoned in the caves of Ayvonyil. It has never gained so much strength, it had on beginning, but it was waiting for another occasion to free itself. Civilization of Dark elves has been ruined forever. Only small island called Ayvonyil survived. Although the story about Evil spirit was passed from generations to generations, it was slowly fading. Finally only few old elves knew about evil imprisoned in Ayvonyil's caves. And its power was rising every day. It is said that it was it's fault, that War of Spear has started. All these hate... All suffering... It had such a huge impact on whole Arinar. And mainly Ayvonyil. Island has started to be very dangerous. All kinds of beasts have started to show there. Even terrible bosses such as Swamp and Faceless. His evilness was devouring the peace and goodness Dark elves once had. Years have passed and Arinar has became place, where people feared to walk. The discovery Finally people started to wonder about whats the source of this hatred. As they were searching they found an old legend about Dornes and how Evil spirit possessed his body and mind. They find out that Evil spirit is imprisoned in caves of Ayvonyil. At first they tried to kill it. But everyone, who faced it, died with no chance. They started to fear it's power. And so the whole army decided to move it from Ayvonyil to small archipelago called Swamps. They wanted to free this island of its evil. With huge loss, but they have succeeded. They have imprisoned it on the island, that there was no escape from. On the Island of Lost Soul. But its evilness was so strong, that even over there, it had an impact on rustic beasts. Even the chest, which from time to time appears on the island, has change a bit. Some says, that it brings even bigger reward. Evil spirit is also summoning some Will'o'whispers sometimes to became his soldiers. Now it wants just one thing. To gather the strength it had on the beginning. Behavior on the map As the story tells, it is placed on the Island of Lost Soul. It is in the middle of island. Around him there are 4 mini-bosses called Dorner's soldier. Skills Evil spirit's call - The evilness of Evil spirit affects the player and he looses control of his character for some time. While he is under this effect, he attacks other players with simple attack. He isn't able to stop it. Other players can not attack him or heal him. The effect of this skill lasts for 5 seconds. Words Power - Dorner casts a curse over all players in close radius around him. If players use a skill which requires energy consumption, then they will additionally lose a percentage of their maximum energy. Dorner's Blow - A strike, that deals heightened damage to the player. It also has some chance of stunning. Status Dorner HP - 1.2 milion Mana - 700 Damage - 480 Dorner's soldier HP - 8.000 Mana - 80 Damage - 120
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