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Found 8 results

  1. NOTE: The story is a bit long so, might as well scroll down directly into the image and leave the reading to the developers / admins / mods, etc. I may break some rules in the game but, I really hope that the developers will allow such idea. The attached images are mine and I used Autodesk Sketchbook Express App with eight ( 8 ) of them. Don't worry, it's original. Sorry I was using shapes / lines in Paint with the concept drawings, so I cannot emphasize all the details. Don't skip meals, be healthy. Coffee. STORY: BALANCE.. It was gone after the War of the Spear. All the fa
  2. Kuamok high priest died and wrote in moments of pain and despair that our ancestors found new hogares.Construcción of houses and temples, which were eager to appease and glorify without knowing the mystery that was to come, KOREAGUNBA a chief warrior raised from the ashes of the city MALIAT (Capital of Ayvondil) which was destroyed by the army of Orin, Koreagunba has dark magical powers, in addition to controlling elements fire, earth, water and air. This new threat trying to take possession and destroy all its inhabitants Ayvondil, this is how this magical world is again threatened by this g
  3. Dratoz Titles: FairyLord; DarkLord; The Healer RespawnTime: 15min Type: Nature+Darkness Size: Same as Snorlar Boss Lvl: 26-32 PDmg: 100/2sec (Never Used) MDmg: 600/4sec Def: 6% phy/mg Hp: 500k Mp: 500 Range: 5Yards BOSS SKILLS First Skill: HealingBreath(passive): Recovers 20k HP/60sec Animation: Second Skill: RedCrystal(Passive): Immune to attracting skills and skills that should lower the boss dmg like the one necro has ; Randomly Change Target inside the range each 5min, no matter who does higher dmg. Last hit done on the old target does double dmg and the n
  4. REGINOROK ORIGIN Long before war of 4 factions dominated the continent of WARSPEAR , the entities Nuadu ,Harad and Garahan divided the continent but still there were some areas where even garahan feared to enter.The hilloids were foremost amongst these and built up a small empires in between the empire of two entities(nuadu and harad). They created the troll and elemental monsters through careful usage of magic and energy from the sun.This way they also created lake monster and genie. The hilloids eventually fell from power due to increase in the use of teritorry by Nuada and Garahan.Of the
  5. NAME : the abominator HISTORY: In ancient times there was a war that seemed endless , this ancient war between the clans of the mountain and the elves was destroying everything he had to his step, then the wizards and witches met to end this war, and desdieron create a powerful monster that had the power to end the battle. the day gathered for the ritual everything seemed to go fine, but when they invoked the monster realized they could not control due to anger and power it had , seeing this wizards and witches who were decided to enclose the powerful monster to not cause destruction. an
  6. Hyperion is one of the twelve titan and child of Uranus and Gaia . Following the dream of his brother Cronus , he helped him to overthrew ruling of their father Uranus ,and Cronus became the new ruler . To maintain peace and balance in the world , Olympians overthrew them. But due to immense power of Hyperion , he couldn't be killed but was sealed into the lands of Arinar. With the rise of his brother Cronus , the seal has broken and Hyperion is free . He wishes to bring the Golden Age back . Its duty of the people of Arinar now to protect their homeland , or there would be no people left.
  7. Hentwiso ( The Holy Warrior ) In a High mountain of the land of Sibut, there was a Man named Hentwiso, He is a Weak Man, but He have a Powerfull Faith. Suddenly, The land of Ramos Attacked the land of Sibut with a Giant named Goliath, Many Warriors of Sibut has died. God called Hentwiso and God made Hentwiso Strong and Brave, and God gave Hentwiso a Swords and Armors from Heaven. Angels came to the house of Hentwiso and Angels said to Hentwiso about the War happening in their Land. In the Next morning, Hentwiso Came in their City with the Angels and with
  8. Lord Condylura Created by Quinnz_EU-Emerald Lord Condylura is actually a star-nosed mole lives deep down under the land of Arinar. The Lord Condylura start eating the dead body from every fallen warrior caused by war between the realms. He is not just eat their body, he also absorbing their power. And after a long time, the Lord Condylura turns into giant and strong. He starts digging hole under the land of Arinar, creating a giant labyrinth cave. And also his nest where he can rest, eat, and gain power to create another labyrinth all over the land of Arinar. So he could demolish all the
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