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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys here yesterday I post a topic about costumes has bug on iPad but some of staff members thought I am kidding so maybe they removed my topic somehow so today am gonna post it again and maybe admins will check it out and fix 2 bugs earlier I thought it's just a new look for costumes for event First one is with costumes check out images if need more I can post it laters, I found it after event starts but before it was fine,, Another thing is problem with sending pm to players idk it's a game's problem or what but facing in only warspear, it's like whenever I send private message to someone it works fine but if after that I try to send message to someone else it keyboard hangs ang game too event can't write. That's all
  2. Dear Gm, Please Make More Costumes in Mcoin Shop, and make it Cheaper please i want Costumes like Shorts, Sando and Cap or Helmets.., Like a Normal People and We want our Char is like ourselves GUYS PLEASE COMMENT AND SAY AGREE IF YOU WANT TOO
  3. Hi guys it's Robin here, after waiting for long time we got a huge discount on signs whoa that's cool so am just thinking of buy some stuff that I need and I would like to trade with my signs list given blow. Costumes - Snowman (140K+) Ice Warrior (-300k) Any New Costumes from Christmas Event I would buy Equipment - Axe Level 22 (+400k) for bladedancer Belt Level 22 ( no idea about price) for bladedancer heavy armor Or Belt Level 20 With Pane ( Lord's Belt ) ( -100k) Staff Level 22 ( no idea ) Skins - Ice Daggers (-100k) Ice Mace (-100K) Ice Staff ( no idea) Ice Bow/Crossbow ( no idea) Bell ( -50k) Any Two Handed Weapon Skins ( for pala / only Christmas event skins) Am Offering Signs - 15k set might give some discount if someone buy many sets can afford 100 ++ sets PM me or Reply here if u got somehting for me or if u have offers. And have a look at pic really stupid chat in some pic:D Game Char - Justiin, Justiice, Justtice ( elves ) Herohitler, Kiiick, Justincrew Thanks
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