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  1. Since i found no adequate area to put this in lets go recently the new update regarding the random chaos invasion was released and with the update came many changes of which includes skill fixes and what not that were extremely good on a pvp and arena scale but from....personal....constant t4 camp death experiences.....ive come to the conclusion that elves ..to be specific ...druids mages and paladins have gained a somewhat upper hand due to their ranged aoe now by this time you'd have already put that trigger finger on your keyboards trying to counter me with facts like lock has a aoe move set thats op af. OK, Lets count (keep in mind ranged aoe = aoe moves that have a 5x5 range / usable from a distance) lock = darkcircle and pool dk = ..... (only surrounding the dk = inability to use in war because of the impossibility of reaching mid group) death call (low magic dmg still not talked about by devs necro = acid rain (only 3x3 space but i can let you people use as an excuse) panic = requires mid map aka same condition as dk and hence unable to use sham = (again..pos lock only 3x3 not supposed to be on list) rogue = ricochet (does not hit all, single time use) barb = (roar is not lock or dot and even with restricted entity , so of the list) skill bypass, which reduces a lower amount of time than mage no 5x5 aoe or effective stuns. locks. reasonable ones to put in = darkcircle pool acid rain stunbypass now elfs druid = song (5x5) and ground roots bd = rush (no fixed entities gz devs...smartasses) ranger = arrow rain paladin = harads call, banner , illumination (no restriction wtf) mages = chains meteor stunbypass blazing ground timewarp blinding fire (no ...restrictions) priests = harads tears (no..restrictions) 14 aoe skills ...ranged/5x5/no restrictions I gave proof on post, I've given reason, formal reply from an admin appreciated with a reason or a incoming fix. + have this ss as an icing (elves had t4 for 20mins approx) dont give us a deaf ear this time and to add,,this is not a pvp we're taling about...a basic fundamental of the game that has it in the name of the game itself 'war'spear
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