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Found 22 results

  1. This is a chat regarding Battle for Territories wins Today the Legion won 2:0
  2. Before, EU war took around 3 min. Glad to see mc side is growing. It s all about fun after all ^^. Go check my YT channel, I'/ trying to post daily as much stuff as i can >>Vlad Warspear<< Hope you enjoy it!
  3. O jogo não está mais balanceado, os elfos estão com mais defesa que os mcs, o Warden é praticamente imortal, deveria fazer mudanças para equilibrar o jogo.
  4. Bom, vim dizer umas ideias que na minha opinião deixaram o jogo mais interessante. 1 - Como tá dito no tópico, todos os maps tem dungeon menos o map 3, imagina só uma Dungeon onde seria difícil a party chegar, mas que os drops seriam únicos no jogo, tipo trajes que não podem ser obtidos em nenhum outro lugar, novas armas e armaduras talvez. Seria como a bg do MAP 2. 2 - Uma outra ideia é dar um baú para cada local conquistado por uma facção durante a war. Porque ela não da nada a não ser aquelas estrelas e um baú onde pudesse vim coisas mais únicas e interessantes seria
  5. Ребят помогите пожалуйста кем лучше играть в пвп ну и для отличной охоты кем лучше ???
  6. Of course this class was made by someone who play agaisnt legion, how they made this class , so op in war, they are wining all the time because they dont need do much , they sent ALL the Warden in front, and the rest Just need focus flag, warden can tank everyone for MINUTES, How this is balanced in a war? Lets change this.
  7. If there would be more war rewards more ppls would join wars. My suggestion is: Buffs Gp boost like 15% or so Xp boost like 10% And maybe even Gold boost like 10% or 20% If not those then some rewards like: Unity signs Sign of imperishability Repair scrolls Teleportation scrolls Arena tickets defense and damage spheres 1-3 depending on your level And maybe like every 10th or so war could give unity potions,xp potions and arena potions And every war could give some money depending on re
  8. This Glitch Appeared on war 7.7 (Friday) when you caputerd Legion or Riff flag the 2nd flag wouldn't appear and you couldn't attack the other flags also, Ghaspel, Riff has flags and they normally don't have Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WobLBoz69o4&feature=youtu.be
  9. hallo there are you Dev try KO MC side , update after update make MC side harder to play WS have big problem in population in each side game , i sure it more that 90% elf " once before in valdmer event only 16 mc and more than 120 elf was there " few mistake in dev come in last few update make this worse : 1- USELESS THINGS ONLY IN MC SIDE : in past was only drop Bow & Cbow useless in MC side , no GM and 2 more useless drop by change stauts amp to magic " Mace and Spear " that very powerfull in elf side for pala and very useless in mc 2- ELFS SKILL WORK MUCH BETTER I
  10. Ninja

    Guild Wars

    Guild vs Guild war system: - Guild leader can declare war to other guilds (via Tour list) - Opponent leader can accept or decline war - During war, PvP points from killing opponents will count for own guild score - First guild to reach 1000 points (about 50 kills) wins war - World Chat INFO: Guild XXX won war vs guild YYY - Guild Chat INFO: Member X killed Y for 22 points (War score 282/211) - War opponents will be marked with orange names - If guilds in same faction, disable war in Towns and special zones/islands
  11. Olá "Fadas" (Como nossos inimigos amam nos chamar ) Hoje dia 07/10/2016 mostramos ao servidor BR que "A união faz a força" e que quando queremos nada nos para. Nos estávamos lá quietinhos na nossa fazendo coisas de elfos e talz, e eles vieram como um busão sem freio e sem placa, derrubando tudo que é elfo pelo caminho: trabalhadores, elfas de família, elfinhos, não perdoaram nem o ferreiro tadinho . E durante um tempo, nos elfos ficamos encolhidos no canto com medo de andar pelas cidades, pois a todo momento poderíamos ser atacado por um assassino invisível vindo do nada apenas par
  12. Ninja

    Dominion War

    The current war system is boring: - regroup, walk town to town, jump on flag, die, repeat... - almost no strategy or fight involved Here is an idea for a more dynamic war system: - at start of war, spawn some flags in the midway - e.g. start with 2 mc-flag and 2 elf-flag like in this map: - destroyed flags get replaced by an opposite flag - lost flags can be recaptured (like Seals control points) - each flag gives 1 point/sec, first faction to reach 5000 points wins - the key is to capture and defend most flags
  13. So hey guys, I'm Jagon from US, I'm a BD. After the events ended things have been REALLY boring. The thing we want most collectively, is a chaos room, and it would have to be in a neutral zone. Nadir would be the best place essentially for that. I'm always up for a good war, but we want to be able to pvp outside of "war" as well. So many MC/Forsaken are using Elf/Chosen accounts and vice versa. It's a giant mess at the moment. And I get that it's basically impossible to police that, so we need an alternative. P.S. Why you let MC have buff after buff??
  14. (Don't ask why I'm not using the enter key instead of using the mouse.)
  15. Dear elfs, I Karleusa I want to help them how to be stronger and how to u soon perijodu winning wars spears !!!! Here are some tips that will give you: 1. Select only one character with whom you play and you have to fight. (It is easier and faster progress if you take just one character and you spend your time on it than to have two) 2. doing out regular blue quests (dnevvne kuesc) because so quickly level up and get more money. 3. Do not allow your mobs killed. When you think that you will lose a life, go to the side and fill your life (HELCOM) 4. MOST IMPORTANT! You must help the elve
  16. Dear Developers & GMs, I Suggest to Change the war time in Eu Emerald From 18Cet to 15Cet. Because many players cant join war because it is very Early in the Morning. ( Its 2am here at Philippines ),. Many players wants to join the war, but its hard to wake up! some Players have Work and Classes. And Remember you made a Achievement for War Times, but how we can make it if we cant Join war, This is my Suggestion and I hope you will make this ASAP ! Please Developers & GMs. Thank you for Reading my Suggestion, this is Serious. -Rapagilaz
  17. id like to see a version of war thats capture the flag say when the flag is droped by the capturing player it respawns randomly at 1 of 3 spots or something (who will mabye be weilding the flag as a weak weapon and slowed by a debuff, also all enemys can see flag holder on map but not allys lol xD), mabye or a big raid boss is droped in nadir say a pirate captain of some sort invades nadir with his crew that mc and elf have to kill all who atk the boss gets drop or buff or mabye just a massive death match which ever side gets most kills wins or each side has to escort a small cara
  18. Hi everybody! at first a question: how can i insert a youtube Video so that there isnt just a link and a screen to klick on? I am back playing warspear, not as serious as before but im back and ill do more and BETTER videos! The new videos will have music and english commentary! In this thread ill post every of my videos, always when i upload a new one i post it here! My channel includes Warspear videos with english commentary and Fifa 15 videos with german commentary! Here ill just post the Warspear videos! Enjoy it and cya! My Facebook: 1. https://www.faceb
  19. Hi warspearz I bring the last war that took place the day 08.04.2015. I let you the intro of the war. I hope u like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCPBK0BRy64 Search: Warspear Online Territory Wars
  20. We Are PSO. About Us : We are level 5 guild of 50 members always achieving for higher. Recruiting new members if u meet any of those requirements just pm any listed member for a invite were never too full for new recruits. We participate in wars, guild point tournaments, events, and arena. We take pride in our name we are PSO. Requirements : - Level 18+ [Main Characters] - Guild Points [2000 Every Week] - Alliance [Elfs & Chosens] - Server [US-Sapphire] - No Disrespecting - Be Active - Be A Team Player - Att
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