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Found 1 result

  1. This suggestion is inspired by other game/s. Hello once again! Without any further ado, let me introduce you to this PvP Tournament Mode. What is it? It is a new game mode where players compete against each other in teams on a simple, specialized battlefield in a tournament hosted by a player for rewards provided by the tournament hoster. How is it going to work? -Tournament hosting: In order to create your own tournament, you must have a [Tournament Hosting License] which would be found in the Miracle Shop for a decent amount of Mcoins. (Of course could be sold in gold for non-payers). In addition to that, you'd need to set up a prize for the winner team, which I'll talk about it in details later. -Tournament joining: Joining tournaments is FREE for all! As long as you meet the conditions of the tournament, which I will talk about it too. Tournament Setup. -Modes: Each mode contains 3 types for tournaments. 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 (No 1v1 for balance and fairness reasons). The host picks the mode then picks how many players a team can have. In both modes, teams are picked randomly. 1- Knock-out Mode: This mode will contain 8 teams are gonna fight in a knock-out tournament system until we reach the final. (With that being said, player numbers for each type are 16, 24, and 40, for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5, respectively). Later on, if the this thing got big popularity, devs could increase the team numbers from 8 to 16 to 32. 2- Score Mode: In this mode, all teams will be in a list, they will fight each other by demanding (just like in normal arena) in a specific duration that is selected by the host (30mins - 1hr - 2hrs - 3hrs). The amount of teams is also set by the host (10 - 20 - 30 - 50, and more could be added later). Scoring will work like in Arena and it could have its own rating system as for numbers, but in this, if you lose, you'd lose rating too. The current Arena rewarding system also applies here, the higher team will be rewarded less and so on. -Prizes: Tournament host will set up the prizes, they include ALL currencies in the game with whatever amount the host chooses as long as he/she has that amount, it could be limited by devs as for minimum and maximum, in respect to the mode, type, and the currency chosen. The prize is divided on the players of the winning team equally. Tournament Process. A system message in World Chat of all servers announces that a tournament was created by [Player name], so it helps gathering people as fast as possible. The host gets to cancel his tournament as long as the number is still not complete, he will get back his license and the set reward. When the number of players is complete, the tournament starts, and the host can't cancel the tournament, and the system puts the teams into parties automatically. Then each team will be left to practice in normal Arena and make up their strategies and know themselves. This time is called preparation time, and its duration is picked by the host too (10 - 20 - 30 mins). After that time, teams can start fighting. In Knock-out Mode, teams go against each other, according to a randomly set schedule, that only can be seen by the host. They all go at the same time. In the semi-final, the 4 left teams have 5 minutes break, then one fight starts, this time, fights go one by one. Then comes the final round, which will determine the winner team. In Score Mode, the team(party) leader has to manually demand, and they will get matched up with any free team with the nearest rank possible, it is impossible to meet the same team 2 times in a row and 5 times maximum. And the winner is the team with highest points. After the tournament ends, prizes are distributed, and another World Chat message will show up, stating the tournament name and winner names, so they rise to fame. Tournament Rules. -Restrictions: The main rule for tournaments is that strategy beats power. That's why the host gets to LIMIT amps in his tournament. How? Simply, there will be brackets, like our casual arena, but not only for level, but also for amp levels. The difference is that only level cap is restricted, because level can't be changed, since EVERYONE will be able to join as long as he is in the level required. The host gets to set up the levels of his tournament (Same as the current Arena level brackets) and then he/she chooses the amp level inside the tournament. Brackets are +0 - +3, +4 - +6, +7 - +8, +9 - +10. higher amps can join lower amp brackets, and their gears will be limited down to the bracket they chose. If I am fully +10 and I still wanna enter +0-+3 tourny, I will enter as a fully +3. But a lower bracket player can't join higher brackets. -Buffs: No buffs of any kind are allowed during the fight, and if the player has already active ones, they disappear until the fight is over. -Private Tournaments: If the host wants to create a special tournament for his guild, or friends only, he/she can set up a password, and only those who have access to the password can join. Other Features. -Cross-Server: To spice things up, and to make getting the needed number for the tournament easier, this whole tournament system could be CROSS-SERVER! We already discussed cross-server Arena and it was an interesting idea, but never implemented, well, I'm hoping this is more interesting. -Inspection: If you don't want to join any tournament, or you're just not in the mood, you can watch the progress of other tournaments fight by fight! There will be a whole new menu for PvP Tournament, next to Guild Tournaments, that shows two options either to create an own tournament or to view the already created ones, stating the level, amp, password restrictions, and showing the amount of players that already joined. There you could either join if there are free slots, or enter the Tournament to watch the action in the live fights. Grab your popcorn, and watch tourny and chill! You can also cheer for your favourite team! There could be a button available while inspecting fights, that lets the crowd around the battlefield cheer! -Official Tournaments: AIGRIND could annually organise their own "official" tournament, where a LOT of people can join, and HUUUUGE prizes could be set for the winner teams! That tournament also could be streamed by the developer-host! It'd definitely help increasing Warspear's population. The same rules apply here, but the difference is that in this one, there couldn't be tournaments for all amps and character levels, especially if there was big rewards, so instead of having different brackets, the team-making system changes here. The system picks high amp players and mixes them with lower ones to make the average amps in all teams almost equal. For character levels, there could be brackets, otherwise just high-level gameplay. That's it for now, I hope you like it. If you have any suggestion to add or any criticism to point out, let me know. Developer opinion is highly appreciated
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