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  1. дерево еще не накапливает стаки ключевого таланта «искусство исцеления» Video.Guru_20230919_085129829.mp4 @Dr Strange @Shimarin
  2. In the 11.4 update, we will get 3 different Talent Tree branches for each class, effectivelly creating "subclasses" for them. If you read the Preview post and got confused about which role will fit each branch, i will explain them. NOTE: This is not absolute truth, it's just a review based on my analysis. Chosen Paladin Retribution - Healer/Magical Damage Paladins of “Retribution” branch are both a reliable support for their allies and a fighting force that strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies. Holy Warrior - Tank/Physical Damage Seeing the shine of the armor of the “Holy Warrior” Paladin, any enemy realizes that he is facing a dangerous opponent. Raising his banner, the Paladin proudly resists any onslaught. Bastion of Faith - Tank/Support Steadfastly enduring the burden of frontline battles, Paladins of the “Bastion of Faith” branch will not abandon a weakened ally and become a reliable cover for him. Mage Pyromancy - Magical Damage By mastering the power of fire, “Pyromancy” Mages have become an unstoppable offensive force capable of crushing anyone Secret Magic - PvP Mages of the “Secret Magic” branch change reality to achieve their goals. Entering into battle with them, you should not believe your eyes. Geomancy - Balanced Offense and Defense Possessing a wide range of skills, the Mages of the “Geomancy” branch are universal combat units capable of both increasing their offensive potential and strengthening their defense. Priest Serving the Light - Support (Debuff Remover) Saving the lives of comrades is the main and only goal of the Priests of the “Service the Light” branch. Warriors who sacrifice themselves in battle can always be sure that the righteous light will illuminate their path forward. Inquisition - Magical Damage Righteous punishment with burning light will overtake the enemy, which will stand in the way of the Priests of the “Inquisition” branch. Sacred Fury - Magical Damage/Support (Additional Damage) In addition to helping the wounded, “Sacred Fury” Priests are able to enchant the blades of their brothers-in-arms with the withering power of righteous anger. Seeker Steel Storm - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) Like unstoppable wind flows, a flurry of cleaving blows from Seekers of the “Steel Storm” branch falls upon the enemy. Ruthlessness - Physical Damage (Bleeding) When fighting “Ruthless” Seekers, you need to be careful, otherwise you will get mortal wounds before you understand anything. Righteous Fury - Balanced Offense and Defense Seekers of the “Righteous Fury” specialization have high combat potential and excellent defense even when close to death. Templar Stronghold of Faith - Physical Damage/Tank Templars of the “Stronghold of Faith” specialization are not only able to survive in the harshest corners of Arinar, but also to repel the enemy. Keeper of Oaths - Support Experienced warriors say that they are alive only thanks to the Templars of the “Keeper of Oaths” specialization. They are able to heal even the most terrible wounds without losing combat effectiveness. Tactician - Mass PvP Templars of the “Tactician” specialization provide an unparalleled advantage on the battlefield, with skillful control of space and gravity. Firstborn Blade Dancer Dancer on the Wind - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) Like the claws of a wild beast, “Dancer on the Wind” Blade Dancers slashes through the armor and flesh of enemies in a ceaseless dance. Unrestrained Onslaught - Physical Damage (Skills) The Blade Dancers of the “Unrestrained Onslaught” specialization cut through the enemy formation with perfected maneuvers, not allowing the enemy to come to their senses. The assault power of forest warriors is almost impossible to stop. Featherlike Agility - PvP The reflexes of the Blade Dancers of the “Featherlike Agility” specialization trained over the years, made it possible to notice danger, and the skill of wielding blades to avoid it at any distance. Ranger Masterful Cannonade - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) “Masterful Cannonade” Rangers' movements are so smooth and precise that their lightning-fast shots leave enemies with no choice but to die. Massive Bombardment - Physical Damage (Skills) Rangers of the “Massive Bombardment” specialization rely on high-tech weapons in combat that can shoot far and quickly, dealing massive damage to enemies. Anomalous Elusiveness - PvP Unthinkable agility is in the hands of Rangers of the “Anomalous Elusiveness” specialization. The enemy does not really have time to aim and strike, as the agile elf is already standing behind him. Druid Forest Generosity - Healer/Support (Buffs) The elders of the Elven forests have strengthened the bonds of their people with the forests of Melvendil, deeply worshiping the power that dwells there. It was the Druids of the “Forest Generosity” specialization who had the honor of passing this power on to their brothers. Angered Spring - Summoner (Magical) Elven waters can both heal deadly diseases and be a formidable weapon in the hands of “Angered Spring” Druids. Discharged Sky - Healer/Magical Damage* Heaven is capable of both taking life away with raging hurricanes, and giving it away, washing the dry earth with moisture. Druids of the “Discharged Sky” specialization rule both states of the untamed firmament. *You could also think of it as PvP, due to the buff to Punitive Roots, Power of Water and "AoE" Lighting Bolt. Warden Unbridled Will - PvP Wardens of the “Unbridled Will” specialization are ordered to move only forward, steadfastly take the blow and protect their brothers even under the threat of death. Guardian's Axe - Physical Damage Wardens of the "Guardian's Axe" specialization have chosen the path of brute force, making it clear to the enemy that the elven measurement is easily replaced by a violent frenzy. Scorching Fury - Tank/Offense What is the wrath of the forests of Melvendil will learn elven enemies when faced with the Wardens of the specialization "Scorching Fury". Beastmaster Guardian Unity - Summoner (Hybrid) The spiritual balance between the elves and the forests of Melvendil was embodied in the harmony between the Beastmaster and the Moon, opening up new facets of the mastery of the “Unity of the Guardians" specialization. Dual Rage - Summoner (Physical) Not all Beastmasters use magic in battles with enemies, some of them are used to relying solely on brute force. The Beastmasters of “Dual Rage” specializations have devoted much of their time to melee battles and beast training, turning claws and blades into deadly weapons. Forest Inspiration - Magical Damage Incredible secrets are hidden in the most ordinary inhabitants of the forests. Thus, through the lotus flower under the moonlight and the flapping of the butterfly's wings, the most ancient wisdom is transmitted by the Beastmasters of the “Forest Inspiration” specialization. Mountain Clan Barbarian Defense - Tank Barbarians of the "Defense" branch have increased even more steel layers on their uniforms, which are able to more confidently hold back the onslaught of opponents and take a hit on themselves. Berserk - Damage When looking at Barbarians of the “Berserk” branch, you can only see bloodthirsty eyes and the gleam of a huge ax.You will not envy those who will meet with this fury in battle. Reinforcement - PvP The “Reinforcement” Barbarian is ready to fight side by side with his brothers in arms, covering them with his shield. And the piercing battle cry will sow panic in the heart of any enemy. Rogue Versatility - Physical Damage Rogues of the “Versatility” branch are able to be effective in any combat, using both basic attacks and deadly skills. It is the competent combination of all means of attack that allows you not to leave a chance to the enemy. Lethality - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) Enemies will face a relentless onslaught of fast attacks as they encounter “Lethality” Rogues on the battlefield. Few can resist a flurry of such dangerous blows. Liquidation - Physical Damage (Skills) Destroy the enemy quickly - the main task of the "Liquidation" branch. Combinations of the most powerful skills allow to inflict colossal damage to any enemy in a few seconds. Shaman Spiritual Patronage - Support As the eldest ancestor, the Shaman of the "Spiritual Patronage" branch is obliged to protect his brothers and pass on the secrets of amplifying magic to the next generation. Fury of the Skies - Magical Damage (Auto-Attacks) For thousands of years, the magicians of the clans took away all the sorrow and pain from the warriors, which no longer have a place in their hearts. Offenders will be struck with deafening thunder and lightning, feeling all the hatred of the Shamans of the “Fury of the Skies” branch. Occultism - Mass PvP The secret rites of “Occultism” Shamans have unlocked an ancient power that can cast spells on enemies and heal entire squads of allies. Hunter Skillful Shooting - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) There is no hiding from the attacks of Hunters of the “Skillful Shooting” branch - they always reach the target. Even the strongest armor will be broken, because with each new attack, the Hunter hits the most vulnerable places more accurately. Self-propelled Artillery - Physical Damage (Skills) The improved design of ranged weapons allows Hunters of the “Self-Propelled artillery” branch to continuously bombard enemies with powerful attacks, without letting them take a breath. Spirit of Ancestors - PvP For their long-standing adherence to the traditions of the ancient ancestors of the Mountain clans, warriors are rewarded with wisdom. Hunters of the "Spirit of ancestors" branch are capable of using ritual magic that purifies their body and suppresses the will to live in their enemies. Chieftain Rat Horde - Physical Damage It took a lot of training to tame such cunning creatures. Now the Chieftains of the "Rat Horde" branch are able to unleash a ferocious fanged malice on enemies. Eagle's Nature - Hybrid Damage Like eagles soaring overhead, the “Eagle's Nature” Chieftains inspire hopelessness in the hearts of enemies. You can’t hide from them and you just have to wait until the red veil obscures your eyes. Puma Agility - Magical Damage Even looking into the void, the enemy will always find the eyes of a predator there. Not fangs and claws, but the tip of the weapon will be the main danger to the enemy, which has become a target for the Chieftains of the "Puma Agility" branch. Forsaken Death Knight Death Face - Magical Damage Death Knights of the “Death Face” branch have one single order - to burn to the ground all opponents of the Legion with a dark flame. Dark Fortitude - Tank Death Knights of the "Dark Fortitude" branch are able to confidently hold back the onslaught of the enemy - the real advanced power of the dark forces. Vampire Essence - Hybrid Damage/Balanced Offense and Defense (Vampirism) Death Knights of the “Vampiric Essence” branch gained power in absorbing the life force of the enemy. These warriors of the Legion are ready to arrange a bloody feast time after time. Warlock Occult Spell - Magical Damage (Energy) Countless rites and offerings to the dark forces opened up a new round of black magic for the Warlocks of the “Occult Spell” branch. Inevitability of Darkness - PvP Above the heads of the Warlocks of the “Inevitable of Darkness” branch, the darkness thickens with renewed power, plunging the hearts of enemies into the inevitability of death. Two-Faced Filth - Mass PvP/Balanced Offense and Defense Warlocks of the "Two-Faced Filth" branch have fully mastered the power of chaos and learned how to use it both against enemies and for the benefit of the Legion army. Necromancer Breathless Patronage - Magical Damage/Support (Additional Damage) Necromancers of the "Breathless Patronage" branch have gained unprecedented magical power, which they use to increase the combat potential of the Legion's warriors. Life After Death - Summoner (Magical) The earth-shaking tread of the inanimate Legion will unquestioningly destroy all enemies, because thanks to the Necromancers of the “Life After Death” branch, the fallen enemies will certainly serve the dark forces. Frozen Heart - Healer/Mass PvP Powerful “Frozen Heart” Necromancers are capable of both awakening life and stopping it. No matter how strong the will, the cold enveloping the soul will not spare anyone. Charmer Triforce - Summoner (Hybrid)/Balanced Offense and Defense Demonic ties firmly bind the “Triforce” Charmer to his Dark Wolf and Night Bird subjects. Only side by side, these fiends of the underworld with their master will be able to unlock the potential of the dark magic of summoning. Ferocious Horde - Summoner (Physical) “Ferocious Horde” Charmers prioritized the enraged strength of the pack of wolves, leaving behind only the gnawed remains of their fallen enemies. Fiend of Darkness - Summoner (Magical)/Healer Demonic knowledge and power over the most dangerous monsters of the underworld have opened a new path for Charmers of the "Fiend of darkness" branch. All this power will certainly be brought down on enemies. Reaper Demonism - Physical Damage (Auto-Attacks) The embodiment of a demonic essence is not always a complete transformation into a dangerous monster. “Demonism” Reapers draw a different kind of power from the sources of chaos, becoming no less dangerous to their enemies. Infernal Hunger - Hate Generation The insane pursuit of victims will destroy everything in its path. After all, it is impossible for the Reapers of the “Infernal Hunger” branch to quench the thirst for hatred even with the suffering of thousands of souls. Abyss Watch - PvP Higher demonic forces are not destined to set foot on the lands of Arinar, so they implement their plans through their adherents - Reapers of the “Abyss Watch” branch. All the forces of chaos will be directed to protect the adherents of the higher will.
  3. "Bonds of Life", a talent of the "Demonic Pact" that binds the chatmer to the Wolves of Darkness, with a hitherto unnecessary increase in redirected damage. One of the problems of the "Bonds of life" talent is its 300% multiplier, which ends up almost completely destroying the charmer's minions without even needing effective area damage, nor needing to attack the minions to be able to kill them quickly . The following is an example of damage redirected to the dog, being 13% increased by 300%: 500 = 195 600 = 234 700 = 273 800 = 312 900 = 351 1000 = 390 1100 = 429 1200 = 468 1300 = 507 1400 = 546 1500 = 585 1600 = 624 1700 = 663 1800 = 702 The numbers shown are the damage received by the dog with this talent active, this amount is divided by the number of wolves in the location. What I want, and probably other charmer too, is the removal of the 300% increase, with the amount of damage present in the arena mainly it is very difficult to keep the limit dr wolves alive on the field.
  4. There's a lot of diversity in games now, and that's great. There are a lot of talents to add to the character's stats, but this leads to a lot of novice players missing out on these knowledge points by missing out on the activities, and eventually these novice players will leave the game after experiencing the difficulty of the game. In contrast, on Ayvondil's t3, t4 and t5, many people still do daily tasks even though their t3, t4 and t5 reputations are full. Here I suggest adding an NPC to t3, t4, and t5 when there is no activity. Their function is to convert the player's reputation from t3 to 5 into knowledge points for learning ability in proportion. I hope you can take my advice and make it easier for more and more players to play games. This will make the game more dynamic.
  5. First of all yeah don't talk about the op passive one I know, it needs a nerf or an adjustment. Now I want to talk about changing the "lifesteal" talent skill, as it is completely useless as no one uses that skill and it needs combination with other skills ( which you don't use anyway ) . My suggestion was to put a talent connected with either "Sun Power" or "Attack Instinct" or "Exhaustive Blow" I'm not a developer so I don't know which "improvement" could be made with each one of these skills ; but still it feels like they would be a better "talent" instead of the useless lifesteal one
  6. Good morning, I was wondering if it was possible to know the "period of time" when we will have the knowledge cost discount for talents as for new players or "coming-back" players could help a lot. I didn't know where to ask this as it is really not sure when they will actually do these discounts. PS : I only know that there is a discount during anniversary and I was wondering if there were other dates of talent discounts.
  7. Tiny introduction : I haven't played since probably around 9.4 or something like that ; I just joined sometimes to get rewards and check new things... I want to talk about the new block of 3 talents ( for me seeker ones ) : when I came back I found that big boost of knowledge from lvl up update and I was kinda excited and started to play again a bit and decided after some reading to upgrade the talent "Remaining Acceleration" , only to find out about the new block of 3 talents , especially the " Inner rage talent one ( the less dmg received ecc... ) which was better. First of all I want to say that after getting informations and reading skills description I need an answer to this : Is the skill intended to give 40% strenght boost or is it just a bug ? Because it doesn't say anywhere about getting a big boost with Inner rage skill thing. Second thing : I wanted to make a suggestion about getting a "reset talents" way as for skill points. Taking the example of myself , I wasted, for a bad skill description , 42k knowledge on a skill upgrade , which otherwise would have helped me a lot reach the new talents faster ; as you know you need to unlock both sides with a skill point + 63k as the talent cost. You need to count about talents discount week ecc... for the refund process, but I think that could be a good way to help people that come back like me or new players to "find a solution" to a wrong take. Thank you for your time, have a great day :D
  8. This post was made thinking about players between the levels of 12 - 20, but these changes would benefit players from every level. I think there are some problems while leveling up, so i'll talk about them and give my opinion about it. Talents No, there is nothing wrong with talents, the actual problem is how to get them. The first talent in the tree needs 1500 Knowledge points and 750 Gold to level up. The thing is: Knowledge is relatively easy to get (with the 11.0 update, characters get 10.000 points every 5 levels) and we only use it for developing talents anyway, so there are no problems with them requiring a lot of Knowledge. However, we use Gold for a lot of other things: Buying Expert Skills (which i'll talk about later in this post), buying, amplifying or repairing equipment, buying relics, and even in a single quest from Nadir-Sard. Besides that, there are Ship Graveyard talents too that also need gold to level up. It wouldn't be a problem, considering it is an endgame content, but... Class Talents also ended up being endgame content too. New players can't spend that much money in talents to get 0.75% of Penetration, they need to focus on other things which i listed above and i won't repeat. Suggestion: Make the class talents gold-free. It would make them a less pay-to-win content and open them to every player that is willing to farm Knowledge points by completing quests and dungeons. That change would also let the players control their gold better to use it with other things, like Expert Skills, better equipments or Ship Graveyard talents. To compensate for that, increase the Knowledge cost of every single class talent. It wouldn't be that bad, since as i said before, Knowledge is kinda easy to get. Expert Skills It was acceptable that expert skills costed 40.000 gold 8 years ago, in 2014, when it was an endgame content and there was only 1 available to each class (and there were only 12 classes at that time). Now it's 2022, we have 20 classes and each one has almost 10 expert skills. And they're definitely NOT endgame content. I'd say they are as basic as the 5 skills you start with. I know you can get a lot of gold with quests from Ayvondill, but what about a new player with its first character? Imagine reaching level 18 and needing more gold than you ever had just to buy a skill? Everybody knows the 1st expert skill of a character gives a power spike, but there are no ways to effectively farm gold before level 18-20. Suggestion: It is about time that expert skills got a cost reduction. Of course you would only need 3 or 4 of them, but that's still more than 100K gold. Maybe 30.000 for each one is already good enough. However, some people may not like it. As i said before, the 1st expert skill gives a power spike, and after lv 24-25, you can complete T3 and T4 quests to get a considerable amount of gold. So since you can buy them for miracle coins now, i'd make something like the 1st bag expansion of a character. The 1st expert skill of a character would cost 1 or even 0 miracle coins. Just give it for free, bro. New players need it. Conclusion With everything that was said, i hope you understand my point. Honestly, i don't think the cost of expert skills is a problem that big, but it still could be optimized. However, the cost of talents are a problem. You either focus on expert skills, talents or equipments, you cannot gather gold for more than 1 at a time (sometimes you can't afford neither of the three). I hope you understood my point of view, and if there is something you don't agree with, i would like to know.
  9. O talento que influência na habilidade "luz celestial" do paladino que deveria curar os aliados próximos do alvo que foi selecionado não está curando os aliados, apenas aparece o efeito visual sem a cura, antes funcionava mas pelo visto depois da atualização ficou com esse bug, espero que corrijam, observem que no vídeo só apresenta a cura da regeneração de vida do personagem, mas ele não é curado pela habilidade Gravar_2022_09_11_22_25_21_397.mp4
  10. the talent system is still far from over, and with that in mind I thought of some future talents for the charmer's specialist skills. Otherworldly Blessing Dark Echo - When using the "Otherworldly Blessing" creates a healing wave that restores health to allies within 2 meters. Healing value - 15% of the character's magic power and 10% of the physical strength. If the skill is used on an ally, two waves of healing will be done, one on the spell caster and one on the target that received the skill. Maximum number of PvP targets = 5 Otherworldly Fire Eternal Flames - Two additional waves are added to skill repetition, each wave has reduced efficiency by 50% of the skill's original value. Eye of the Darkness Shadow Vigilance - Additionally the Eye of the Darkness skill puts an effect for 10s on the ally, this effect reduces the damage taken from the next 3 direct attacks against the character by 35%. Stone Curse Persistent Curse - After the skill's effect ends, a debuff is applied to the enemy for 3s. This debuff reduces damage dealt by him by 35%, movement speed by 30%, attack speed by 30%, and increases damage taken by him by 10%. Summoner Skill Master Summoner - When using the skill, all your monsters summoned by the skill "Call" that are in the area jump on the enemy, the jump does no damage. Only monsters that are 2 meters or more from the enemy perform this jump. Help of Chaos Chaosflight - "Help of Chaos" summons 3 birds, each bird deals damage and healing equal to 35% of the skill's total strength. I hope to see more and more talents that really improve their skills and be competitive choices in various game content.
  11. Sea Talents Guide Sea talents play an important part on character’s strength when it comes to underwater gameplay. Underwater talent can be upgraded by using mermen reputation and gold. I hope this guide can help people have a better understanding on how to earn mermen reputation and upgrade talent more efficiently. First of all, you need to collect “Mermen of the Depths” reputation to be able to upgrade talents. You can get Mermen reputation by completing quests, dungeons, dynamic quests, raid bosses, Descent to the Grotto, GvG events, Battle Pass rewards, Spring NPC and daily log in rewards Before starting “how to get mermen reputation” part there are 2 things that will increase the amount of mermen reputation you get: 1- Elixir of Mermen Reputation Elixir of Mermen Reputation will increase the amount of reputation you get by 50% for 6 hours. You can get this pot from “Cache of the Ship Graveyard” available in miracle coins shop. 2- Reverence of Mermen Reverence of Mermen is a “Sea Turtle” castle skill. To be able to use this, your guild must own the Sea Turtle Castle. Skill costs Skill will increase the amount of mermen reputation by 30% for all guild members for 2 hours. Quests You can find quests that give mermen reputation at “Trade Island” map. Quests of Manelad 1. Boss killing Quests Return of Levadis Bloody Return of the Old Inker Return of the Drowned Admiral 2. Mini-Boss Killing Quests Sea Witch’s Minions: Shaman of the Depths Sea Witch’s Minions: Relic Lobster Sea Witch's Minions: The Bloody Priest Sea Witch's Minions: Nightmare Anglerfish Sea Witch's Minions: The Sea Devil 3. Bait Quests Sneaky Trick: Peltast of the Red Devils Sneaky Trick: Pontifex of the Red Devils Sneaky Trick: Gastat of the Red Devils Sneaky Trick: Phalangite of The Red Devils Sneaky Trick: Oracle of the Red Devils Sneaky Trick: Hierphant of the Red Devils Sneaky Trick:: Mystic of the Red Devils Sneaky Trick:: Hoplite of the Red Devils 4. Mob-Killing Quests Twilight Filth: Needle-toothed Drowners Twilight Filth: Beam-eyed Anglerfish Twilight Filth: Snouty Snatchers Twilight Filth: Clawcutters 5. Other Quests Mermen Relic Silver Nautilus Prisoners of the Iron Shells Golden Nautilus Symphony of the Twilight Dpeths Trapped Quests of Calissa Sacred Tridents Legionnaires’ Sacrilege (for elf side) / Sentinels' Sacrilege (For MC side) Dungeons You can get mermen reputation by completing Sea Tramps’ Lair dungeons. Maximum amount of reputation you can receive in a day is 600. Dynamic Quests 1. Blowfish Monster 2. Infamy of the White Shark 3. Airless Frigate 4. Merchants’ Treasures 5. Will of the Swashbuckler of the Deep 6. Oath of the Crimson Waters Raid Bosses There are 2 underwater raid bosses: Captain Giant Octopus and Orcinus. Each boss gives 100 mermen reputation to each player on the location when it dies. Captain Giant Octopus 2. Orcinus Descent to the Grotto Available to activate after 16 hours the event is finished GvG Events Invasion of Chaos Invasion of Chaos event takes place 2 days in a week (1 day during special events such as Horror, Spring, Snow events) and top 10 guilds’ players who participated in the eventreceive a certain amount of mermen reputation. Mermen Trials Mermen Trials event take place 2 days in a week. Mermen Trials event consist of 2 stages if you can defeat your opponent in first stage you will be able to participate in the second stage. Daily Log-in Rewards Warspear give rewards every day for player who log in to the game including mermen reputation. Daily log in reward renews every 20 days. You can receive 500 mermen reputation 4 times in 20 days (1st day, 6th day, 11th day and 16th day log in rewards.) Spring NPC Every year at spring, after reaching 15.000 spring reputation, game offers you a chance to convert these reputations to different reputations in the game such as mermen reputation. After reaching 15000 spring reputation you can convert 400 spring reputation to 200 mermen reputation. Battle Pass Rewards Every season Battle Pass brings unique rewards for players. These rewards also include mermen reputation. You can receive your reward by completing task on the battle pass panel. HOW TO UPGRADE TALENTS EFFICIENTLY There are 36 unique sea talents that will help you to get stronger than ever in underwater territory. These talents will cost you 782.000 mermen reputation and 1.564.000 golds at total. So, it is important for you to know which talents you should upgrade first and which talents you do not need in the short term. Calm Swimming Writer opinion: Recommended to level up to 4/4 level for each class as soon as possible. Underwater Protection Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes to upgrade. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Breathing Technique Writer opinion: Recommended to upgrade 4/4 level for each class as soon as possible. Survivability of I Degree Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes to upgrade. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Preventing Bleeding Writer opinion: 1/3 level will be enough for each class. You can upgrade this talent after upgrading more important talents for your class. Restoring the Breathing Writer opinion: If you like to farm underwater mobs it is recommended to upgrade to level 4 but if you only doing quests and other short-term stuff it is recommended to leave at level 1. Dodging tactics Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes to upgrade. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Swimming Technique Writer opinion: 1/3 level is recommended for each class. You can upgrade this talent after upgrading more important talents for your class. Survivability of II Degree Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Preventing Poisoning Writer opinion: 1/3 level is recommended for each class. You can upgrade this talent after upgrading more important talents for your class. High-Speed Ascent Writer opinion: Recommended for GvG events, especially Mermen Trials. Wasting your oxygen level until 1 unit can help you win the crown race at 1st stage of Mermen Trials. Joint Immersion Writer opinion: 1/3 level is recommended for each class. You can upgrade this talent after upgrading more important talents for your class. Long-Lasting Defense Writer opinion: Recommended to every class. Also, it can be levelled up to only 1 level and you need to level it up before upgrading some of the other talents. Survivability of III Degree Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Preventing Hydrophobia Writer opinion: Recommended to upgrade 3/3 level for each class. Hydrophobia is one of the most annoying and challenging debuff in underwater territory. It will help you in many situations. Bodycheck Writer opinion: Recommended for dps classes. Tank and support classes can upgrade this talent later Underwater Attack Writer opinion: Recommended for dps classes. Tank and support classes can upgrade to level 1 until upgrade other talents. Deadly Attack Writer opinion: 1/3 level recommended for dps classes in order to activate “Punch Attack” talent. There are not many scenarios where you can be in battle with 5 or more monsters, so it is recommended to upgrade 3/3 level after upgrading other talents. Tank and support classes can upgrade other talents before upgrading this talent. Survivability of IV Degree Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Preventing Stun Writer opinion: Recommended to upgrade 3/3 level. It is one of the best talents to have in underwater. Punch Attack Writer opinion: Only recommended to dps classes to upgrade level 1/3. As in “Deadly Attack” talent there are not many scenarios where you can be in battle with 5 or more monsters, so it is recommended to upgrade 3/3 level after upgrading other talents. You can upgrade this talent after you upgrade most useful talents for your class. Energy Saturation Writer opinion: Recommended to upgrade level 3/3 for tank classes and 2/3 for dps and support classes until upgradeother talents. Hardening of Bleeding Writer opinion: Recommended for dps classes to upgrade to level 3/3. Tank and support classes can upgrade this talent after upgrading more important talents for their classes. Getting Rid of Bleeding Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes to upgrade to level 3/3. 1/3 level for will be enough for dps and supports classes until upgrading more important talents. Lung Training Writer opinion: Recommended to farmers who farms underwater bosses and mobs. Exceptional Healing Writer opinion: Recommended to each class. Also, you have to upgrade this talent to be able to upgrade other talents. Hardening of Poisoning Writer opinion: Recommended for dps classes to upgrade to level 3/3. Tank and support classes can upgrade this talent after upgrading more important talents for their classes. Getting Rid of Poisoning Writer opinion: Recommended for tank classes to upgrade to level 3/3. 1/3 level for will be enough for dps and supports classes until upgrading more important talents. Adaptability Writer opinion: Recommended to upgrade for each class. Exceptional Defence Writer opinion: Recommended to each class. Also, you have to upgrade this talent to be able to upgrade other talents. Hardening of Hydrophobia Writer opinion: Recommended to tank classes. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Getting Rid of Hydrophobia Writer opinion: Recommended to each class. Hydrophobia is one of the most annoying and challenging debuff in underwater territory. It will help you in many situations. Long Standoff Writer opinion: Recommended to dps and support classes. Tank classes can level up this talent after upgrading other talents. Exceptional Attack Writer opinion: Recommended to each class. Also, you have to upgrade talent to be able to upgrade other talents. Hardening of Stun Writer opinion: Recommended to tank classes. Non-tank classes can upgrade to level 1 until they upgrade other talents. Getting Rid of Stun Writer opinion: Recommended to each class. Stun debuff is one of the most challenging debuff in underwater territory. Removing and ignoring the stun debuff will provide you great advantage against monsters. DO NOT FORGET!! Even though you have enough amount of mermen reputation to upgrade a talent there are still some things you should consider. Mermen Sanctuary Dungeon: To be able to enter Mermen Sanctuary Dungean you MUST have 5000 mermen reputation. Underwater Speed: As well as some sea talents, Mermen reputation also gives you underwater speed at some milestones Under 5000 mermen reputation: 60% of normal speed 5000 mermen reputation: 70% of normal speed 15000 mermen reputation: 80% of normal speed 35000 mermen reputation: 100% of normal speed Maximum Oxygen Units: As in speed, number of oxygen units also changes depending on your mermen reputation 5000 mermen reputation: 15 maximum oxygen units 10000 mermen reputation: 17 maximum oxygen units 15000 mermen reputation: 19 maximum oxygen units 35000 mermen reputation: 22 maximum oxygen units
  12. Many quests in the game involve gathering objects (like plants and looting bags), and for each one it takes the same amount of time to harvest, regardless of how many times you have harvested it before. Since this system is featured in many quests I feel like it should be revamped. My suggestion would build off the talents system by adding a talent that can be used on every island (contrast to the current talent system.) Training the gathering talent would be simple: gather objects to gain experience to level up the talent (Gathering stuff in higher level areas give more exp). The perks to leveling up the gathering talent include: -The ability to gather stuff faster -The ability to get some unique items from gathering (Possibly trinkets that can be sold for gold or basic craft resources.) -When the gathering talent is maxed, you can gather stuff while in a fight (Makes gathering a lot less annoying.) I think this will benefit the game in a positive way because it will give people a slightly larger variety of activities they can do aside from questing, PvM, and PvP.
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