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Found 4 results

  1. The idea here is to add a curse system to equipment and weapons (it's inspired from Pixel Dungeon, a little RPG). Mechanic A cursed item isn't movable from equipment slot if you equip it, and it has a bad bonus (like -10% of accuracy for a weapon, and less defense for armors (it will be writed in red)...). New items This system includes new items : a scroll of curse removing (remove a curse on an item), and an identify scroll (identify if item is cursed). The first one is cheap (very), and the second one is not. Chance to get a cursed item The chance of getting a cursed item is high if you get it from a dungeon or a monster, low for merchants. For market, you can sell a cursed item (but its less cheap), an uncursed item will be cheaper. Description of cursed/uncursed item When you read item description, it will be writed "???" (don't know if item is cursed), "cursed" (if item is cursed) and nothing if item have no curse. Exemples of curses The basics : less accuracy, defense, attack... Others : can't add runes or crystals on item, low chance to get randomly teleported (on weapons only)... Horrible : unable to use a skill, less chance to get good stuff... I think you have many ideas to purpose... Hope you enjoyed read this ! Imagine it get realised !!!
  2. Good day to y'all, I like crafting but i hate it that it is so bad organized. Here are some tips to make crafter funner and user friendlier: - When crafting resources let people choose the item they want to craft and How many times they want to craft it. This way the player doesnt have to scroll everytime down to craft the same thing (for example) 5 times. So something like this: When you click on the item u want to craft a button appears that says: "How many times u want to craft this X" - And u choose how many u want to craft of X item. - Next, the whole menu is scrolling and scrolling, u really have to look very closely to find the level of what item u want to craft. Cant this be easily solve by making a list like for example: " ...... Level 11 Craft item 1 --- Craft item 2 --- Craft item 3 --- etc. ....... Level 12 Craft item 1 --- Craft item 2 etc. ...... " What do you guys think of this proposal? Let me know. And Gm please do something to make crafting more fun. Thanks.
  3. How about a premium subscription time, where you pay an amount per month and who signs have access to extra, exclusive content and some bonuses. A system similar to Tibia, for example.
  4. Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Then you probably know the "LFD" (Looking For Dungeon) system. It basically works in the same way as the arena queue here; collects people awaiting for the same level dungeon. Now. We'd need something similar in Warspear Online too. I'm personally pretty tired of searching people for dungeons by crying out in World Chat for hours. Let's develop a system, where people can see if there is someone else searching for a party for the same dungeon. Example: I want to make a party for heroic Termitary. I go to Menu>Society>Dungeons, and see if there is a request for that level dungeon. If not, then I click Menu>Create new request, where I can set that I want players for heroic TT, what level and what class players I want. I click "Send", and my request for a party will be available for anyone. Now. If there is a player who fits the requirements, can click on my request. Let's say he's a necromancer. I will be informed by system that someone wants to join me, I can decide if I want or not. If I accept, the player will join my party. Inmediately, the slot for necromancer will be marked as full, so now necromancers can see that I don't need more of 'em. If the party gets full, the request gets marked as full, but it stays among the requests until the party enters a dungeon this is for the case if one of the members leave or get kicked, so it is not necessary to re-create the request. See? It is a pretty convinient feature that makes dungeoning better and easier. I have created a little program in C++ language that simulates this. Not too diffucult method. So? What do you think?
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