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Found 1 result

  1. So, Lately i was thinking about a plan how to kill the dreaded swamp slug. Lets begin: The Swamp Slug has 1000000hp, and (!) deals 10000 raw damage. Without armor. The 10000 dmg can be reduced, if you have armor, and as people are getting over 12000 and more if Amp and stuff is correct, you would be able to reduce 10000dmg to just 4000. While 4300 or 4200hp is seen(sometimes) around. So one hit of ss is theoreticly tankable. One hit. So you need(elf side): Priests who insta heal you and give shield (around 15 -20 priests for constant instaheal) Druids for constant barkskin buff in order to enhance the tanks armor, and secret link for heal, as well as a little help with the slow heal As many damagers as you want A Pala or a BD who is rich and crazy enough to amp every single armor piece batshit high(Pala prefered because of shield) Or (MC side): Basicly same thing, loads of necros Shamans for earth buff and earth heal As many damagers as you want, Locks can stun that beast if neccecary and lucky A DK or a Barb with same crazyness as pala and bd IMPORTANT: The tank must have constant aggro. If the slug chooses another one, 1. He is dead 2. Tank should take aggro immidiately. Also, dont panic, 4000 dmg is alot but priests and necro should do their job right. It will probalbly take around 5-6 hours or, with success full damagers, only 1-2 hours Does this sound like a good plan? And will swamp slug get buffed if this really works? Besides a question for GMs, What does Swamp Slug drop?
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