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  1. Currently the skill has many issues mostly coming from it being locked behind spesific builds and setup times that ruin any chances for templars to be proper damagers in pve spesificly. The current skill needs more mixed damage instead of locking half of the skill for spesific builds, the current talent Furious Protector is also in need of some changes as this talent locks templars even further in theyr build choices. Changes: Particle of Life: An attack that deals physical or magical damage to the enemy in the amount of P% of the character's physical or magical strength and summons a monster to the enemy for T sec. The monster deals physical or magical damage to the enemy in the amount of D units and A% of the character's physical or magical power. The damage chosen for this skill is based on the weapon the character is using, Physical damage if the character is using a mace and magical damage if the character is using a staff. The values of the skill would need to be changed a bit depending on the damage type, but this would allow templars more freedom of choice in theyr build while also not losing the use of half of the skill. Changes: Furious Protector Now the "Particle of Life" skill summons two monsters to the enemy (max 2 in the area at the same time) , and the range of its attack is increased by 2 yards. Instant skill damage reduced by 100%. The lifetime of the summoned monsters is reduced by 40%. The maximum health of the summoned monsters has been reduced by 15%. This change would help templars get a more consistant dps instead of being forced to wait the super long cooldown of the skill, this would also help with templars being forced into going full physical if they go to the "stronghold of fait" talent branch. Every other summoner type class has a way of getting more than 1 summon at the start of theyr skill trough talents. Templar alone is stuck getting only 1 of them so i think it would be fair to let templars do this too. Changes: Particle of Life +: Increases skill strength gain from character's physical damage by 5% and skill strength from character's magical damage by 5%. This should also be applied to both damages from the "particle of life skill" as it currently only gives physical damage to instant damage and magic damage to the minion damage (with the new change idea i have here" Templars are generally weak compared to every other class in the game, id even say theyr the weakest pve class currently in the game out of all the "damage" classes. Most low damage classes have a lot of healing or other support skills that they have instead of just damage so it makes up for theyr own low damage but templar has no pve support skills so they are stuck being full damagers for pve and not getting even close to any other damage class in terms of dmg. These changes to the Particle of Life skill and its talents would give templars a easier time keeping up with other damage classes. (Templars pve problems are so bad that people dont even build pve sets on them currently, since theres no point when a +8 of any other damage class can outdmg a +10 templar as long as that +8 class has talents. Current templar basicly has no pve talents to speak of so they are left very far behind every other class) Theres no real problems with this talent but it would be nice to see it changed into something that affects templars minion skill too since its in the "minion" branch, Every other class that has these types of minion skills have a whole branch fully dedicated to theyr minion skill while templars one is just 1 talent.
  2. Now that were nearing our yearly balance patch i would like to give out my ideas on changes i would like to see for templars. These are mostly focused on adding more benefits on templars pve and also allowing templar to be a "mixed damager" more efficiently as they are templars weak points. Current whirlwind of repentance: An attack that deals physical damage to all enemies in the amount of 20/40/60/80/100 units and 85%/95%/105%/115%/125% of the character's physical strength within 2 yards of the character and applies the Quicksand debuff to them with a 40%/50%/60%/70%/80% chance of success for 3/4/5/6/7 sec. The buff reduces the speed of movement of opponents by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%. When the skill is developed to level four or higher, the buff also reduces the opponents' Accuracy parameter by 17%/20%. The maximum number of player targets - 3/3/4/5/6, the number of monster targets - 6/8/10/12/14. As the skill develops, skill damage, chance of application, strength and effect duration of the buff, as well as the number of targets, increase. Changed: An attack that deals physical damage to all enemies in the amount of 20/40/60/80/100 units and 85%/95%/105%/115%/125% of the character's physical strength within 2 yards of the character and applies the Quicksand debuff to them with a 45%/55%/65%/85%/100% chance of success for 3/4/5/6/7 sec. The buff reduces the speed of movement of opponents by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%. When the skill is developed to level four or higher, the buff also reduces the opponents' Accuracy parameter by 17%/20%. The maximum number of player targets - 3/3/4/5/6, the number of monster targets - 6/8/10/12/14. As the skill develops, skill damage, chance of application, strength and effect duration of the buff, as well as the number of targets, increase. Current Force inversion talent (Tactician branch) Now the effect of the skill "Reverse Flow" moves enemies to the center of the vortex zone. Periodicity of skill trigger increased by 15%. Changed: Now the effect of the skill "Reverse Flow" moves enemies to the center of the vortex zone. Periodicity of skill trigger increased by 15%. Increases the cooldown of "Reverse Flow" by 4 seconds. Current grace: Increases physical and magical strength of the character by 10%/13%/15%/18%/22% for 22/24/26/28/30 sec. As the skill develops, the power of the effect and its duration also increase. Changed: Increases physical and magical strength of the character by 10%/13%/15%/18%/22% and skill critical damage strength by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% for 22/24/26/28/30 sec, When the skill is developed to level five the skill also increases the value of the skill critical damage of the members of the characters group by 10%. As the skill develops, the power of the effect and its duration also increase. Current touch of truth: Creates a suppression zone around the character or ally that expands during 2 sec. After reaching the maximum size, the zone disappears and blocks the ability to use skills for all opponents who are inside of it for 4/5/6/7 sec. The maximum number of player targets - 3/4/5/6, the number of monster targets is unlimited. As the skill develops, the effect duration and the number of player targets increase. Changed: Creates a suppression zone around the character, ally or enemy that expands during 2 sec. After reaching the maximum size, the zone disappears and blocks the ability to use skills for all opponents who are inside of it for 4/5/6/7 sec. The maximum number of player targets - 3/4/5/6, the number of monster targets is unlimited. As the skill develops, the effect duration and the number of player targets increase. Insight into the Truth (key talent): The effect of the "A Touch of Truth" skill is triggered instantly. The duration of the negative effect is reduced by 1.5 sec. Changed: The effect of the "A Touch of Truth" skill is triggered instantly. (make it actualy trigger instantly instead of triggering after 1 second) Current onslaught: Moves the character to the enemy from a distance of at least two yards and deals physical damage to them in the amount of 115%/125%/140%/155% from the physical power of the character and applies Deceleration debuff to the enemies within the radius of 2 yards from the target for 5/6/7/8 sec. The effect slows down the enemies' movement speed by 15%/20%/25%/30%. The maximum number of player targets - 3/4/5/6, the number of monster targets is unlimited. As the skill develops, the effect duration and strength, the skill damage and the number of player targets increase. Changed: Moves the character to the specified area and deals mixed damage to them in the amount of 40%/50%/60%/70% from the physical power of the character and 25%/35%/45%/55% from the magical power of the character then applies Deceleration debuff to the enemies within the radius of 1 yards from the area for 5/6/7/8 sec. The effect slows down the enemies' movement speed by 15%/20%/25%/30%. The maximum number of player targets - 3/4/5/6, the number of monster targets is 6/8/10/12/14. As the skill develops, the effect duration and strength, the skill damage and the number of player targets increase. Current particle of life: An attack that deals physical damage to the enemy in the amount of 120%/125%/135%/150% of the character's physical strength and summons a monster to the enemy for 13/16/23/28 sec. The monster deals magical damage to the enemy in the amount of 55/80/105/130 units and 65%/75%/85%/100% of the character's magical power. As the skill develops, skill damage, monster parameters and lifetime increase. Changed: An attack that deals mixed damage to the enemy in the amount of 120%/125%/135%/150% of the character's physical strength and 20%/30%/40%/50% of the character's magical strength then summons a monster to the enemy for 13/16/23/28 sec. The monster deals mixed damage to the enemy in the amount of 55/80/105/130 units and 65%/75%/85%/100% of the character's magical power and 15%/25%/35%/45% of the character's physical power. As the skill develops, skill damage, monster parameters and lifetime increase. Current Furious protector talent (Stronghold of faith branch) Now the damage of the monster summoned by the "Particle of Life" skill is calculated from the physical strength of the character, and the range of its attack is increased by 2 yards. Instant skill damage reduced by 50%. Changed: Now the damage of the monster summoned by the "Particle of Life" skill is calculated from the physical strength of the character, and the range of its attack is increased by 2 yards, the critical damage of the monster is also increased by 30%. Instant skill damage reduced by 50%. Current forbidden trick: An attack that deals physical damage to an enemy in the amount of 150%/165%/180%/200% of the character's physical power, moves the enemy 3 yards behind the character's back, and applies the Stun debuff for 2/2/3/4 sec. As the skill develops, the skill damage and effect duration increase. Changed: An attack that deals mixed damage to an enemy in the amount of 150%/165%/180%/200% of the character's physical power and 50%/65%/80%/100% of the characters magical power, moves the enemy 3 yards behind the character's back, and applies the Stun debuff for 2/2/3/4 sec. As the skill develops, the skill damage and effect duration increase. For the current deity statue i just want to see a better priority system, for example always give first priority to the templar and theyr party members instead of it being fully random on who gets the buff. Branded by the Sun, I have a whole post about this skill HERE.
  3. Ay ROGUES. STAND UP AGAIN. THE POWER OF THE THIEF, THE CLASS THAT PAVED THE WAY OF MC, IS FOREVER IN US. HOORAHHH To whoever see this. Whose idea was it to change Absolute Reflex. I know for a fact, every rogue in this game can agree, it is a waste of a skill. Developers hear us out. That skill was prime before that one update, that decided to nerf it. What did you see, that came to the decision to nerf it. There has been many rogues that agreed on one thing. The duration of the skill, after a successful dodge, isn’t long enough. On our soul, we do not see the effect of the skill because as soon as it is activated, it seems like it was never on(mind you the adrenaline in a fight be surging, so time moves a little slow sometimes). I had the skill maxed out because I was a “dodge rogue”, and got rid of it because I didn’t see any use of it in attack speed or dodge. Please help fix this skill. Sinister strike may be broken. Before the update it was a defense debuff skill. And BOII did it do its job. Now devs chose to do something that became another nothing as well. I recorded myself using the skill and explaining how it had no other purpose than it being another skill in the combo hit. It says the skill is supposed to give off an effect, none of us rogues are seeing. ROGUES IF YOU AGREE. COMMENT “HOORAHH”. THE POWER OF MANY IS BETTER THAN ONE.
  4. I've been having trouble trying to figure out how much my drops cost, for example the other day I dropped a Dagger of Technopolis Guards, but I cannot figure out how much it's worth. I asked around but nobody knows what it's worth. I think there should be a thread specifically for item price (how much they're worth), in the game. And if there is a thread, where is it located?
  5. I'm using Google translator, hope you can understand me :) I've been playing warspear for 6 years, and one thing I see that could improve in this next update is how fast a player can level up. The game is great, but it gets boring at times because you can only earn XP with quests. It would be great if the developers did something for players to be able to level up and reach level 32 faster! So we could enjoy and enjoy the game better and also create more characters of different classes. Sometimes we get stuck on a character in the game because we know it takes a long time to develop a class 32. Many players work and study so you can't have that much time. another idea I saw on a player's channel called stressadows, would be to put the XP pots and the 100%/150% GUILD pots together instead of replacing each other. I can't play another game and find an awesome game in the same way as warspear, but please listen to the players. I'm a fan of the game! :) One thing I also noticed is that you could renew DROPS from old dungeons. Kronus is mostly forgotten and Kronus' dungeon armor is outdated. I think Kronus' armor is very beautiful but I can't use it because the game is already at level 32 and Kronus' armor is 22. The game has evolved but forgot to renew some DROPS from these Boss and from older dungeons in the game. I don't know if you will create the 2 classes that are still missing in the game. I see a lot of players talking about this globally. But I think the game's weapons are already sickening too.. It would be great if in this update both magic and physical classes could use new weapons. The magic classes in warspear only use staves. :( There are many other games where magic classes use books and orbs as weapons in addition to staves. I don't know if the new class of elves will be a bard, but I think bards use violas and musical instruments, and I see that in warspear it's always the same weapons and armor. It would be great if you guys thought about renewing and innovating also new styles and new weapons in addition to swords, daggers, staves, two-handed swords and etc.. This will also help when thinking about some new class for the game. And also that would give more freedom to the player. And if new classes ever arrive, I'd like to leave suggestions. I have already told the elves of the Bard but bards use musical instruments. for the Outcasts it would be nice to have an illusionist magic class with mage-like mobility. Or a class that uses heavy armor and weapons in one hand like BD. Changing the subject I still don't understand how the barbarian doesn't have the role of berserker in warspear. The class was limited to being just Tank. Barbarians would be very happy to choose between being a tank or berserker. It would be great to put swords and axes in each hand like rogue, BD and seeker. I hope you read it carefully. :) Thanks.
  6. Hii my dear GM!😊 Im from eu server As the events comes and gone.the rare books add more and more but the skills slots really broken for long times. its a bug settings. pls add more skill slots.or its really made bad experience.😭 every class have 10skills alrdy,and 2 arena books.for the best players 13-15 books its very regular.even reach 600 achivments.there still not enough for it.pls solves it tysm!😭 i dont know how to play if still slots brokes.As the books setting out. slots should setting adapt 1:1😭 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestions: 1.All rare books are add passive state and cant add skill points.if puts in expect page its not reasonab 2.After players have books above 10+ and sometimes pvp-pve needs switch other skill book.its easy in misclick with rare books.(like ppl do spam amps and after relog games,out amp with signs and lost ) 3.Created a new page after expert rename like Passive Book.so no matter hmany books add later in upgrade the games.that can solves in a general settings
  7. Issues: I've been playing Warspear since 2011, and although I recently moved from Legion to Sentinel Alliance, I reached the max level, got max bag slot, amplified my equipment to max stats. Since new events, features, costumes, and equipment keep on coming, I really want to try them out; especially gears as experiment. As I started to collecting max-amplified gears and new costumes, I find my 300-slot bag stuffed of things I don't want to let go (because who would want to let go of lv 30-32 max level gears and rare costumes that took lots of effort to get?). For sure, the newly introduced personal storage is great, but I cannot store my personal items within it, making it useless to try and make space for my bag. Right now I have approximately 80 rare costumes and 75 pieces of max amplified gears. Since I have to stock potions, scrolls, foods, minions, quest loots, craft resources, and other things from missions and miracle shop, I find it difficult to reorganize my bag every time I have to get new items to amplify or chests to open. For example, I need to make at least 100 slots available when amplifying because I'm the type to click nonstop until the gears get max amplified or when the amplification resources run out. As I mentioned above, every single time I try to amplify or open chests, I need to move things to my other characters which is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. Suggestions: I would like to recommend a wardrobe and personal equipment kit/deck to be added to the miracle shop. For the wardrobe, when purchase, it will take up 1 bag space, but when u open it, it grants u 5 slots which u can move your costumes from your bag into those slots. For additional slots, you have to purchase them with either miracle coins or additional wardrobe section which grants 5 new slots. This way players can store their costumes in the wardrobe and put other necessary items in their bag. The same thing can be said to equipment, a new equipment deck can be added to the miracle shop. For this, it has the same function as the wardrobe, but instead of storing costumes, this can be used to store used equipment and it will leave extra space in players' bag to put other necessary things as they see fit. For more convenience, I recommend that to access the wardrobe and equipment deck, players do not have to click on them, they can just go to switch their costumes or equipment the usual way. This provides more familiarity as well as less time consumption. Conclusion: Taking everything into account, I do not really think that all players are like me, but I strongly believe that these suggestions will bring more convenience to the overall players and the developers. The point is that players have the ability to choose to buy or not buy the wardrobe or equipment deck if they don't really need them, but for players like me who do need them, it'd bring us more convenience to try out new gears and costumes without having to worry about our bag space being taken from personal items that can't be exchanged or stored away. Developers can also profit from this as they can introduce new items to the miracle shop and have players buy them for additional space organization.
  8. Hi! All. In view of "[2021.10.15] Skill Rebalance. News", I have decided to add my thoughts on skill suggestions for Templar. There is about a month...maybe more, when the rebalance happens. Logically, I am skeptical to what extent any of suggestions listed will be considered/implemented given the short time frame... To note, the below contents are based on my perspective. Readers are free to agree/disagree with this post. My suggestions will be based on overall gameplay (levelling to 18, unlocking the experts and finally reaching endgame) General suggestions for the class, have been noted after going over each skill. Basic Skills Blame [Review]: This skill shines best with staff from a dps perspective. It adds a good stun if the target has stepped on 'Touch of Truth' area effect. However, its more or less useless for mace build from a dps perspective. [Suggestions]: I feel the damage should scale based on both physical and magic attack stats. As the main damage skill when starting out, I feel the Cooldown should be reduced a bit. Grace [Review]: Arguably the 'bread and butter' skill of Templar. It offers very good percentage increase to physical and magic stats. Not to mention the nice looking animation aura. However, the issue with this is, it does not last long. The player has to constantly spam it even when maxed to 5/5. [Suggestions]: I feel it should not be spammed over and over again. On this from overall game play I suggest any one of the following improvements: i. Increase in Duration....or ii. Make it a passive skill with reduced stats...or iii. Skill with constant energy consumption with reduced stats...or iv. Completely replace it with a healing skill that can be cast on others. While this may seem like a Paladin heal...I feel most of Templar heals are not straightforward. Stun proc heals have lot of RNG involved while Mantra of healing disables the target from combat. Combat Support [Review]: Its quite useful now in both PVP and PVE, once maxed to 5/5. [Suggestions]: Either reduce the Cool down or Increase the duration of skill. Fine as it is. Whirlwind of Repentance [Review]: The only aoe skill for Templar (excluding talent skill - 'Defense in Attack'). Its useful only in mace build. And more or less useless when using staff. [Suggestions]: I feel the damage should scale based on both physical and magic attack stats. And it should be a ranged aoe skill. As this will help a lot when playing with staff. Reverse Flow [Review]: The trademark skill of Templar. Its quite effective and fun in wars, pvp and Gvg. [Suggestions]: Either the Cooldown should be reduced or duration should be increased. In addition, I feel the push effect should not be resisted, in the event stun fails. Expert Skills Harad's Teachings [Review]: This passive is completely dependent on stun procs. Without a successful stun, its useless. The heal is not very helpful, given its based on position of the character and a small percentage of magic stat. The damage is based on physical attack stat, which is negligible when playing with staff. [Suggestions]: Instead of being dependent on stun, its best, if the buff procs based on various skills used like Mage's "Overload" or Chieftain's "Clan's Help" passive skills. In addition, in place of damage proc, I would suggest, the heal that occurs also restores energy in addition to health, given Templar, uses up lot of energy on its skills. Mantra of Healing [Review]: Very situational and quite useful Overall. [Suggestions]: In current meta, I think its good as it is. Touch of Truth [Review]: Its useful in PVP. At max level it gives a reasonable period of silence. However, its best used when using mace. Quite useless with staff. While its the opener for getting stun proc with Blame, stun in general gets resisted a lot. [Suggestions]: This skill should become ranged. In order to make it applicable when playing with staff. In addition, I feel it should have a debuff for reducing defense stats for a limited time, to make it more viable for either pve or pvp. Sucker Punch [Review]: The highest single target burst skill for Templar when using mace. Used with 'Reverse Flow', it causes a 'ping-pong' effect on the target (which is fun to watch when it procs!!). Unfortunately, its useless for staff players from a dps perspective. The throw effect is helpful only if the target is within range. [Suggestion]: I feel the usage range should be increased to 2 to 3 yards mainly to benefit staff users. And damage should scale on both physical and magic stats. Deity Statue [Review]: Its more or less useless in any scenario. Apart from being a decoy of sorts when used on general mobs or to distract charmer pets in arena. The damage absorption is not useful. [Suggestions]: I feel this skill can be made similar to a Totem. Players standing near it, get some useful buffs like increased health/energy regeneration, skill cooldown speed, etc Branded by the Sun [Review]: Good aoe aggro skill which gives a heal marker. Unfortunately, the heal marker might me taken up by a different part member, if their attack speed is higher. [Suggestions]: As this is the only aggro skill in Templar's arsenal, the cooldown has to be reduced. In addition the 'Stigma' debuff could be changed to have effect similar to Paladin's "Sun Seal". Onslaught [Review] Another very good physical dps skill. And a much needed gap closer for Templar. Unfortunately, its useless with staff. [Suggestion]: Unfortunately I'm unable to think of anything to improve it. Given the other skills, I think its good as it is. Power of the Heaven [Review]: It gives decent buffs for either mace/staff build. However, it consumes lot of mana. Personally I prefer Merman equipment buffs than using this skill. [Suggestions]: Its best to make this a passive skill. Particle of Life [Review]: While the AI of Pet may require improvement, its a very good dps skill that works in any build. [Suggestions]: In current meta, I think its good as it is. General suggestions on Templar gameplay: a. Templar skill sets consume lot of energy. Would suggest if the overall consumption can be reduced. Now granted, all classes consume energy. However, I personally felt, unless I have a very huge energy pool, I had to constantly use energy pots. b. Templar, as I understand it was based on stun stat and its procs for healing. Unfortunately in the current meta, stun is easily resisted in general. This as a result, effects the survivability of the class. I would suggest a rework of the stun stat in general. Thinking again, I think its fine as it is in regards to stun stat. I guess that concludes my thoughts on this topic. (Changes made in violet after thinking about it again.)
  9. 1. Please add one panels/tab that gives information on how much time is left to use potion. This is especially useful for players making decisions in the next step of the game. Like exp pot, unity pot & arena pot. Sometimes we have to guess for ourselves how much time is left from the beginning of use. 2. Please add character running speed parameters either on land or under the sea. So we can figure out what is the effective running speed. Just like any other parameters. I guess this is also needed. 3. Please add lock function against skill that is always used or always active such as combat stance on hunter or exaggeration on seeker. Skill that uses constant energy consumption. Because when we go to the arena this skill is always inactive and very fatal for the final result in the arena. Yes i know its just one click away. But if you're going add these features a lot player will be gratitude/thankful just like healer player get easier healing themselves in recent update. 4.Scroll of changing name. A scroll in mcoin shop to change name player cost 799 mcoin or whatever you liked. This will be good item for trading and for F2P will be able to change their name. I once suggested guild bag on mcoin shop and it's added. So maybe this developer can consider about it again. 5. Scroll of naming weapon. A scroll Which can rename the weapons we have. It would be very cool if we can naming our own beloved weapon. I know it's fashion item. But it's really new things instead we got new costume every update That looks too monotonous. I hope you can consider little about it. 6. Automatic Finding Party. Feature that enable a new player find party for certain quest. This will be very useful for player who started new characters or new players who just started the game. Instead of spamming world chat all the time which is very annoying. We can put party findings automatic in quest tab. Such quest like six shadow and sea witch which only questor can enter. 7. Point of friendship. When we made a party with a friend it's automatically generate/earn points for both characters. It will motivate high level players to help each other or low level player instead afk on town doing nothing. And within the friendship points we can trade in shop of friendship. Maybe for unique smiles or pot or scroll anything you like it. 8. Sends a message to players who are offline. The concept is like chat as usual but can be sent when our friends are offline. 9. 10 Slot Skill vertically oriented from mobile client (Smartphones). We really need this or at least make it optional to enable from settings. 10. Old smiles pack available to be bought. For player who just started new characters they must be missed out so many old smiles. I hope you cam bring it back. 11. War mechanism win and lose. Please changed the win and lose based on hp of flag. This way will motivate more players to attack flag. Because there's will be harder to be draw even 1hp flag can make it difference. Thank you for reading my topic. Please leave your thoughts about my suggestion. Any answer would be appreciated. -Adyjr Hunter Us Sapphire
  10. I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright Chieftain's Call Type: Active The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party. Buff's Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party) Tiger: The Tiger Buff gives attack speed to the charater (Or to the character's party) Lion: The Lion Buff gives some percent of physical and magic attack to the charater (Or to the character's party) Note: If any of the wild animal was killed the buff will disappear The HP of the wild animal and the skill duration is increased by upgrading this skill 1/4: The duration of the skill is 10 seconds 2/4: The duration of the skill is 20 seconds 3/4: The duration of the skill is 30 seconds 4/4: The duration of the skill is 40 seconds I hope you liked my idea and that it is added to the game. I was 1 hour doing this topic... ATT: Zedeght US-EMERALD Hypnop US-EMERALD
  11. Daren

    More Ideas !

    HELLO LADS ! Been some time since last time used this. This time I'll be focusing on itemisation and classes as a whole rather their skills and respective roles.(This makes bo sense so just ignore that and THIS sentence) ●First things first : Special accessories, charms or artifacts or whatever you wonna call them I was thinking about adding an extra slot for this new and quiet unique itemisarion for special items (charms that's how I am going to call them for now) Those charms should be special items for special classes and have unique effects, here's an example ; the class priest, the first thing that come in our mind is "da powah of jesus compelz u" and...Heals... Yea that's what he is xD Cough Let see we ave this charm It has a set level when it can be equiped, and a unique passive such as : Increases heal power by % This is just an example remember there are plenty things you can do for example another charm designed for magic damage dealers, whenever they use an offensive spell on a target they recieve perodical magic damage, or blocks healing by a certain % you name it. Those are just still my own ideas cause there are SO MANY things you can do with these and I'm pretty sure some players will like it. ●Seconds things...Second : Special gear pieces : Yes it's almost the same as the first one but if charms were broken be cause we already have enough slots then what if we decide to put in these unique effects on the gear itself. Yes I know people will get triggered because AI•Grind recently added uniaue armor pieces that have uniaue effects as stated in the last update (The Merman Trial to be specific) but these effects will be on the main slots of the armor's effects, and I'm thinking of adding also a unique color to their names, Yellow seems a good color choice cause (in my oppinion) it symbolises something situational or something un set or certain, cause they are OP BROKEN RARE ITEMS and neither a CRAPLY MEDIOCRE THING like the charmer class, it's the Level Of rarety of...Rare (blue color) but diffrent cause it is still zomewhat unique. Wot effects you are saying ? GOOD QUESTION ! I have no Mother Trucking idea, ok let's be real, like charms earlier ; These Armor pieces/Weapons will be designed for certain classes only for example charmers getting a unique "Heavy Armor" pieces that also give magic damage bonus, block chance and more health because that what "Tank" charmers really need, this may be Bull Crap but c'mon I'm just trying to give charmers some love because I somewha hate them .-. (But this doesnt stop me from playing charmer...) Anyways enough of this cringe, or other armor for tanks that increases healtg recieved vy a certain %, or weapons for rogue/seekers or auto attack based classes where the more standing still they are and as long as they don't use skills they gain bonus adaptive damage with each strike stacking up to a number of choice, using a skill removes those stacks and eventually the bonus damage recived or any other bonus stat (If they did) I know this is "Very similar" to a passive that the ranger has but it's still nice to make this ability "Somewhat" accessable if not all or most but some other classes (Yikes Hunter and ranger) Or special staffs that have increases healing powe or Blocks healing by % or have a special unique effect that is "Magic Penetration" yes i know theres already Penetration but have one stat effects 2 other stats is somewhat shabby but you can chose to do what you want here. This is all for now and remember these are just suggestions critisism is allowed but attacking/bullying the thing itself isn't. I will still give credits for Higgings cause all of this somehat started since that last conversation we had dating the time in May 26th (the post aboit skills and stuff) Feel free to tell me what do you think, and other suggestions you think is neat for the game. Until next time take care and again thanks for reading. -Daren -DarenLOG - Eu Emurald Oof feels wierd seeing this displayed here...
  12. Hello! This is DarenLOG from EU-Emurald and let's just go straight to the point: New expert skills have been realeased, some are good, some are overpowered, and some are a huge disapointment sadly, and here I'm just laying down my thoughts and suggestions on what the DEVs should have done instead so here we go. ●Starting with the Legion side and Forsaken fanction : -Death Knight : After a conversation with a particular player who happens to be a death knight we came accross that the both of us were on the same page, its new expert...Not gonna lie, it is kinda meh, sure another damaging ability isn't that bad but...Death knights are tanks and they already have enough of them, they should've added something about tankiness, if you're going like they are way too tanky and i totally understand that but at least some sort of "Debuff" tankiness such as a skill that gives chance to absorb the debuff (making it useless lretty much) and let's say it grants the DK some beneficial effects depending on the Debuff used or something like that. -Charmer : Now let's move on to the charmer class and oh boy what can I say... As you maby know, my main character is the charmer class, and oh dear...The new expert made him litterally doctor animo from ben 10 dear god, they made him SOOO relient on his summons to the point he is litterally useless without them, not to mention that the charmer is a hybrid class, with a mediocre performance on every single role aspect of the game (talking about being a Tank / Utility / Healer / Damage ) but c'mon more life span and tankiness for HIS specific Summons ? Oh deer, maby you could've instead added more of a utility Skill, yes an AOE slow to the enemies or even an AOE movement/attach speed burst for a short period cause why not, but if you STILL wonna make him still rely on his summons maby they could have made an active that can be applied on the dog or the bird, such as The Dog makes some sort of howl the affect enemies causing them to I dunno, fear, reduces their damage dealt, or their attack speed, or being useful and like adds bonus attsck speed to the party memeber caught on the radius. As for the bird I was thinking maby a stronger heal for the price of the bird's death (where the healing also increases depending on the bird's health if you wonna ballance it out) or an AOE heal or something that would've been cool. PS : Make a unique thing for charmer such as a Mace duel Wielder which something perfext to be unique with it (will be broken but at least we give a bit of usefullness to charmers, because as a charmer player I feel the class is taken mostly as a last resort) ●Now let's move on into the Mountain clans: I don't have much to say about this one, the expert skills are fine to me at least (The shaman's is kinda gay to be honest but the shaman at least has way too much to offer utility to his party) the barbarian is also kinda meh, maby another skill of tankiness or something, and the rogues...........(I have no idea what to say about that one gee...) ●Now to the SENTIES ! Starting with the firstborn : HERE I WONDER WHAT WAS ON YOUR MINDS DEVS 😂😂😂 Blade dancer : OMG wHaT wErE yOu ThInKiNg ? 😬 The blade dancer is gonna be ew in PVP cause that's too much what they have, sure they suck at being both a pure tank or pure damage dealer but C'MON !? really nibba ? 😧 what I think they should've made the seeker's skill as the blade dancer and would be like a sustain mode. ●Speaking of seeker let's move into that: before we do just wonna point about the druid and the other 2 they are quiet good, druid will prevent his memebers from dying pretty much and for the ranger why not a slightly more of damage and finnally warden...And he's wayyyy to tanky...Even after the nerfs he's still excelling at being a tank. Now into the seeker : That one is PURE oof like I said that should have been the blade dancer's skill, as for the seeker he deperatly needs some sort of Dodgeablity or something like that. ●This is everything what I have to say for now, if they're gonna make changes I would like to see them if not I hope they will add them later on, I hope you guys enjoyed reading the thing, remeber those are just suggestions. Let me know what do you think about these suggestions, and your thoughts about the new expert skills ? Credits also go to《Higgings》as you can kinda say he helped with this -See you soon ! -Daren
  13. After reading the critiques of my previous post about the topic, I made a new idea for Mining in Warspear. (read original at Problems with version 1: -Will cause inflation (will need a gold sink) -bots will take over because there is no threat to them. So I reworked the idea: -Instead of being scattered throughout the map, mining areas will be in fenced off areas called resource areas. To get in, you have to pay a mining licence, which can be bought in the tavern shops or in the miracle shop. (Better mining licences will give boosts like faster exp. gain or higher chance for rare ores) A basic mining licence will cost 100 gold. -Every 10 minutes, and additional fee will need to be paid based on the location of the resource area. Mining will have a startup cost because of this and the first change, so lower levels will not be able to do mining effectively, which will stop many bots. The required gold to enter and the 10 min. fees will provide a gold sink. -Every 5 minutes in the resource area, a BIG boss will spawn, and deal 20,000 damage (with 100% penetration and has 10M hp) to everyone it hits. The only ways to avoid it is to run to a random safe spot that spawns in the resource area a little before the boss will spawn. This also may thwart bots. -Special resource areas owned by NPC factions will be available to players with friendly reputation with the faction. These will have furnaces inside them so you wouldn't need to go to a town.
  14. Hi, I want to suggest additional hotkey bar for skills. I'm a necro player and using all my skills but i cant put potion to my hotkey. It's huge problem for me and I think other players will agree me.
  15. Hey , i have few suggestions that came up to my mind this morning , for the upcoming patch. 1. the game needs refresh , plenty games offer variety of graphical options appealing to players. my suggestion is to have the option to choose between current old user interface and some new more stylish user interface. 2. remove options like fullscreen option on smarthphone (since i guess you cant play it windowed). 3. remove send bug report since it was never used. 4. mc coins . please remove those discounts of 10% 30% 50% 70% 90% like mc are going to go back to regular prices , i mean its kinda fake ads and stupid when it has become the regular pricing , and just add discount% when they really are on discount during weekends. 5. some maps are huge , the map window is really tiny , i suggest either make the window bigger , either add scrolling + - options so u can see more part of the map 6. the game needs more music , like dungeon specific ,town specific , area specific. 7. make this area here to have the options to be changed . 1st option to change the background so players can customize how other players see their stats 2. give option to change the frame , and make those frames to be achievable , like for 200 achievements you get specific frame , or for dominating arena and so on like gold silver frames and stuff , like frame for guild leaders and so on. 8. Add BUY request in dealer . you have selling offers , but we also need buying requests , you put item you want to buy on market for specific price , and if someone wants to sell it to you it it will be much easier ,(yes you will need to be able then to scroll through all possible equippable , and non bind items) and it will reduce the need for the player to spam chat with no effort. then when u buy or sell item it will be shown under the item : average buying price , average selling price. 9. Make stock , or the option to trade gold for mc and mc for gold. and also a history graph of the movement for the past 1 month. 10. Put option for duel(as mentioned in a post before mine) to be able to duel someone without the need of potion and also option to set some reward for the winner , while also excluding option to use any potions during duel. 11. add rewards for 400 and 450 achievements , since some players long time ago achieved those. 12. add more pve content, more elite mobs in caves for those who cant solo bosses of their level to still be able to kill some rewarding mobs. 13. increase the gold drop rate and drop chance , make the game not so pay to win. 14. when you implement patch for the new lvl 30, invest in good marketing campaign with all implemented improvements , so to attract new players to actually come to the game (which will find it visually appealing).right now only niche group of people want to play outdated graphics. 15. add sex change. 16. as weapons have glow when they are +10 make shield to have glow also. 17. fix those bugs where hair gets our of hats or out of cloacks . (when equipped with vampire costume and loking from back) 18. make the movement of weapons look more natural,(if you equip ice dagger when going downwards the character swing the weapon so so awkwardly) 19. add possibility when u press enter to be able to type and send messages so during important things like dungeon or arena to be able to easily chat with other people. That's it for now. also i have few anti suggestions:(since i hear some kids yell for that) 1 don't add wings 2 don't add mounts 3 don't add housing EVER.
  16. I remember reading somewhere Reivenorik saying that we are still going to get new rewards for arena soon. Is that true? If it is,i would suggest it to be a belt . Hopefully not weapons, considering it would be unlikely that those weapons would be balanced for all classes, with boosted stats it would probably benefit dmg classes a lot. AiGrind should also add cosmetics to buy with that currency (weapon skins and costumes), that would give players a reason to keep participating, even if only getting low positions to increase currency . it would be enough to have more people actually participating, decreasing the need to form "lose teams" . Which is the biggest problem in Warspear Pvp , the fact that, you either form lose teams or you wont be able to compete, because your oponents certainly will. And those that had to farm that way know that , it is incredibly boring and unfun "Go in, kill enemies that are standing still,go out" rince and repeat. Not only it isnt fun, but you actually learn nothing from that, and do not grow as a pvp player Ps: the potion that increases 60% healing should be nerfed.
  17. I saw a review at play store. There aigrind replied on someone's comment. That reply means share with us what is your expectation to make game more good. As currency in this game we found gold. Mcoin is just a shortcut way. But in This game they made the production of gold very low. Where creates gold? npc and quest giver. Ways of production gold, (1) quest gives a little gold. (2) killing mobs gives you 2-8 gold maximum which is worst side of gold production.(4) dg drops gold value in npc if a item cost 30k at market, that item cost in npc 500 gold. so there is rare chance of produce gold. def 3= 1 gold, dmg 3= 10 gold, cata and ess = 1 gold, bars =250, 500, 750, 1000 gold. (5) boss drops value similar to dg so read 4th point again. (5) from mcoin item u can't produce gold because it cost in npc 1-10 gold. so we found quest, some drops(dg and boss), bars. only these way gold produce in game. i think this is why mcoin value in gold going down. devs should increase production of gold in game. They should active mobs farm area. a huge number of players were disappeared after release gold drop system in game. when there will be more chance to grind gold from farm maybe people will be more active. They should give a proper npc cost to a dg drop. example A gear drop, if that gear's npc value 30000 gold. The owner will force to sell at more than 30000+ gold. and buyer will try to manage his gold for buy. Otherwise buyer will say i buy 3000 gold u want sell? and seller will see there is no choice. These is how market goes down and they give up. So if gold production increase and dg drops get a proper npc value. People will more active to grind those. Based on value every item should have a proper npc cost. Game should create a item's cost in npc. example relics, unity sign, craft resources etc. Mcoin items should have a proper npc value which will create those items market value. example if 1 piece sign cost in npc 2000 gold. owner will sell it at 2000+ gold a piece to others. and buyer will manage gold for it. Otherwise buyer will say 5000 gold for a set, seller will see npc value 10 gold then better sell at 5000 gold. Why mobs have gold? do they steal gold after kill players? They should add some items(stones or cristals) on mobs which have npc worth. example normal adds drop dark stones cost in npc 1000 gold 3% drop rate, strong mobs drop blue stones cost 2000 gold 3% drop rate, mini boss drop yellow stone 5000 gold 3% drop rate, normal boss drop red stone 10000 gold cost 3% drop rate, big boss drop pink stone 30000 gold cost 5% drop rate, raid boss drop white stone 50000 gold cost and 5% drop rate. people can use this stones for trade of gold and can sell in npc. The time i had entered first time in game i saw many players in every town and at whole map many players spread They farming. There was farmers, dg spamers and arina players. Now days it is hard to see people at towns Except some towns like map4 t3, t4 and map2 t1, t4. Where players disappeared? many will say they got busy in their real life, Then where are the new comers? who will full-fill old players place? My suggestion for new comers. devs should add map1 mobs drop some colorful lvl 6-8-10-12 gears and weapons which have 2-3 status and npc cost 100-400 gold. and for map2 do the same with lvl deference. Every year costume contest happen we see many costume looks well but not win any place. Use those costumes for drop at map2 boss. and make boss hard so people need party for kill boss. Must give one tutorial or auto quest for first entry in game. tutorial auto quest will give knowledge how to start a unknown game. Don't make a char solo every thing and unbeatable. This thought killed others chars. example: after rise of wardens in game paladin, priest and druid are almost died. My last request is take a look at crimson corundum. I think last update made craft items value down.
  18. For everyone that understand this. Do you know how to teamwork as much as possible. There will be a whole army running with you and as soon as you get to the area. Only 5% out of the army is actively working there asses off to pass the event. Whether war or just time trial event. These players aren't afk, they aee sitting back watching becuase they feel as though enough of us are handling it. But we aren't cuz 40 out of 50 players are sitting back while the rest cant even hold off a full force of whatever the event is. Need a number requirement of participation for these events. I have made a way to fix this. -Give a counter of all the people in the area of event. If there is 20 people, say 20 people -Based on the event type give a number of participants in the area needed (required) to pass event If 19 people are needed with interaction, in a different color, say 19 needed with interaction for this event. -Now here is the part that is good. Players will go afk. Give the ability to players mark those AFKers. With a a numver of AFK reported. -Have a condition statement that tests if they are indeed interacting (attacking) with event mobs or other opponent players. if not interacting....make the players be sent to MAP 1 WITH NO ABILITY TO TELEPORT BACK TO EVENT ISLAND. THEY HAVE TO PAY THE FEE TO VOYAGE BACK TO ISLAND WHERE EVENT IS TAKING PLACE. have the players be marked full body red. I understand there is a system whereas ppl can hit mobs and then walk away and sit still with interaction active. time for a change in the system then. If the devs think its too much. I can code them this entire thing right now in there preferred programming language. This may not solve the AFK problem. But at least the feeling of punishment is helpful (If it seems a little too forceful send them back to t1 of event map. If your not gonna help. Dont come and waste no one elses time.
  19. Hello and welcome to my topic! First I'd like to say few things that some people might misunderstand. I'm a mage main, and even though I've played all the classes that warspear has to offer us (at some point), I still can't really tell what would someone who is playing a shaman or druid mainly think of this. So please, be sure to tell me your opinions and overall thoughts about this. So lets get to the subject of this topic. My suggestion is: A summon frost/water/fire elemental (I think they'd all suit mage pretty well). What it does, is stronger version of this relic that we already have: Relic of dispelling. The elemental clears out the target's positive effects, including deathknights' secret reserves if they're active, shamans'&druids'&charmers' heals, ferocity&resilience skills and so on. The elemental would use the skill every 3rd sec. The more skill points you spend on it, the longer it'll last, and the more hp it'll have. On top of that, it deal low magic damage to the target (melee range). The skill wouldn't be that strong in pve scenarios, since bosses would resist the effect of it's skill, but still the low mdmg that the elemental deal will come in handy. If you ask me, giving mages another skill that works well in pve, would make them overpowered there, since they already are probably the best caster in pve. Still the skill would be great and make them little more useful in pvp scenarios. Skill cooldown would be moderate, since its an expert skill (something like the cooldown of charmers' bird). So thats my suggestion, now shoot me with the opinions and thoughts.
  20. Hello. I'm Thsoulless, other known as Miro, And I'm here to talk about the latest update that we just recently got. So... I think the lack of class balancing has already been gone through in quite a few topics and conversations, so I'm not going to take that in to this post at all. But instead of doing so, I'm going to tell you, what actually made me pretty upset and confused, was the prioritizing devs had in this latest update. I'm not sure about all the bugs that different classes have at the moment, but I can at least speak for mages when it comes to skill bugs. Anyways, I'm not going to start with the bugs either.. No... I'm going to start with this new oh so wonderful button that we recently got. Yes. That tiny little thingy added next to our hotkeys. Ok so.. I'd honestly like to hear what on earth is the function of that tiny little piece of something that will get my topic removed before I even manage to get to the end of my sentence.. I can tell for sure, that none of my friends is using that, and neither am I. If you get used to it, and "master" it, you save max 0.5secs. And if you're in such a hurry to enter miracle shop/chat/character menu, you should probably reconsider wether you should finish the intense dg first and then say "What's up" to your lad, or do it mid dg. Anyways, now someone will say "Oh but if you use it constantly, and save 0.5 secs each time, you'll save a lot of time after 100 years of using that thing", and yes. Thats true. You'll save some time for sure, but what about those situations, where you're a little tired for example, and accidentally open up that handy cap, and fire up a character menu mid intense arena fight or something, while you have a +10 rogue on you, who is thirsty for your oh so innocent blood? What are you going to do? As a caster its pretty obvious. Mostly you'll end up dying the moment this happens. And if it somehow doesn't, you probably just missed heal on your team mate, and he died, so now you're in 2v1 vs a +10 rog and his COMPLETELY BALANCED AND FAIR friend, +10 barbarian. So basically, this little shortcut just got you killed, and theres nothing you could've done about it. So here we get to my first suggestion of the topic. If the shortcut mostly judt causes death, sadness, pain and depression, I'd hugely appreciate to at least get an option to take it off, or move back to the old hotkeys with just one extra slot in it (If not just completely remove that thing). Next up we got the bugs. I have already told to support team and @Daria about the bugs mages happen to have, and as I mentioned above, I can't really speak for any other classes since I've not really noticed anything. But the bugs themselves are not the point of this, but prioritizing updates, fixes and patches. I'd include balance patches there as well but I did say that I wouldn't talk about those in this specific topic.. So the energy regeneration bug seems to be just an accident among other bugs (obviously), and since I've tried coding myself, I can tell that its not easy, and there will always be such tiny (or not so tiny) mistakes. Thats fine, since they will always be fixed. But lets take the bugs that mage has at the moment for example. I sent the report ticket about 3 weeks ago. I got an reply saying that support team is aware of these, and they will get them fixed as soon as possible. But now we've had at least 3 server restarts, and 2 shut downs, and yet they're still not fixed. Instead of fixing the old bugs and problems, we (this wonderfult shortcut to your bag and stuff) 2 new castles, new relics, stat&guild skill patches and some HUD changes. Yeah those are cool and pretty big things I'd say. But thats the point. Leaving bugs such the ones mages have to deal with, that pretty much change the way the whole class works in any form of pvp, makes it feel like we just get new bugs and problems, before devs even manage to fix the old ones. So my suggestion would be to do small fixes like monthly (whatever gets reported), or at least include all the bug fixes in the next bigger update. That way we, players keep our motivation in playing, since we know that devs actually hear us when we need them to do such stuff for us. Thats what I hope what happens with the current bugs. Especially the energy regeneration bug. Such a bug that affects all classes and players in pretty much whatever they do will cause many player loses and hate towards the support team very quickly. And I don't think that none of us wants that. But now... Finally we've come to the end of my post/topic/book. Thank you if you actually made it to the end of it, and even if you didn't, I hope you at least got my points. I can see a bright future waiting for us. But nothing good can be reached without work. And thats the way we learn from our mistakes. (._.)/ Peace
  21. Hello everyone, welcome to my topic. Here is a small list of suggestions I have in mind and hope they would make this game more colourful and easier to play. So lets get started!! I think we all remember that during festive events, the range attacks of casters change colour and animation. I think this should be permanent with an mcoin item that adds a specific animation on the basic hits and colour. It could be two items if needed (one for colour and one for animation) Also, I think it will be a good idea for all range attacks to be able to be "edited" in our liking. Not only casters but also hunters and rangers. Under this category I would like to add the idea of changing the colour of the skills of the characters for example: Necromancers poison shield, priests aura, mages sun shield, hunters combat stance. (You get the idea.) As I healer I found myself many times frustrated that I cannot see who is healed at the time (specially when there are more than two healers in party) and losing in most cases precious time. To prevent that from happening I suggest on the side of the screen where the party members are listed, near their name should be an icon that shows who is under heal effect but also under stun/poison. Another idea I have is that all items that can be found in dungeons or from boss drops, (costumes, armors, accessories, weapons) should have a time limit before they become bound (personal/receiving) to the holder. That way more people will be able to get the specific items cause the people not intend to use them will have a reason to actually sell them instead of holding them on forever cause they cant find a buyer willing to pay they (usually astronomical) price. Also, this will prevent resellers from storing all items and then monopolizing the market (asking more and more as each new buyer adds to the sum) I think we are in the need to move on further and advance the AI of the mobs and give them the ability to use skills on the players in the last areas of Ayvondil. My last 3 suggestions I have seen somewhere here around but I would like to list them as well. Activating arena or other long lasting buffs from skill menu like the guild skills. A list on the character menu that shows the remaining time of active skills, potions, scrolls and guild buffs. The ability to see the remaining time left to get +1 refilled stamina without the need to walk to a dungeon and check it the gate.
  22. Greetings, I've had this idea for a while, giving out my opinions to improve the game, I assume this will attract many new players. I'm not writing a whole essay, therefore I'm keeping this as simple as possible. I thought that they should add Mounts to the game, for people who aren't familiar with what mounts are, they are creatures that we can ride through the map faster than just walking. Would save time, trust me we got some lazy players out there. Example of some mounts; Horses, Bears, Tigers and some other where WarSpear can come up with. My second opinion is having a pet with you, i'm not talking about minions, i'm talking about like actual pets for example; a small puppy, a bird, monkey etc. Depending on the pet, they either will give you more health or energy throughout your journey in the game. Of course you have to feed them, but they will stay with you permanently, not an hour. Same to the mounts, permanently. Another one which is, have another dimension for guild members to hangout, have their warehouse chest in it, a place to duel and more. Since i mentioned warehouses, players should have their own warehouse in each town where they can place their items, and gold, basically a bank. and warehouses for the guilds should be changed to Guild Warehouse. Mailman? Basically where you get to send an item or gold to another person in the game, great for transferring gold and items to another player in the same account. I hope you agree with me with these opinions and make WarSpear a better game. Thank You, Azixeon.
  23. Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican multi-day holiday, acknowledged internationally.In 2008 the tradition was inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Scholars trace the origins of the modern Mexican holiday to indigenous observances dating back hundreds of years and to an Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl, lady of death - or La Catrina; wife of Mictlantecuhtli - La Muerte; lord of the dead. this is one of the liveliest Mexican events, because, they say, the dead come to visit their relatives. It's celebrated with food, cakes, party, favorite music and candy, the favorite of children are sugar skulls. People use skull masks, wear clothing with painted skeletons or fantasize death and decorate their houses with flowers. The festival begins in 31 Oct, ends in 2 Nov. Coinciding with Halloween; I had the help of a brilliant artist amoung us to transform my ideas into art, here are some suggestions of costumes for next halloween events: La Catrina black La Catrina scarlet La Muerte Corpse hatter
  24. Aren't you TIRED of not knowing HOW MUCH TIME do you have left from the POTION you used? Aren't you tired of having to worry about HOW MANY QUESTS can you complete before the permanence potion you used RUNS OUT and you accidentally may LEVEL UP? This is a really useful feature many of us had a huge desire for for a very long time. A separate menu window showing the time left for each potion, card or other effects influencing you. It is time to stop releasing massive updates, it is time to polish the old ones and it is time to deal with these small but absolutely useful issues. There are a lot of like this one. What do you think?
  25. Hello there, fellow players and developers! I have written numerous (okay, only one to be exact) suggestions about newbie players. I have received many feedback about the game, and one thing was pretty similar in all of them. Well, here's the thing. Warspear Online is currently available only on a few languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and some Far East language (I'm not sure which). Even on EU-Emerald, which is considered to be an English server, there are too much people speaking literally no English, or so low lvl, that I actually cannot understand (LOL). So. Why not translate the game to some other languages as well. German would come pretty handy, also French, and so on. I know the answer you'd probably write here if I finished here: You don't speak those languages very well, or don't have the time, mood or even money to find people to translate the whole game. Or maybe that you're working on it, but things are a bit complicated. Well. I want to refer to my topic about a tutorial for new players. Someone mentioned there some kind of tutorial island, that would be an awesome feature in the game. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/48421-game-is-too-hard-and-complicated-for-newbie-players/ Well, let's make a tutorial area showing new people every part of the game, crafting, dungeons, equipments, and so on (Read the linked topic for more). This would be much shorter to translate into many languages, and people could do something with the gained information even if the furher parts of the game wouldn't be available on their own language. We can also help you, guys! I speak German, Hungarian and also Bosnian (which is similar to Serbian btw). I think if we work hand in hands, we could do something with this problem. Oh, and we're free! Not costing any money to you That's all for now, feel free to comment!
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