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Found 4 results

  1. E se....tivesse-mos um mapa novo ou um desenvolvimento de uma base nova? Bom sou Allan e quero dar algumas sugestões e ver se tem como rolar pelo jogo E se....voltamos a Nolant-Costa das Cinzas? Seria uma supresa e teriamos uma inovação e conceteza iria chamar atenção de jogadores. Algo que falta no jogo é eventos e envolvimento com os jogadores sobre a historia real do jogo online, no caso a "Guerra da Lança". Gostaria que a historia continua-se ou tivesse uma animação no jogo contando ou continuando a historia Tipo um evento no aniversário do Waspear Online. E s
  2. >Be me >Quit game in 2015 >Occasionally logs in to see how are the things going >Fast foward to 2017 >Time to play again >Bag flooded with event gifts >No extra slots poorfag bag >Lots of tickets, arena seals, craft licenses, stam pots and other pots >All personal, and im not gonna to drop it >Slowly getting rid of the gift things >Going arena occasionally to get rid of tickets, only them and pots left now >Absolutely garbage at arena, random bd comes rant at me >Explain him the situation and the
  3. I have seen this game below a YouTube video. The purpose is to write a new sentence to the story, and if we do well, the silliest story of all the time will be ours! Be creative! I will start the story. Once uppon a time, in a far away land, lived a hero.
  4. I may not have read some particular quest too well or I'm simply stupid or there's a plot hole, but... what was the point? Did they think they could get rid of both the Legion and the Sentinels?
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