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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, i want to start a petition to change the stats of the arena spears "Accuracy" to >"Penetration" Right now beastmasters lack a penetration spear weapon in arena, forcing us that want phsycial to go for a lower dmg option in order to make up for it,nobody wants to use a 2h axe or 2x sword, so we need our spears to have penetration,ty
  2. Writing this very fast 'cause i am sleeping I already made posts of this and i will do it for the last time: Make Charmers use spears/ 2h maces. Sum the statistics of these builds: Charmer's Equipments (+5 Sea set) DK's Spear* (+10 2020 Spring Event Spear) *Ignore the necklace and it's stats, i just added it to save the build. Now compare with: Charmer's Full Build What you would get ant lost with this: + Physical Damage + Magic Damage - Defense (almost 1K) - Block • More damage in basic attack. • Higher damage from Dark Prism than using a normal mace while having high damage from Call. • More heal. Basically, you would get more offensive stats in the price of the defensive stats. I know you guys never change roles' weapons passive skills, but there may be an exception.
  3. Hello so I started not so long ago at mc side and chose to play with deathknight, so my question is which weapon is best for dk? I want to max my dk to highest lvl and want to be a tank with like 5k def but at the same time deal good dose of damage, so im asking which weapon should I choose? 1 handed mace with shield or 2 handed mace or spear? Thank you for your answers
  4. I want to make a strong DK and so far I have been able to collect most gear that I need to be strong in pvp. But before I go buy my weapon I want to know what kind of weapon I need (2 handed). What is best for DK? Spear, Sword, axe or Mace? thanks in advance P.S: after you tell me what category of weapon is best for DK can you tell me the name of the weapon I should buy
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