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Found 22 results

  1. Introduction Hi there, I'm Solo, a PvE Shaman from EU-Emerald. I've been playing Shaman for years and I have tried almost everything about the class. Now that the snow rebalance is coming close, I would like to point a few facts about the Shaman that could be changed without making any gamebreaking buffs or nerfs. The stats for the Shaman skills were taken from @Ancient One's Shaman Guide which I highly recommend checking out: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/318942-venks-ultimate-shaman-guide-v1120/ 1)Changing the "Ancestors' Hand" Expert skill This skill has only one purpose, pulling people out of danger, but it has some massive flaws. The first being the low shield that it provides, and the second that if the enemy is impared by any skill, the pull will not work and using Shamanic Cleansing on them first and then waiting to pull is just not reliable and in 80% of the situations the ally would just die. The first thing we see is that you get punished for even leveling this skill in the first place by the energy cost, even though in 100% of the cases, you will not be leveling this skill because Shaman has a lot more important skills. So, how would I change this skill? I would change it in a few steps: With this change, I think this expert skill would actually see some more usability ingame. 2) Totally reworking the "Power of the Earth" Expert skill This Expert skill was useful before as a good way to instantly get some Health back and be more tankier with the Health Increase. But, in today's meta, this skill has almost to no use. In PvE it does almost nothing at 1/4 and there are better skills to max that would help out more than this. In PvP, that is the same case. In 99% of the scenarios, maxing Shamanic Cleansing is always better than maxing this expert because the Shamanic Cleansing gives more effective Health thus making it easier to survive. The skill on paper looks good, but in gameplay, it's awful. The duration isnt that long, since every 2 seconds it reduces the health it added and the healing and health increase isn't that noticeable or game changing. The skill is so outdated that after playing Shaman for years, I haven't even bought this expert skill and I probably wont until it gets changed. So, how would I change this skill? I would rework the skill completely and give Shaman something that it actually deserves. A bit more reliable damage and a friend. I would change this Expert to be similar to Druids "Elemental Support" and it would spawn an Elk which would have these stats: 3) Changing the Heal Totem Heal totem is one of the most powerful arsenal in Shamans kit when it comes to healing. But, like everything in this world, it's not perfect. Heal Totem suffers from one thing and it's not success. It's the fact, that after casting it, it takes 3 seconds for the first tick to heal which is in my opinion way too long and usually leads to people dying before the first tick even activates. So, how would I change this skill? To make this skill more reliable, but still keeping it balanced, I would do the following: With this change, the Heal Totem would stay at the same power, but just a little more reliable. 4) Changing the Visual of the "Tribe Ritual" Expert skill The last, but not the least important change of them all; returning the old "Tribe Ritual" Expert skill animation. The old animation was perfect for the skill, when you saw it, you knew someone got buffed with it. This "new" animation is just a "Relic of Agility" animation slapped on top of the Expert skill and called it a day. Me, and some other shamans would like to see the spinning book return to the game once again, especially now with the "Shamanic Generosity" Talent which casts "Tribe Ritual" on every single party member in the radius. The next 2 GIFs were taken from a fellow Shaman's forum post @Marchielo in which he also wanted the return of the old animation. (https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/432176-please-bring-back-the-old-tribal-ritual-visually/) The "new" animation we have currently: The animation every Shaman player wants back (and updated visually a bit to fit in newer designs): 5) Conclusion Shaman might be one of the more powerful classes for MC side, but it is still not a match to the exceeding amount of healing added to the game with every update. So with these changes, I think Shaman and the MC side would have a better chance at fighting and surviving. Thank you for your time, and stay PvE.
  2. Ancestor's Hand + Power of the Earth skill are the two least used skills of the shaman, I would recommend changing one of them, so the peoole don't get bored with the same old skills or give them a better use. Thanks 🙋‍♂️
  3. Bom dia, boa tarde e talvez boa noite. Estou aqui hoje para sugerir uma alteração na habilidade "poder da terra" do xamã, atualmente essa é a skill mais desvalorizada do jogo, pois seu efeito, na avaliação dos jogadores é péssimo, então irei sugerir algumas alterações que esses jogadores provaram. 1/4: aumenta em 10% a quantidade de vida máxima de uma certa quantidade de aliados na área da habilidade e também aumenta o acerto critico de todos os aliados em 3% por 5 segundos. A quantidade máxima de jogadores é 3. O poder de efeito, a duração e a quantidade de jogadores aumenta conforme o desenvolvimento da habilidade. 2/4: aumenta em 15% a quantidade de vida máxima de uma certa quantidade de aliados na área da habilidade e também aumenta o acerto critico de todos os aliados em 5% por 8 segundos. A quantidade máxima de jogadores é 4. O poder de efeito, a duração e a quantidade máxima de jogadores aumenta conforme o desenvolvimento da habilidade. 3/4: aumenta em 20% a quantidade de vida máxima de uma certa quantidade de aliados na área da habilidade e também aumenta o acerto critico dos aliados em 7% por 10 segundos. A quantidade máxima de jogadores é 5. O poder de efeito, a duração e a quantidade máxima de jogadores aumenta conforme o desenvolvimento da habilidade. 4/4: aumenta em 25% a quantidade de vida máxima de uma certa quantidade de aliados na área da habilidade e também aumenta o acerto critico dos aliados em 10% por 12 segundos. A quantidade máxima de jogadores é 6. O poder de efeito, a duração e a quantidade máxima de jogadores aumenta conforme o desenvolvimento da habilidade. Motivo das alterações: atualmente essa skill está inviável para o meta jogo atual. Espero que os desenvolvedores considerem essa ideia 🧐
  4. I remember years ago the fire totem could target multiple ppl, I just found out (via world chat in US server) that it only target's one person? Why is that??? Because some sentinels think it's "op"? Ever since I came back to the game and the forums I've seen posts asking for the nerfing of the charmer because of some relic, instead of the relic getting nerf it's the charmer, like really now? Also this joke of a post about "hunters poison arrow is too op ☺" like get out of here with that nonsense. The legion population is at an all time low but the elves seems fine I guess, I wonder why? It's not because the other side is getting nerfed to oblivion... Right?
  5. Solo(shaman) drawing from eu_emerald by axtonhell Hope you and he likes
  6. Hello brave warriors, I come to talk about another class, this time the shaman, my current active account. In my view there is not much that can be done in relation to the shaman, he is a great class in all aspects, being dispensable only for the game's PvE, but to solve this problem a balance would not be enough, I believe that all the content The game's PvE deserves a buff, since mobs, tws and the like for tanks and supports to reemerge from the ashes, but that's a subject for another topic. I'm bringing 3 suggestions for changes to the class, so let's go. 1- Earth Protection This change would be simple, make the group skill, that's right, the earth protection currently can easily be applied to the full group, but you should go buffing your allies 1 to 1, which makes the skill more tiring, and losing your potential. I suggest that for each level a random ally is benefited in the shaman's group, I'll bring some examples here. Ability 1/5 - It would only apply to the selected target, but it would still have the same effect time and % buff that it is today just like the other levels. Ability 2/5 - Apply the effect to both the target and a random member in the party prioritizing those without the buff. Ability 3/5 - Would apply to the target plus 2 random allies in the party. Ability 4/5 - Would apply to target plus 3 random party members. Ability 5/5 - Would apply to target and all party members, always renewing everyone's effect when applied to target. 2- Fire Totem This change would be a little more worked, my suggestion would be that the totem was an area, but with a different mechanics that made it sustainable, it is undeniable that the great power of this skill is its high damage target, but in GvG battles or with many mobs it is not it's as viable as that. my suggestion would be to put an area damage distribution effect as well as the paladin's ability, but that only activates if the shaman uses earthquakes on the targets, so it would give us the option to decide whether it would be target or area, bringing the ability then for group battles, because the great advantage would be the flaming effect if applied in the area, for shamans who focused on the critical attack attribute it would be of great offensive help. 3- Shamanic Cleansing In this case my suggestion would be to add resistance to the skill, as it has a low duration which is similar to several resistance abilities we have in the game, nowadays the shaman removes the ally's debuffs but soon after the ally is debuffed again , with the application of a resist this would be avoided for a few seconds. What do you think of my suggestions? Is there anything that needs to be added?
  7. 前言:萨满在高山族中是一名治愈法师,因为萨满拥有强大的回血手段,在战场上能够为团队提高巨大的帮助,该技能数据是关于萨满的信息,希望能够帮助想要体验和发展的玩家。 —————————————————— 球状闪电 【萨满向目标释放一发球状闪电,造成较高的伤害】 冷却时间:9秒 蓝量消耗:13/14/15/16/17 释放距离:最远5码 固定加成:30\55\80\105\130 技能伤害:110 \ 115 \ 120 \ 125 \ 130% Gif演示: 治疗精神 【萨满可以为自己或者友军释放治疗魔法,在一定时间内恢复一定次数的血量】 冷却时间:15秒 蓝量消耗:18/20/22/24/26 释放距离:最远5码 固定恢复:6 \ 11 \ 16 \ 21 \ 26 数值加成:30 \ 35 \ 40 \ 45 \ 55% (法术强度) 治疗时间:15秒(3秒一次,共5次) (10.2.0: 3到5级的治疗量降低了15%) Gif演示: 大地保护 【萨满可以为自己或者友军施加保护增益,巨幅提高防御能力】 冷却时间:20秒 蓝量消耗:20/22/24/26/28 释放距离:最远5码 持续时间:20/30/40/50/60 双防增加:15%/20%/30%/40%/50% 【大地保护+】初级技能强化 将技能效果提高1.5%/3%/5% 【粘滞外壳】高级技能强化 当受到大地保护影响的友军被攻击时,将会使攻击者受到粘滞外壳的减益效果,穿透属性降低4.5%,持续5秒 Gif演示: 闪电 【萨满使用闪电魔法控制目标,使其不由自主的乱走,无法使用技能】 冷却时间:15秒 蓝量消耗:19/20/21/22/23 释放距离:最远5码 控制时间:1/2/3/4/5 Gif演示: 地震 【萨满使用魔法对目标方向引发地震,碎石将禁锢住范围敌人,使其无法移动,但是能使用技能】 冷却时间:15秒 蓝量消耗:14/15/16/17/18 释放距离:最远5码 控制范围:3*3正方形 技能伤害:115\120\125\135\145%(法术面板) 禁锢时间:3/3.5/4/4.5/5秒 减少攻速:11.9%/13.9%/15.9%/17.9%/19.9% PVE数量:6\8\10\12\14 PVP数量:3 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6 重要效果:单独检验技能伤害和负面效果“地震”:伤害只能被“格挡”\“闪避”参数抵消,效果只能受“抵抗”参数影响。 【地震+】初级技能强化 将持续时间提高1秒 Gif演示: 闪电盾牌 【萨满使用魔法为自己套上闪电护盾,在敌人发起攻击后有一定几率将伤害反射回敌人身上,反弹伤害能够触发暴击】 冷却时间:30秒 蓝量消耗:20/24/28/32 持续时间:10 \ 12 \ 16 \ 20 秒 反弹伤害:85\90\100\110% 反伤几率:15%/20%/25%/30% (10.2.0:现在技能可以对友军使用) 重要效果: 该技能现在每 1.3 \ 1.2 \ 1 \ 0.8 秒触发一次。来自 PvP 攻击。 添加了对技能伤害的“格挡”和“闪避”参数的检查。 技能伤害不再能使敌人昏迷。 该技能造成的魔法伤害略微降低。 静电负荷 “闪电盾牌”技能伤害增加20%,触发几率增加15%。 Gif演示: 火图腾 【萨满在目标区域放置一个火图腾,火图腾会对攻击范围内被萨满选中的目标进行攻击,并有一定几率将目标烧伤】 冷却时间:40秒 蓝量消耗:30/33/36/39 释放距离:最远4码 图腾存在时间:6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 秒,2秒攻击一次 攻击范围:最远3码 技能伤害:105 \ 110 \ 120 \ 135%(法术面板) 烧伤几率:等同暴击 烧伤次数:3/3/4/5 火图腾+ 从角色的魔法力增加2 \ 4 \ 6%的技能力量。 Gif演示: 祖先之手 【萨满使用魔法将队友拉回自己身边,并让双方获得能够抵挡一定伤害的护盾】 冷却时间:25秒 蓝量消耗:20/24/28/32 释放距离:5码 护盾存在时间:6/8/10/11秒 (10.2.0:护盾量增加了30%,11.2.0:该技能现在只能对队伍人员施放) Gif演示: 治疗图腾 【萨满在目标区域放置一个治疗图腾,治疗图腾会在放置范围内为友军恢复生命值】 冷却时间:40秒 蓝量消耗:30/32/34/36 释放距离:最远4码 治疗量:55 \ 60 \ 65 \ 75%(法术面板) 图腾存在时间:9 \ 12 \ 15 \ 15 秒,3秒一次 治愈图腾+ 从角色的法术强度中增加4%的技能效果。 烈酒的青睐 如果“治疗图腾”技能的目标最大生命值低于30%,则该技能将额外恢复目标最大生命值的10%。 Gif演示: 大地之力 【萨满释放大地力量魔法,为选中友军获得血量增加的增益,以更好在战场存活】 冷却时间:32秒 蓝量消耗:24/26/28/30 释放距离:最远5码 持续时间:20秒 血量增加:10/20/30/40% (10.2.0:现在技能可以回复增加血量的40/50/60/70%血量) 限制效果:每2秒减少10%效果血量 Gif演示: 能量场 【萨满在自身区域散布能量场,为范围内友军获得冷却增加的增益以及续航能力的提高】 技能为光环技能,能量恢复减少5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 10 点 冷却时间:10秒 蓝量消耗:22/24/26/28 制造范围:3/3/3/4码 受益人数:4/5/6/7 回蓝值增加:12/15/20/26 回蓝速度提高:25\30\40\50% 冷却提高:13\16\20\25% Gif演示: 软弱图腾 【萨满在目标区域放置一个软弱图腾,软弱图腾会在有效范围内大幅削弱敌方的战斗能力】 冷却时间:20秒 蓝量消耗:26/28/30/32 释放距离:最远4码 减益距离:最远3码 图腾存在时间:14秒 减益时间:5秒 暴击降低:10 \ 12 \ 16 \ 20% 精准降低:8\10\12\15% 穿透降低:6\8\10\12% PVE数量:∞ PVP数量:3/4/5/6 Gif演示: 部落仪式 【萨满快速进行部落仪式,仪式祝福自己或者选中友军,使其战斗能力获得提升】 冷却时间:30秒 蓝量消耗:18/20/22/24 释放距离:最远5码 持续时间:14/18/22/26秒 攻速增加:5%/8%/12%/14% 暴击伤害属性增加:10 \ 15 \ 20 \ 30% Gif演示: 萨满净化 【萨满发动净化魔法,将选中目标的减益效果全部清除,并在一定时间内大幅减少目标受到的伤害】 冷却时间:30秒 蓝量消耗:22/24/26/28 释放范围:最远5码 持续时间:5/6/7/8秒 受伤降低:20%/30%/40%/50% 先祖加护 在萨满净化期间,目标获得15%的技能治疗增加。 Gif演示: By:Tulips、嗨哥哥与Wtf(ALL SEA)的大力支持
  8. BiggFan

    Outdated Shaman

    Hi there! I'm Biggfan! I play on EU-Emerald and I was wondering if there is any plans to update Shaman skill descriptions. Some skills give some info, some almost nothing about the skill power or duration, like the Earth Protection. And one more thing! Do you have plans to enable Shaman to stack Mermen Gear stacks from enemies from more sources? Currently, only way to get Mermen Gear stacks are from Ball Lightning and Lightning Blast. And with Spring solo dungeons on the way, he will feel weak compared to other classes. Thank you for your time!
  9. Video on YouTube, Don't forget to like it and subscribe! https://youtu.be/Bf5W98LVAkk
  10. A friendly PvP of shaman vs Rogue Hope you guys enjoy it🥰 Don't forget to like share and subscribe .
  11. ʜᴀᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇᴠᴇʀ sʜᴏᴡ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴛʀᴜᴇ ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢs? ɪ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ ᴛʜɪs ʟᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜ. ᴋᴀᴛʀɪɴᴀ's ʟᴏᴏᴋ? ᴏʜ sᴏ ʟᴏᴠᴇʟʏ ʜᴇʀ ʜɪᴅᴅᴇɴ ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢs? ᴏʜ sᴏ sᴄᴀʀʏ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴠᴏɪᴄᴇ? ᴏʜ sᴏ ʜᴜsᴋʏ ʙᴜᴛ ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛᴏ ᴋɴᴏᴡ, ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴄʜᴀʀᴍɪɴɢ. have you ever fooled by everybody? to your lovely beautiful body? don't you cry, just look at the sky and say Katrina will never die. show us your true feelings, not those pretendable meanings. Katrina: I'll show my true wrath! They've fooled me, Lie to me!. HAHAHAHA *evil laugh* You! All of you will regret what did you just do to me! Katrina cant control her wrath and her true feelings Baron: My Lady, what can I do for you. Katrina: You.....you lied to me! I want to destroy you!.... *Baron thought that Katrina knew about his true identity* Baron: Oh, so you'll destroy me? ha ha ha *evil laugh* come on then, if you can. *They've fight along the circus, Baron can't fight anymore because Katrina can't control her feelings and do everything she want* Baron: I surrender..... *with afraid voice* Katrina: Dieeeeeee!!!!!! Baron: *Vanished* Katrina's Hidden Feelings showed up and anyone never fight her. EU-EMERALD Litercemi
  12. Hi. So i hve some questions about shaman's expert skill Ritual Tribal which is a skill that decreases the time of the skill recharge . in other words "cooldown reduction" Now im floating over 40k on my sham and ihve already all exp skills and iwanna buy it but i just need some info about it before i buy it so 1.How much cd does this skill give at all lvls ? 2.Im a pve sham so ithink this skill would be good for me but some people suggested me to buy the weakness totem "the one that decreases pene and accu" so if someone could tell me what to buy and why do i buy it i would really appreciate it :3 3.Is the ritual tribal skill useful for pvp ? Thx for reading this topic iwould really appreciate it if someone who bought this skill and tested it can tell me if its worth the 40k or no . Peace ✌
  13. Hello!😄Today I'm going to share some suggestions about shaman pve What, build should be good for pve shaman In your opinion? Here my builds: SHAMAN GROUP SUPPORT PVE: 5/5 Heal, 5/5 earth protection, 3/5 quake Experts: 4/4 Mana field 4/4 heal totem SHAMAN SOLO/DMG PVE: same basics skills like before: experts: 4/4 lightning shield/ 4/4 fire totem (Recommend lifesteal enchant) SHAMAN PRO HEAL PVE: basics build same, but experts: 4/4 Tribe's ritual 4/4 heal totem (Recommend CD gear) SHAMAN HYBRID PVE: same basics, experts: 4/4 fire and heal totem. DMG SHAMAN PVE DG: same basics but quake 5/5 and ball lightning 3/5 experts: 3/4 ritual 2/4 Mana field 4/4 fire totem (Recommend penetration enchant on rings/penetration amulet/penetration belt) These are the builds that can work in PVE but both with different situations. Someone know if new totem of weakness can work at 4/4 or it is just good at 1/4 for pve? I didn't tested it at 4/4 yet, but at 1/4 I find It not bad, any ideas? Btw I recommend nadir set and snow belt for get about 48% crit to sustain a good heal , maybe soon lvl 28 nadir armors for get 50% crit bonus. Here Is my shammy🙈, have a nice day! 👍
  14. Higgings

    Little doubt

    Hello everybody! I wanted to ask a question to our beloved community about a doubt which crossed my mind recently, as soon as I bought a new expert skill for my shaman (precisely, Lightning Shield). Although I based my sham to be a damage dealer (with interesting results, since it is not yet completed) I decided to show this skill some love by levelling it up till the lv3. Let's now go off topic and focus on another general statistic, which is Life Steal. This statistic grants you a little percentage of HPs back once you deal any kind of damage to your opponent. Here now is my doubt: Lightning Shield works almost like a Counterattack, thus, strikes the opponent with a bolt once he attacks us and deals us damage. This bolt should also gift the shammy a little more of hps, if he has life steal on his equipment. Yet it does not. So I wanted to ask, is that supposed to be normal? Or it is a bug? Thank you for your time and I bid you a nice day!
  15. Hey there, I'm quite new to game and I was wandering which class should I choose Necromancer or Shaman? I'm asking because there is going to be a new update soon and I don't know what will be more fun and more meta. Thanks for answers!👌
  16. About the shaman I think in warspear this is missing '' a little more for the class '' I did searches and found this. Shamans are secondary healers, with a fair amount of options and spells. Shamans are usually welcomed by party members for their Healing and Totens abilities. Shamans can use up to four types of Totem: Earth, Fire, Cold and Air. When in combat, shamans place damage totems and control on the ground to maximize their effectiveness while undermining their opponent's actions. Shamans are versatile enough to fight hand to hand or at arm's length against their opponents, but the wisest suit their plan of attack according to the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies.( because the warspear does not make a totem of control shaman is prescisando much) Thank you for reading now, let's go to the suggestions and discussions on the subject.
  17. Well I'm currently playing a "Hunter" class right now He's lvl 12 and I've had many dungeon quests and as the noob weakling I was (and I am still now), I always tend to ask for help from the World Chat or my Guild. So I really loved the help from the people who came over and gave it so I really want to be that kind of a player too. There are Rouge classes that also came over but they tend to be more common than others so I don't like them too much (although I heard they're too OP compared to other classes) So I really want to have a magic based player and I want to focus on helping the people in need (in dungeon quests to be specific).
  18. Hi everyone So i made a topic long ago about that iwas frustrated with my sham char cuz i didnt know how can i get gold to be better but many nice ppl told me that ineed to lvl and go swamps cuz it really gives alot of gold with bit of luck and idid that and the result was good igot finally sw gear (hood and armor) and lv22 ring and ihve good hp and lv22 staff too but i think iran into another problem . I decided that iwill max my char so ineed better gear and my sham still has star piligrim boots and gauntlets so idont know what gear to buy beyond lv22 so pls someone help :/ and i ofc wont buy kronus gear cuz they are so so so expensive and idont need them in this case . And one thing also im planning on buying lv25 craft staff so pls someone also tell me if its early to buy it or ishould first upgrade my gear . Iwill really appreciate it if a pro sham reply and tell me cuz im rly confused now and thanks :)
  19. Whats up guys so I just completed whole map 2 with my shaman and I need 100exp to lvl 16, but here is a question: what should I do is it worth go questing to swamps braking gear or just go do daily quest in map2? I know at after swamps there is alyvondi but swamps so hard so yea....
  20. Hello dear fellows warspearians so before few days I started with new char (shaman) and I cant find any guide about this class only skillbuilds wich is also good thing. So I have alredy few chars lvl 13 and 14 (rogue and necro) but I want to ask some tips how to be good healer for pve like hunting bosses 85k or in labs wich expert skill should I buy. P.s sorry for my english I know its terible. Thank You all for answers.
  21. Hey everybody. I want to suggest a change for shaman's earthquake. Some of you may have played shaman. You were maybe fighting a bird with your shaman. You used eartquake, and the bird got hit and died. Pretty normal or what? But... Have you ever thought about that you just hit something that was hovering above the ground? How is that possible? I mean, it's called EARTHquake, not quake, airquake or earthandairquake. And if the bird didn't die, it would get trapped in the air by an EARTHquake. Or elementals. It's big pieces of an element levitating above the ground. Still hit by earthquake. My suggestion is that earthquake becomes a real earthquake. That it won't affect flying mobs (Like birds, dragons and wyverns) and levitating mobs (Like ghosts and elementals). What do you think about my suggestion?
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