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Found 2 results

  1. Itzblaack

    Bag Theft

    Olá, novamente !!! Boa noite. Como Coordernador / Líder de uma guild vim trazer um assunto bastante delicado para este topico, uma possível solução aos roubos de mochilas de guildas que vem havendo frequentemente. Acredito ter uma solução sobre tal assunto, na qual seria limitar os itens nos quais os membros possuem no momento da retirada, algo parecido como se fosse retirar gold, de acordo com sua respectiva patente. Abaixo tenho um exemplo no qual felizmente não aconteceu comigo, mas também que não impossibilita de acontecer no futuro, já que a dependencia do uso de tal mecanismo é muito importante para facilitar nossa vida (lideres de guildas).
  2. This topic is about one of most active guilds on EU-server, which we owned for long time but we made it active just 5-6 months ago due Mermen GvG/bosses causing drama, Delicious, a 9lv guild with t2 castle (which def would of been next weekend). We made 16M guild points this week, which would'we made us #2 this week on Guild Tournament. But of course when there is motivated people trying to do something cool, theres always someone who wants to pull them down, not sure about his motif, either a revenge, flexing on hacking skills or something else, but the point is that it's gone, which is sad to our 90 active members who almost everyone made atleast 50k gp this week. And not just having that enough, our leader got hacked and deleted as well. This is what I know; I went sleep at 4am after horror events, our other members did dgs still as normal, and itz got hacked about 5:00- 6:00 CET Here is the video/screenshots of the hacker kicking people, we had members going kronus Now the question is, what can we do? is there anything that can be done? I hope support team is able to help, since this seems to be hacking-thing, this happened once or twice a year to most famous players on EU, hacking seems to be difficult I know but I hope there is people who can investigate on this case, its 90 of active members, best guilds mc side got on EU, T2 castle defence comes next week and its our castle so yeah...
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