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Found 4 results

  1. Ay ROGUES. STAND UP AGAIN. THE POWER OF THE THIEF, THE CLASS THAT PAVED THE WAY OF MC, IS FOREVER IN US. HOORAHHH To whoever see this. Whose idea was it to change Absolute Reflex. I know for a fact, every rogue in this game can agree, it is a waste of a skill. Developers hear us out. That skill was prime before that one update, that decided to nerf it. What did you see, that came to the decision to nerf it. There has been many rogues that agreed on one thing. The duration of the skill, after a successful dodge, isn’t long enough. On our soul, we do not see the effect of the skill because as soon as it is activated, it seems like it was never on(mind you the adrenaline in a fight be surging, so time moves a little slow sometimes). I had the skill maxed out because I was a “dodge rogue”, and got rid of it because I didn’t see any use of it in attack speed or dodge. Please help fix this skill. Sinister strike may be broken. Before the update it was a defense debuff skill. And BOII did it do its job. Now devs chose to do something that became another nothing as well. I recorded myself using the skill and explaining how it had no other purpose than it being another skill in the combo hit. It says the skill is supposed to give off an effect, none of us rogues are seeing. ROGUES IF YOU AGREE. COMMENT “HOORAHH”. THE POWER OF MANY IS BETTER THAN ONE.
  2. Dear Developers, First and foremost congratulations on the recent update. It's really nice to see the game developing towards balance between both factions.Coming to the rogues, the new negative accuracy has given warspear a new dimension I would say. Previously players did not want to invest in accuracy stat, now that's not the case. However rogues might need a ranged control or debuff skill I think. Let me explain. The things Rogues lag are, lack of resistance, areas stun, sufficient damage(when in dodge build, damage build is perfectly well-balanced), and survival (this is due to lack of range for the skill kick in the back). I strongly believe the kick in the back when added range to it, the class would be balanced. I want to clarify that I don't want Rogues to be broken and win all other characters. I just want this legendary character to be balanced and compete with its counterparts. Please consider my suggestion I apologise if I have spoken anything offensive. Thank you. Have a nice day and please share your opinion in the comments section.
  3. I would like to make some suggestions for the Rogue class. 1- Frenzy: Frenzy is one of the most useless skills in the class today, along with Flurry of Steel and Sinister Attack (despite changes in the last update). I would like to ask for the skill to become an aura skill (such as the Hunter's Combat Stance, Explorer's Exacerbation). The reason is that all other classes that are naturally damage have an aura skill, and Frenzy is not being a very interesting skill for the rogue's pve. So, why not combine the useful with the pleasant? This change would improve the state of the class in pve (which is not very nice) and would bring a utility to a skill that is not very useful. 2- Ricochet The meta pve of the game is very much aimed at classes with area control. Guild events, GvGs and Dungeons are increasingly having groups of larger enemies. And it is no secret that, of the classes that are naturally damaging, rogues have the worst damage skill in the area, which is Ricochet. I would like to ask them to improve the skill in some way, increasing base damage or adding some new mechanics to it (such as the Poison Blade + Ricochet combo). Anyway, these are my suggestions. The class has had its performance overshadowed by the other classes of the Legion and I think this will make him stronger. PS: Sorry for my bad english 😛
  4. Ok so I see a lot of updated and detailed guides for other classes on describing the best ways to get the most out of a class at max lvl for pvp, but I have failed to find any for Rogues. So I figured why not start a thread about, because I’m sure there are some max lvl rogues that need help at getting better at pvp. Including me. General knowledge about skill point distribution, skill use order, best relics and other useful tips like those would be much appreciated.
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