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Found 5 results

  1. Bom, esse tópico vai mais diretamente para a Akasha e os devs. Eu sou um player a mais de 3 anos e sempre joguei de rogue. A classe ao longo desses anos tomou vários nerfs e HOJE é uma das mais fracas no quesito PvE comparada a todas as outras classes de dano do jogo, (menos Paladino que tá mais pra suporte). Várias skills da classe são tão fracas que chegam a ser inúteis, como por exemplo Frenesi durando míseros 12 segundos e Ataque Sinistro com um dano muito baixo. Enquanto isso, Seeker com três skills (Exacerbação, Inspiração e Poder Solar) causa 3/4 vezes mais dano que o Rogue usando todas suas skills no combo. Vi nos fóruns Internacional e Russo dizendo que a classe estava balanceada, no quesito PvP não nego, mas no PvE, muitas vezes um DK com foco total em tank e com arma +4, causa mais dano que meu rogue com machados +8. Gostaria de saber se os Devs tem planos de fazer mudanças significativas no PvE da classe (como buffs em skills que estão muito fracas ou implementação de novas habilidades do especialista em breve).
  2. Changes in Rogue The rogues have not been performing well in the current meta pve, so I come to ask you to make the change in the Frenzy and Ricochet skill. Frenzy is not being a useful skill either for pve or pvp. Most high-level rogues use daggers and the skill's activation time consumes 2/3 hits, which is very disruptive. So I come to ask you to change the skill so that it is an aura skill with constant mana consumption. This would be very useful for the skill. And as for Ricochet, the skill is also not being a very useful skill (very low damage even 4/4), I hope they improve the skill in some way (improving their damage or adding a new mechanic), since the meta pve of the game is very focused on group control (be it in dungeons, GvGs, guild events, etc.).
  3. I would like to make some suggestions for the Rogue class. 1- Frenzy: Frenzy is one of the most useless skills in the class today, along with Flurry of Steel and Sinister Attack (despite changes in the last update). I would like to ask for the skill to become an aura skill (such as the Hunter's Combat Stance, Explorer's Exacerbation). The reason is that all other classes that are naturally damage have an aura skill, and Frenzy is not being a very interesting skill for the rogue's pve. So, why not combine the useful with the pleasant? This change would improve the state of the class in pve (which is not very nice) and would bring a utility to a skill that is not very useful. 2- Ricochet The meta pve of the game is very much aimed at classes with area control. Guild events, GvGs and Dungeons are increasingly having groups of larger enemies. And it is no secret that, of the classes that are naturally damaging, rogues have the worst damage skill in the area, which is Ricochet. I would like to ask them to improve the skill in some way, increasing base damage or adding some new mechanics to it (such as the Poison Blade + Ricochet combo). Anyway, these are my suggestions. The class has had its performance overshadowed by the other classes of the Legion and I think this will make him stronger. PS: Sorry for my bad english 😛
  4. As you can my character, whenever I do DG at 20 I keep on dying, not in ringmaster area, mainly mobs and boss The most stupid shit is the boss, even after getting the health buff and with heal minion that stupid boss teleports to some stupid place use her attack slow me down and let out barrage of magical attack which does 200-1k DMG to me I mean I'm fed up I can't do shit with these characters, I'm not rich like others who have pro I'd But I do have full outlaw set for use at 20 and use normal craft accessories Now please I beg you to reduce their attack power or amount of hits they make cuz these characters have no self heal, they can't possibly survive in the DG without HiFi +7 equips and weapons Please do something or suggest me something I'm just pissed cuz even after using heal minion + heal scroll + event minion + health buff, I get crushed like an ant
  5. Hi Guys! Sorry my english, i am brazilian, dont know write a good english... I want to know the best way to distribute skill points to pve in level 26 rogue using attack speed equipment and swords. Thank you for the help! really sorry my english is bad.
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