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Found 17 results

  1. Importante Alguns dos números mencionados na postagem são o resultado de muitos testes e podem não representar o número real da habilidade. Números coloridos em roxo são altamente duvidosos e precisam de mais testes para descobrir melhor. Todos os créditos ao criador do post original @Ogull que foi utilizado como base para coleta das informações das habilidades. Créditos pela tradução e adaptação @Splendor Link para o post original ~~~> https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/234732-death-knight-complete-skill-analysis-and-mechanics
  2. 1- The story in Warspear need really big improvements like small cutscenes for quests(if someone doesn't like it just give them button to off cutscenes). 2- The arena update that gives Disadvantage stats for using arena gears isn't necessary, like why we need to wear new gears to battle other players? I remember how good was the game in past while we use same gears for PVP and PVE now we get ganked by Other faction and die easily while doing normal quests outside of arena cuz they wear PvP gears while we are battling bosses with PvE and it's just pointless and waste of time like i have to
  3. OLÁ A TODOS!👋 Entre a maioria dos jogadores de Bruxo é comum ouvir a mesma reclamação sobre a habilidade especialista Corpo Pétreo uma vez que, na maioria dos cenários, ela só adia a morte certa. Mesmo sabendo que poder defensivo não é a principal característica dessa classe o propósito desse tópico é discutir possibilidades de ajustes e melhorias pra essa habilidade na medida do possível. Corpo Pétreo: Aplica o bônus Corpo Pétreo por um tempo definido. O personagem não pode ser atacado, mas também é imobilizado e não pode usar habilidades. O personagem recupera um pouco
  4. Rhaast

    O xamã no pve.

    A intenção deste tópico é discutir a situação do xamã no pve, bem como fazer sugestões de mudanças que tornem a classe mais competitiva. Situação do Xamã no pve (9.2.1) Apesar de ser uma classe muito boa no pvp, o xamã não tem tenta relevância no pve do jogo, isso se dá pelo fato da falta de habilidades de suporte ofensivo da classe, como buffs de dano ou melhorias de status ofensivos para o grupo. Diferente do druida, eu acredito que deixar o xamã como uma classe competitiva para o pve não é algo tão difícil. Existem muitos caminhos que poderiam ser seguidos na clas
  5. abandoned wizard skills I wanted to talk about two forgotten skills in the warlock, the first is the bloody tribute and the second is the grimoire. 1 ° the bloody tribute is a skill that I almost don’t see anyone using, let alone upgrading, it would be good if the skill instead of increasing the mana consumption of the next enemy skill if it drained the enemy mana for the wizard because the way it is I find it very difficult for any warlock to use it. 2nd grimoire with the arrival of the weakness zone the grimoire was left aside because the grimoire reduces the physical and mag
  6. rework in witches' stuns: anyone who plays a wizard knows that most of the wizard's stuns take too long to leave or are easy to leave. example: the mandinga takes 4 hits to activate its silencing effect, the ephemeral you have to use the pond to assign the stun because otherwise it only causes slowness (which is almost useless in the game because all classes can pull, jump or attack from a distance) and the weakness zone you basically only need to leave the 3x3 area of it which is particularly easy. what I'm trying to say is that the warlock is not so high a survival, making skills in which it
  7. rework of the black seal: the ability would transform into a passive that would steal part of the healing from all targets around the wizard. for the ability not to be so op it could have a bit of a difference between pvp and pve eg steals 10% of the healing in pvp and 1% pve.
  8. Ideas to make Warlock survive longer (and therefore easier to level up): Increase Life Exhaust healing, but decrease Dark Seal effect to balance. Black Seal Rework: Reduces the enemy's healing effects and any damage done to the enemy with the Seal, heals Warlock according to the damage dealt (Example: a hit from Dark Sphere would heal more than a hit frol Pool of Darkness) to a maximum of (?). Increasing the skill level increases the healing reduction, the percentage of damage that is healed and the maxium possible h
  9. CHARCO SOMBRIO: Diminui drasticamente a velocidade de ataque e aumenta o tempo de recarga de todas as habilidades inimigas dentro de uma área 3x3 durante X segundos. Com o desenvolvimento da habilidade a duração é a quantidade de inimigos aumenta. Ex: a habilidade no 1/5 podia reduzir em 10% a velocidade de ataque e aumentar o tempo de recarga dad habilidades em 7% durante 6 segundos o número de jogadores atingido são 2 e não a limite para monstros.
  10. (Reservas secretas rework) Quando a vida do cavaleiro da morte é reduzida a um nível crítico a regeneração de vida almenta por alguns instantes. Quando essa habilidade passiva ativar a regeneração de vida NÃO MUDA MESMO estando em BATALHA ! Ficando assim *o mesmo parâmetro* de REGENERAÇÃO dentro ou fora de combate apenas por alguns segundos! Exemplo: o parâmetro regenerar não abaixa por alguns segundos mesmo estando em batalha, depois que o efeito passar o parâmetro abaixa se ainda estiver em batalha. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 (Esfera sombria remake [Warlock] ) O bruxo d
  11. Pls, don't hate me, these aren't nerf suggestions, just some ideas. I did the same thing for Warlocks. Temporal Distortion: Increases damage. This would be the main AoE damage skill of the Mage. Instead of dealing damage in the Mage's destination, deals damage at the origin of the teleport, so the Mage can take distance of the enemy and attack from a safe range (actually, the Warlock needs something like this). 1 and 2/5: Base range 3 and 4/5: +1 meter 5/5: +2 meters Stone Shards: High Stun chance (almost 100% at 5/5) but highly
  12. If you have a suggestion of a skill rework (don't matter if you play with the class or not), say it here!
  13. Here are some ideas to improve the Charmer an charmer's Call (ignoring some "Summoner Skill" effects): 1: Buff. 1.1: Increase his physical damage. If the player has 100 physical damage, make the wolf do 150. If the player has 500, make the wolf do 750. 1.2: Increase his attack speed. Let's say the wolf's current attack speed is 3.0, it could decrease to 2.0. 1.3: Increase his defense and/or life per player level. If you are a healer/magical damage healer, the dog is usele
  14. In this topic, i don't give a suggestion. YOU give it.
  15. Writing this very fast 'cause i am sleeping I already made posts of this and i will do it for the last time: Make Charmers use spears/ 2h maces. Sum the statistics of these builds: Charmer's Equipments (+5 Sea set) DK's Spear* (+10 2020 Spring Event Spear) *Ignore the necklace and it's stats, i just added it to save the build. Now compare with: Charmer's Full Build What you would get ant lost with this: + Physical Damage + Magic Damage - Defense (almost 1K) - Block • More damage in basic attack. •
  16. Hello everyone, that's for sure something like resistance is ineeded in warspear due to perma stuns possibility from few classes, but how it's working nowadays is so frustrating. PvP is based full on random, resisting stun by high damage dealer vs cloth armour user is nearly instant death, Resistance should be changed on something like tenacity in LoL, i mean it should lower stun time, and works always, not deleting him completly so classes like lock can still keep enemys on range but wont be able to perma stun opponent with this bonus. Resistance changes shouldnt be included just to boss
  17. The rogue has a long history in the game of Warspear. From being a pain to deal with before expert skills, to having stacking 100% dodge with absolute reflexes. Yet as the time passed rogue started feeling weaker and weaker. Now it reached the point where rogue is one of the worst playable characters in the entire game along with barbarian. To be honest it's nearly unplayable. Aspecially after the introduction of the new classes. Seeker took over the throne of stealth assasins and rogue was left in the dirt. The game itself is shifting more and more to elf favour, but I'll not get into wider t
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