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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Wanted to talk about the current situation of "Attraction" Seeker skill and its "block talent" reverse attraction . Right now attraction ( without the old "Mute" interaction ) is useless because it has a 90% of failure in working as it can be easily countered by either resist skills or a simple castle scroll of resistance. Attraction : Basically right now Attraction is good just for daily questing as it brings nothing in pvp and GVG fights Arena = Here ( while it can be resisted ) if it works it really depends on the situation because it can either result in a good grab to get an enemy or it can kill you as you have a delay after using grab where opponent can stun you and kill you easily GVG/Raids = Basically it really is hard to not get caught while trying to grab and enemy so the result is either you getting stunned and dying frontline or failing the grab as it says " Resist " War = I literally counted yesterday in the 3 day war while trying to grab Hunters with 1 castle scrolls + guild resist buff and I used my grab skill 57 times.... it worked only 4 times Reverse Attraction : With current state of "Block talent" seeker skills , noone uses it because. yeah 20% resistance is good but low duration but you lose the dmg bonus from the other seeker talent and you still have the "delay" after using the skill ; and of course depends on situation Arena = Pretty much useless because you put yourself in a risky situation as you are in the enemy side + you have delay of using skill GVG/Raids = Nothing to say.... basically a suicide move as seeker is super weak in tanking hits PS: Don't come here saying "All the seekers I fight are immortal and 1shot me + super tanky " ; Think about all the seekers and not just 15 books pvp, +10 greatness gear with all kind of buffs ( which are still kinda bad in GVGs or mass fights ) , there are many other classes elf or mc that even while pve can still sustain enemy dmg and do a lot of dmg wholewise Ty for reading EDIT : Sometimes even without castle scrolls , enemy will resist easily just with guild resist passive buff
  2. Hello everyone, that's for sure something like resistance is ineeded in warspear due to perma stuns possibility from few classes, but how it's working nowadays is so frustrating. PvP is based full on random, resisting stun by high damage dealer vs cloth armour user is nearly instant death, Resistance should be changed on something like tenacity in LoL, i mean it should lower stun time, and works always, not deleting him completly so classes like lock can still keep enemys on range but wont be able to perma stun opponent with this bonus. Resistance changes shouldnt be included just to bosses. What do u think?
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