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Found 2 results

  1. I suggest the dev to reduce mini-boss respawn time to 5 or 2.5 minutes and boss by 10 or 5 minutes. This is because too much player competing to kill boss just for the same quest. This can prolong quest from 20 minutes to more than 1 hours. To solve farmer problem, reduce item drop rate for killing same boss/mini boss every day like 2nd time kill reduce 25% drop rate 3rd time kill reduce 50% drop rate and so on.
  2. Many quests in the game involve gathering objects (like plants and looting bags), and for each one it takes the same amount of time to harvest, regardless of how many times you have harvested it before. Since this system is featured in many quests I feel like it should be revamped. My suggestion would build off the talents system by adding a talent that can be used on every island (contrast to the current talent system.) Training the gathering talent would be simple: gather objects to gain experience to level up the talent (Gathering stuff in higher level areas give more exp). The perks to leveling up the gathering talent include: -The ability to gather stuff faster -The ability to get some unique items from gathering (Possibly trinkets that can be sold for gold or basic craft resources.) -When the gathering talent is maxed, you can gather stuff while in a fight (Makes gathering a lot less annoying.) I think this will benefit the game in a positive way because it will give people a slightly larger variety of activities they can do aside from questing, PvM, and PvP.
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