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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, First of all, I would like to say this site is well-made, it's compatible with my old android browser (which is miraculous). All issues I write here have been encountered on this old android browser, which is on Android 4.0.3. I have two problems : the first one is when I try to upload huge text (no image or else, only text), it shows "saving..." but my text don't appear in the topic, even if I retry multiple times. The second one is about the creation of a topic : when I select Create a topic, it shows me the window where I can select the forum where I want to post it, but I can't scroll down to choose "International", and clicking on arrows to show sub-forums don't work. I think for this issue, can you just make, instead of showing a pop-up, open the page of creating the topic and here u can select the forum in a list. Thank you,
  2. I cant connect into realm (topaz) today. Are there same trouble out there?
  3. I am unable to use keyboard on my Samsung galaxy note 8 when i click on the chat bar the keyboard doesn't pop up It was working fine until yesterday this happened i have restarted my phone re-installed warspear still doesnt work Please Help Thank you
  4. I can't play Warspear by play I mean click the play button on the steam page to play. Someone, please help me.
  5. My internet is fast but i dont know why im still lagging at warspear, it always lag without any reason. Im the only one using the internet and only using warspear, but it still have lag. Is this warspear's problem ?
  6. hoje mais cedo não pude entrar no game porque ele estava atualizando. e ai quando eu entro essa belezinha aparece! posso saber PORQUE estão pedindo moedas pra fazer o crafting? endoidaram!? não vi nenhum update ou atualização falando sobre isso. se precisarem, posso fazer um post em ingles no forum general pra abrir o questionamento para mais players
  7. Hello, i have a problem concerning add skills. If i click + window with shop will open and it want for me to buy relics. I can not upgrade skills without buying these relics. What could I do, if i want to upgrade skills?
  8. Hello people! Recently i bought a smatphone of the model (Asus Zenfone GO ZB500KG) However when i try use the keyboard for the chat or for sell anyone item it doesn't show up. I like play warspear but until now i don't got solve my problem. Anybody can solve it or help me with this problem? Olá pessoal! Recentemente comprei um celular do modelo (Zenfone GO ZB500KG) Porém quando tento utilizar o teclado para escrever no chat ou para vender algum item ele não aparece Eu gosto de jogar warspear mas até agora não consegui resolver meu problema Alguem pode resolver isso ou me ajudar com esse problema?
  9. When i change the item to put into my hotkey, the system doesn't save it. In fact, every time i change account, i have to put the item / skill again and it's kinda boring xD. Is it a bug or how the new system work?
  10. Panchen

    Logic game

    Check out this Warspear Logic Problem! Your replys will actualy help me, so give it a try please: Panchens has 1 piece of each of this runes and crystals in his bag: Rune of Defence Rune of Magical Defence Rune of Fortitude (HP) Rune of Healing (HP regen) Rune of Reflection (Parry) Rune of Shielding (Block) Rune of Evasion (Dodge) Crystal of Harmony (MANA regen) Crystal of Wisdom (MANA) Crystal of Dexterity (Attack speed) Crystal of Deadliness (Critical hit) Crystal of Accuracy Crystal of Permeation As Panchens isn't rich, he doesn't have too many bag slots, so getting all this runes and crystals left his bag almost full. He only has 3 slots left in his bag. Being poor also stops him from buying more than 3 items. So now he's wondering: How can I, the mighty Panchens, use all my enhancements if i can only have 3 items? So, this is how this problem works.. you pick 3 items and see if all of those runes/crystals can be used in those items. For example: Cloak, Helmet, Ammy won't work because Panchens can use dexterity crystals in none of them.
  11. Hello, I was wondering why whenever I try to make a purchase by sms says that to review the message, always have tried on two cellular and two accounts in my and my cousin what's happening? and I have credits in both phones.
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