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Found 1 result

  1. This is the story about Chosen dinasty. the people were very happy, they were living in peaceful times. The whole nation loved and obeyed their king Tharius and their god Paladin. Their king was a peaceful but strong warrior , seeking peace for his nation. Sometimes he was having some dreams where he goes to huge wars, like he was beeing possesed by some evil. One day the king went to hunt in his beautiful forests. He loved hunting. He walked pass by a small river to wash his hands , there he saw something strange. Instead of seeing reflection of his huge unscratched armour he saw a shadow, a shadow that started to bother him. The hunt began and his party killed many animals. Amongst others they killed 8 grey wolfs. Wolfs were believed that they were the Paladin's companions. Right before they ended their hunt, the king spotted a small cave. He was sure there must be a big wolf inside, a trophy for his successful hunt. He took his sword and went near the cave, suddenly a very big wolf arose and jumped on him. The king killed the wolf in the battle but the wolf injured his hand, the one which wielded the sword. Not long after, the king started feeling something strange, he started having dark thoughts. He started beeing angry, desirous to go in war, he was Furious. When the spring came he went into war. He wanted to conquer the Holy Lands. Right upon entering the land the king heard a voice, voice that he didnt payed much attention to. The voice said "Oo Mighty King Tharius , do not draw blood in the Holy Lands". The king continued on his will and started war with the holy people. He was delusional. He started reigning terror, killing everything on his sight. Not long after, he killed their leader, king Arman , the one who was believed to be the God's son. The night came and the knights started their feast. The king drank a lot of wine that night and fall in a deep sleep in his newly conquered castle. Later that night a strong wind came from nowhere. The wind was soo strong that it broke the kings' room's wooden windows , screaming to the drunk king's ears. The king was awake. The voice spoke to him again. " Oo foolish warrior , i told you not to go in war on the holy land , you killed my SON!!!, you made me very,very angry. You and your people shall be cursed and suffer for One Hundred years!!!"". The king started screaming in fear. Tharius couldn't go back to sleep and only waited for the sun to rise. The next day he immediatelly returned to his old kingdom. One week has passed and nothing happend. The king finally could sleep in peace thinking it was just a bad dream. Soon after the 9th sun rise he began noticing dark spots on his hands. He was clueless, no alchemist had answer for what was it. Tharius went to the Old one. "Oo Old man, tell me what is the meaning of this, what kind of sorcery is this!?". and the wise man spoke. "The voice you heard was the voice of our god PALADIN!! , the words were true. After you killed his son Arman, our god's daughter the goddess of peace and love Samantha was FURIOUS!!. She took her sudden doom hammer and started smashing the earth. Thunderstorms and dark magic struck the earth and she made a hole on the ground. The hole was soo deep that she went to the deepest level of the underworld!. There she seeked the evil knight, the one who once split the earth and plagued half of the population and turned them into his army, the army of the deathknights, the PLAGUE KNIGHT!!!!! The plague knight agreed to go to the cursed lands and accomplish his duty of spreading plague to the king and his dunasty for one hundred years until the very last of thir breed is extinct from the face of earth". When the king heard those words, he knew that he must take the punishment for the war that should have never happened. The next day a solar eclipse began. The sun was getting darker and darker and the people started to fear, the animals went into frenzy. The king knew this was the end. In one hour it was complete DARKNESS. Out of the shadows came the ruler of the underworld the death its self, the PLAGUE KNIGHT!!! The knight started spreading plague and evil to every breathing organism. and so the one hundred years of punishment began. the end.
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