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Found 2 results

  1. Bom queria pedir pra aingrind, pra publicar novos papeis paredes, uns mais bonito, mordeno e até mesmo de trajes raros e épicos ou se bem ja que isso é perda de tempo e dinheiro, faz um concurso de melhor papel de parede com jurados. ....obrigado por olharem meu pedido, e agradeço por ter administradores ativos no fórum...
  2. Hello everyone, welcome to my topic. Here is a small list of suggestions I have in mind and hope they would make this game more colourful and easier to play. So lets get started!! I think we all remember that during festive events, the range attacks of casters change colour and animation. I think this should be permanent with an mcoin item that adds a specific animation on the basic hits and colour. It could be two items if needed (one for colour and one for animation) Also, I think it will be a good idea for all range attacks to be able to be "edited" in our liking. Not only casters but also hunters and rangers. Under this category I would like to add the idea of changing the colour of the skills of the characters for example: Necromancers poison shield, priests aura, mages sun shield, hunters combat stance. (You get the idea.) As I healer I found myself many times frustrated that I cannot see who is healed at the time (specially when there are more than two healers in party) and losing in most cases precious time. To prevent that from happening I suggest on the side of the screen where the party members are listed, near their name should be an icon that shows who is under heal effect but also under stun/poison. Another idea I have is that all items that can be found in dungeons or from boss drops, (costumes, armors, accessories, weapons) should have a time limit before they become bound (personal/receiving) to the holder. That way more people will be able to get the specific items cause the people not intend to use them will have a reason to actually sell them instead of holding them on forever cause they cant find a buyer willing to pay they (usually astronomical) price. Also, this will prevent resellers from storing all items and then monopolizing the market (asking more and more as each new buyer adds to the sum) I think we are in the need to move on further and advance the AI of the mobs and give them the ability to use skills on the players in the last areas of Ayvondil. My last 3 suggestions I have seen somewhere here around but I would like to list them as well. Activating arena or other long lasting buffs from skill menu like the guild skills. A list on the character menu that shows the remaining time of active skills, potions, scrolls and guild buffs. The ability to see the remaining time left to get +1 refilled stamina without the need to walk to a dungeon and check it the gate.
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