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Found 12 results

  1. As the title says, i was able to achieve 13k critical hit dmg with +1 gears, and able to solo almost all boss with no lifesteal, check this vid Second image of the nearly 20k dmg crit
  2. Solo raidboss + a story in this vid
  3. Beastmaster in crucible (all gears +1 except weapon)
  4. bladedancer is one of the characters in Warspear online, bd is a hero who has a high physical def despite not using a shield, bd is used to be very weak and I personally agree to balancing the powerful warlock and shaman too overpowered (past time). but it used to be, now conditions have different, dev gone too far, now bd is op, imagine bd physiktwo could exceed 1k damage the normal hit, if a tanker is only natural to have this much damage? then see all skill bd, ranging from the first skills "Rush", able to detect stealth rogue and a have high chance stunt and then, shield skills even level 5 of necro shield is too weak to be compared with the level 4 bd shield, this is a shame, advanced to the third skill that sonic boom ,third dmg skill with sickening dmg if you do not have enough resilience, the skill to 4 counterstrike im spechless to this skill (tank with 4 dmg skill) , then dodge, bd now is perfect 'tanker' , great (ridiculous) damage ( flash strike + hamstring + counterstrike + sonic boom + 4% dmg) + big defence (heavy armor + mentioned if bd was "tanker") + 2 deadly stunts (hamstring + rush) + much health power (i've seen a bd walking with 4,5k hp with "no shield") + dodge skill (parry ft dodge ? well said) . especially the less? I think no. im not crying neither whining about bd nowadays , im just concerned , why does dev keep doing this situations with keep giving buff skill to bd in every update, compared mage, warlock ,necro , and barb which in every update getting "trash skill" comparing to rogue ? yes rogue is killer who can take down enemy in less than 5 second (high amp rogues) , but you should realized that rogue have much weakness, rogue cant crit anymore with jump, rogue have 4 dmg skill (mericiless + poison + throwing + ricochet) but the effective skill is only jump and poison i think, idk others opinions, rogue using leather armor meaning rogue def will never more than bd (same amp), rogue pretty dead after stealth end up and all elf char have skill to break stealth except priest, so yeah comparing bd with rogue is silly stuff. bd does not have a weakness, weakness bd is only one if it is not amped, so what do you think? whether bd will forever op like this? or there will be a "little" balancing? with respect to bd users, lets talk about this stuff. comment with use your brains.
  5. A physical Charmer has the highest damage of the game. Change my mind. Obs: I can prove it. Here's the prove. Using this as example: Warspear Calculator - Full CDR, Critical and Accuracy Physical Charmer Focus only on what is written in the link. Now let's imagine: The Wolf attacks every 2 seconds. In 5/5, it lives for 30 seconds. So in 5/5, it does 15 attacks. Ignoring Penetration, Critical, Physical Defense, Dodge, Block, Parry, etc, it deals 15.000 physical damage (in total). Here enters the Cooldown Reduction: With 35-50% CDR, the cooldown of Call is 19-22 seconds. Let's say it is 20s. So, for 10 seconds you have 2 Wolfs at the same time. In 1 minute, you can summon 3 Wolfs: The first Wolf will do 15K damage. The second Wolf will do 15K damage. The third will do 10K damage (because the other 5K are done after completing 1min). So in 1 minute you do 40K damage. Now with a Grand Relic of the Continuous Effect: The Wolfs will live for 42 seconds. 42/2 = 21 Now the Wolf do 21K damage (in total) The interval where 2 Wolves live now is 22 seconds. Let's change the time range to 1 minute and 30 seconds. The first Wolf will do 21K damage. The second Wolf will do 21K damage The third Wolf will do 21K damage The fourth Wolf will do 15K damage. In 1m30s you do 78K damage. BUT, there is the Summoner Skill, the new Charmer's expert skill that increases the time of the Wolf in 160-180% (i don't remember) And it's combo with Goading, that increases 80% damage. And his base skill that decreases Defense. So yeah, that's a lot of damage.
  6. ''10 Steps To Become OP Without Money" This guide is perfectly made for those players who want to start the game and to become rich and OP without any money being spent. Note: Focus on 1 character at a time. This guide wont work without Hardwork. STEP 1: Questing. This is the most important way in Warspear to level up and gain more golds as you do higher quests. Focus on Yellow Quests. STEP 2: Sell all Scrolls & Potions that you don't need. Doing quests will sometimes award you with Scrolls and Potions. These things give you good numbers of gold and it gives more golds depends on quest levels. Always sell these things to NPC. STEP 3: Reach Max Level. Questing is the only way to gain Experiences for you to level up, as you level up, you will open up higher quests that will give you more golds that lower quests. Reaching the max level in-game will allow you to be unstoppable in questing and the key for you to have one of the best character in game. Max Levels have more opportunities than lower levels. STEP 4: Do all Quests everyday. As you reach max level and completed all Yellow Quests, you will have everyday quests. By doing all quests everyday, you can earn and bank more golds. STEP 5: Hunt Bosses. Having a low amplified equipments or being low equipped character is not a problem. By doing completed boss quests repeatedly, it will allow you to get more drops from these bosses and sell them to players who is willing to buy your drops. It is one of the major ways to earn high numbers of gold. STEP 6: Save up your Golds. As you earn more golds in-game, be sure to not spent them with not important things or things that you dont really need! Note: Use your Golds for important matters only. STEP 7: Buy Equips that you will use for a long Time. As the game goes on, many updates will come and things might change, there will be more new equipments to be released. Be sure to only buy equipments that will lasts for long time, be sure to buy the high levels equips as it gives more stats than lower equipments. STEP 8: Amplify your equipments Wisely. As you buy equipments, you will have the lust of amplifying these. Be sure to amplify the most needed equipments first before the other things. For Dmg Class / Mgc Class, be sure to amplify your weapons first before your armors. For Tank Class, be sure to amplify your armors first before your weapons. Note: Be sure to spent your golds wisely, Better don't spent all your golds. Tips : Save up gold and put your goal to 20 sets Signs of Imperishability for each equipment. STEP 9: Spam Dungeons. As your character have a good stats, start going dungeons that gives expensive drops and do it repeatedly. Sell all those drops to players that is willing to buy it. It is the Most Highest way to earn gold. Note : Be sure to join Dungeon Events as it give you more expensive drops. Note : Best to find a Guild that helps you for your Dungeon Spams and sells you cheap or give free supplies. STEP 10: Reselling in-game items. As you earn more golds, having a business will help you to grow your golds higher and higher. Reselling is not illegal, don't be afraid to do it. Note : Be a Business Minded Person, always seek for things that you think you can earn gold. Set your Goals, Achieve it with hard work, cause always remember that "Hard work pays off" "I'm a living proof that everyone can be OP and Rich without spending any real money with these steps, I maybe poor in real life, but in Warspear, I can make history and compete with rich people across the globe" - Rapagilaz, EU-Emerald.
  7. Of course this class was made by someone who play agaisnt legion, how they made this class , so op in war, they are wining all the time because they dont need do much , they sent ALL the Warden in front, and the rest Just need focus flag, warden can tank everyone for MINUTES, How this is balanced in a war? Lets change this.
  8. Hi everyone! So the recent update with the new maps and new items in the AP shop, and the previous Arena-related update really helped keeping Arena alive. Especially remarkable is the matchmaking and rating system that we've seen couple of months ago. They tried to fix the issue with cheating by making organised win-lose parties, and thus winning an Arena season, and they introduced that match-making system. Which gave me a feeling that they actually wanted that this cheating ends. But here is the bad news, people figured out a new way to cheat their way into winning the season. The match making system wouldn't match 2 groups if one group seemed dominant on the other. By making the spams between the 2 groups a one lose one win spam, they succeeded with "tricking" the system. Now here is the problem: People who win the season are purely planned from the beginning. It goes something like: "Hey, I'll take this season 3v3, and you take the next" and "we agreed that you take 2v2 and I take 5v5 and the next season otherwise" and in weird cases "hey why you block me? I thought I win this season". And this is not fine... It feels like all I need to win is register my name in the winning list and wait for my season, and of course, have gold and friends to help me win and lose to them. It might not seem as bad if you ignore the fact that most of the times you'd see them planned parties in Arena, and you, as a random guy demanding, would have no chance to win, and that's even if you actually get matched. Arena is at the moment is a place for planned spams, otherwise you can't get matched, you can't even demand, you know you'll lose. A big example is 5v5, Idk how it is in other servers, but in US, it is very inactive and only planned win lose parties are there. So what's the solution? If devs wanna end this, they gotta do something. Let's discuss in the comments (devs/mods are absolutely welcome) and I will start by suggesting the following: Remove pre-planned parties in Arena once and for all. So you can't demand Arena while in party. "Action is not available in party". I don't know if it was discussed before, but didn't see any topic about it (At least not like this dedicated one). Now, of course like we all know, every time there is a suggestion/complain, there must be some arguments with it so it is not considered whining, so let's begin. -Advantages: 1- Matchmaking system can't be "tricked". You can't plan who is with you and who is against you. Which results in advantage #2. 2- The winners would actually deserve their reward, they'd work hard for it, because they'd actually fight, and then deserve this significant reward they get, that they're getting now for almost nothing. 3- because of #1, people will be more encouraged to demand, because they always have a chance to win = less inactivity in Arena. 4- More people will have a chance to win a season. If devs do that, they could eventually add more rewarding spots, top 10? It will be harder indeed to get there, that's why it makes sense that more people could be rewarded. top 3 as the current #1, #4 and 5 as the current #2 and 3, #6-10 as the current #4 and 5. #1 could also rewarded with something bigger as 2 and 3 for sure. I have problem with that, but at least people who got there deserve it. 5- From devs point of view, it is more profitable, since it would take more to win.* -Disadvantages: 1- Sadly for the people who are used to getting easy season wins, they will work harder now. * You'd argue against that to be more Pay-to-win. And that it would take too much gold/mcoins to win a reward, well, that's the case now, but it takes 0 effort in winning fights. I'd rather see people winning pay more and deserve the prize. Remember the strength of those gears that people win. You'd also argue against it to be more time consuming (No-life), well, still better than getting such a huge advantage for, as I said, 0 effort in winning fights. But if you still think it'd be too much work for the gears, then check this out. To balance everything out: With this no pre-made party system, more people could be rewarded, since it is now harder. Moreover, the top 10 people will not be related to each other, as it is now. It wouldn't make sense to have 10 people rewarded now because the top 10 maybe even 100 are all involved in planned pre-made lose-win parties. But since the top 10 would be completely unrelated (Each one spammed on his own), top 10 could be rewarded. In addition to that, devs could make the seasons shorter from 2 to 1 month maybe or 6 weeks. Again, gives more chances to more people, and less work. But at least some work, unlike now. FAQ: Questions that nobody asked, but I'll answer anyway. Q: The winners will be those who paid and spammed the most, or what do you think? A: Not necessarily, winning a lot against real people should be also taken into consideration. Also that's just the case now, so what's your point? Q: What happens to people who already won all armor parts or some parts, and just need one or two pieces to complete the set, do you think it's fair now? A: If he can get the rest, then he's a good Arena player and he deserved it ;) Q: A big aspect in the game is playing with guild and friends, how can guildmates and friends play arena together now? A: Good question. They could still demand together and possibly match each other in the same team or the other. I know it is a sad thing, but cheaters winning is really sadder. Q: Why not just keep everything as it is now? A: Seriously dude, after everything I said? Arena will be more fun without pre-made parties, and rewarding will be fair and to the people who deserved. Q: I think you'd have a different opinion if you won some armors. A: What if I told you, I'd think of going if this idea is taken into consideration, or cheating is stopped somehow. That's the Gladiator's way, after all, fight and win fair. It is more than easy to get a reward now, you just need time. Not even much gold by the way, because it will pay off if you buy items in the AP shop and resell for gold. But I didn't go for a rank because it is ridiculous, and I'm against this fun-ruining system. How is that a question anyway? So that was it for me, thank you for stopping by to read my longass topic once again. Let's discuss this, opinions and suggestions are welcome. And devs' thoughts on the whole issue of cheating and how to solve are surely appreciated.
  9. Sadly theres a cap , anyway comment down in the video description for new videos and try beat my maximum crit.
  10. . . . All those recent topics. BDs overpowering. The weakining of allready weak classes. . . . Could it be? Is there a deeper meaning? . . . Do devs want to destroy the game on purpose? Do they try to ruin this community? And why would they? . . . ... Maybe they are getting so much money that they want to sit on it . . . rather than improving the game maybe they are sick of us. . . . look at the evidences! . . . BDs overpowerness. the weakening of allready weak classes. Amplification concept. Crystal&Runes concept. The whole mcoins concept. the persistance of position bug- shoven away by the blaming of the bad conneciton of yours (even tho you are using fiber.) the persistance of hacking possibilities. the inability of the support. the naughty and cheekyness of the devs replying to problems. the inactivity of them ingame. like gods they are treated by the players but nevertheless despised. hated upon for the thefts they have made onto their wallets with their wicked miracle coins hated upon indirectly by the new people because of the harsh treatment they recieve. cursing on the highest niveau, despite the sloppy chat block not working on bad words but on normal bad english vocabulary (her) they cant just keep making errors without purpose they want us to leave- they want the game to be destroyed. FACE THE TRUTH
  11. I want you to post your personal oppinion of a chars stats that seem to be the best Lv10 Of your Server. this is an oppinion Not fact these stats can have buffs Or None My Vote is Jesenia Of Us Sapphire this is Her Stealth with max dmg in Arena Comment and share a pic of your Oppinion and what Server
  12. Please rework the war buffs given to the winning faction. Being able to bend pvp wins is easy because of said 'winning faction' always getting buffs. Ive lost to a ranger(with armour) who i was able to beat with half my armour because of the increase in resi and dmg. Please rework the idea.. It's unfair and just plain annoying now.
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