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Found 4 results

  1. When someone kills Hydra, a new TW is open: Hydra's Lair. Like Kronus' TW! (The location of the 2 bosses has similar difficulties in reaching)
  2. Bom, vim dizer umas ideias que na minha opinião deixaram o jogo mais interessante. 1 - Como tá dito no tópico, todos os maps tem dungeon menos o map 3, imagina só uma Dungeon onde seria difícil a party chegar, mas que os drops seriam únicos no jogo, tipo trajes que não podem ser obtidos em nenhum outro lugar, novas armas e armaduras talvez. Seria como a bg do MAP 2. 2 - Uma outra ideia é dar um baú para cada local conquistado por uma facção durante a war. Porque ela não da nada a não ser aquelas estrelas e um baú onde pudesse vim coisas mais únicas e interessantes seria muito bom, assim todos iriam participar. 3 - Também seria bom diminuir o preço cobrado para amplificar uma arma ou armadura, além de gastar com sing e esferas teria que gastar muito só pra amplificar. 4 - Outra sugestão é mudar os intens lvl 16 de Nadir para " equipando " assim, os players poderiam comprar por gold de outros players que tenham corimdons, assim como fazem com equips lvl 20. Porque cá entre nos ne, quem lvl 16 consegue as moedas de Nadir tão fácil? 5 - Uma ideia divertida, seria legal conversar com a facção rival somente em arena, imagina só falar com o inimigo no bate papo da área, a luta seria bem mais provocante.
  3. Hello everyone. You guys must have read a norlant quest at least once, and realize the fact the we try to help them so they help us againts the opposite faction (this is pretty explicit in norlant aqueducts quest lines). But where is this help? My ideia is to make the chainless league helps at the territory war, in exchange to the help given to them completing cl quest and, most important, cl-related norlant quests. The more the faction, as a whole, helps cl, the more they will help at war, giving bonus stats when the war happens. By now, im thinking in small bonus, like flag armor or health increased. But we can think in really cool things if we dream a lil further. Better bonuses like faster respawn rate when defending or extra move speed when atacking. We could give reinforced walls, extra mobs defending the town under atk, or even some kind of weapon for defense (though I cant really imagine it happen), all of this based on how much work for the chainless league the faction did. This would give players more motivation to do norlant even without giving it a big update (we barely need to change anything there, maybe link more quests to cl lore-wise) and giving them a extra way to help the efforts for the war, and making it more fun, imagine having to crush thrown walls to atack the enemy town?. Well, thats is it, please comment your opinions
  4. Morning players, i was messing arround norlant as I do everyday, and found this way to (almost) break the game a lil bit. I did not used to do aqueducts, i started to fully complete it some days ago, and then i noticed a thing. You can do the quest, kill the bosses, get the itens (you even have a chance to get good items). The catch is here, before you report the quest, you cancel it. But why would i cancel a finished quest wyrmy? Now you take it again, and to it again, get the itens again, how many times you want to it! You can do the kill up to 5 mini bosses each time, each one dropping pots, scrolls, and even itens. Idk if someone noticed it before, probs yes, and maybe aigrind fix it (or not, they never fixed the stealth bug i reported on rogue).
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