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Found 6 results

  1. 2023 is right around the corner, and with it, the next map: Almahad! For the ones who don't know what i'm talking about, i suggest you to read this: [2022.07.29] In developing: Almahad, the Isle of Chainless League. Part I Before it released, there was the release of two new classes, and probably the last ones: the Beastmaster and the Reaper. This post is based on the hypothesis that in the same update that will introduce Almahad, the maximum level will increase, and maybe we would get new Expert Skills. So my question is: What do you think that the Death Knight needs or what do you think we will get?
  2. This post was made thinking about players between the levels of 12 - 20, but these changes would benefit players from every level. I think there are some problems while leveling up, so i'll talk about them and give my opinion about it. Talents No, there is nothing wrong with talents, the actual problem is how to get them. The first talent in the tree needs 1500 Knowledge points and 750 Gold to level up. The thing is: Knowledge is relatively easy to get (with the 11.0 update, characters get 10.000 points every 5 levels) and we only use it for developing talents anyway, so there are no problems with them requiring a lot of Knowledge. However, we use Gold for a lot of other things: Buying Expert Skills (which i'll talk about later in this post), buying, amplifying or repairing equipment, buying relics, and even in a single quest from Nadir-Sard. Besides that, there are Ship Graveyard talents too that also need gold to level up. It wouldn't be a problem, considering it is an endgame content, but... Class Talents also ended up being endgame content too. New players can't spend that much money in talents to get 0.75% of Penetration, they need to focus on other things which i listed above and i won't repeat. Suggestion: Make the class talents gold-free. It would make them a less pay-to-win content and open them to every player that is willing to farm Knowledge points by completing quests and dungeons. That change would also let the players control their gold better to use it with other things, like Expert Skills, better equipments or Ship Graveyard talents. To compensate for that, increase the Knowledge cost of every single class talent. It wouldn't be that bad, since as i said before, Knowledge is kinda easy to get. Expert Skills It was acceptable that expert skills costed 40.000 gold 8 years ago, in 2014, when it was an endgame content and there was only 1 available to each class (and there were only 12 classes at that time). Now it's 2022, we have 20 classes and each one has almost 10 expert skills. And they're definitely NOT endgame content. I'd say they are as basic as the 5 skills you start with. I know you can get a lot of gold with quests from Ayvondill, but what about a new player with its first character? Imagine reaching level 18 and needing more gold than you ever had just to buy a skill? Everybody knows the 1st expert skill of a character gives a power spike, but there are no ways to effectively farm gold before level 18-20. Suggestion: It is about time that expert skills got a cost reduction. Of course you would only need 3 or 4 of them, but that's still more than 100K gold. Maybe 30.000 for each one is already good enough. However, some people may not like it. As i said before, the 1st expert skill gives a power spike, and after lv 24-25, you can complete T3 and T4 quests to get a considerable amount of gold. So since you can buy them for miracle coins now, i'd make something like the 1st bag expansion of a character. The 1st expert skill of a character would cost 1 or even 0 miracle coins. Just give it for free, bro. New players need it. Conclusion With everything that was said, i hope you understand my point. Honestly, i don't think the cost of expert skills is a problem that big, but it still could be optimized. However, the cost of talents are a problem. You either focus on expert skills, talents or equipments, you cannot gather gold for more than 1 at a time (sometimes you can't afford neither of the three). I hope you understood my point of view, and if there is something you don't agree with, i would like to know.
  3. Similar to TankLore's new Expert skills for level 30+ I decided to do new skills for level 13 players. I'm only doing one skill each. So this is my ideas Forsaken DeathKnight Black Javelin: deals increased damage similar to Thorn of Darkness but if a enemy dies a weak skeleton will appear Necromancer Skeletal horde: a group of 3x3 skeletons appear at the area the Necromancer chooses, each of them wears poorly kept armor and a sword and shield, but don't under estimate them. The skeletons remains around the same level as the Necromancer Warlock Petrification: A Target the Warlock chooses gets turned to stone (cannot move, attack, or use skills or potions) Charmer Aid of Freaky-Stone: summons a Freaky-Stone to tank for the charmer (Freaky-Stone was a abomination created on Morkatar) Mountain Clans Barbarian War horn: calls for aid from a nearby clans man (Barbarian with 2 handed Axe) Shaman Hurricane: The shaman calls the spirits to call a Hurricane to attack enemies nearby (similar to Pool of Darkness) Rogue Dirty tricks: the Rogue throws dirt in their enemies eyes, blinding them Hunter War Bear: calls a tanky armored bear to defend the Hunter I don't know how the Sentinel classes play so I will ask players to make the Sentinel novice skills
  4. Um problema do Bruxo que todos nós sabemos é a fraqueza, sendo atualmente a classe mais sensível do jogo, sendo facilmente eliminada. Levando isso em consideração Bruxo precisa de alguma skill mais defensiva. Fulaninho: "AH, MAS O BRUXO TEM CORPO PETREO" O corpo Petreo é a pior skill do Bruxo, não o protege de nada, diria eu que facilita sua morte, pois vão jogar alguma Skill em seu pé. Então tenho algumas ideia para habilidade, recentemente com a criação do Templário chegou uma Skill Passiva para ele que recupera o Hp dele e de alguém de PT toda vez que ele stunar. Na minha visão para o Bruxo poderia ser uma skill parecida que lhe dê um Escudo que aguente 1 ataque independente do valor do ataque caso o stun do bruxo seja resistido. E uma outra opção poderia ser um Pacto de Sangue, do qual ligaria o Bruxo ao Alvo e todo dano que o Bruxo sofra durante a habilidade seja passado para o Alvo. Não seria algo roubado pois entraria aquilo da level por habilidade, e provavelmente os desenvolvedores pensariam em um limite Ok de duração e afins.
  5. Hello people I need help. I buy that new skill first power grimorio or relaxation ? I am pve . I do not speak English very well, I'm sorry.
  6. Open this topic for those in order to suggest new skills, so it is easier and organized to meet or discuss new or current spells and abilities. is simple, put the name of the skill, put forward the class, and then its effect (as detailed as possible and well explained) Who likes leaves a "like"! Note: answer only if you have any suggestions on skill!
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