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Found 4 results

  1. Here's my tought: I see you guys (devs) made Templar and Chieftain to balance (and create) some problems between factions, but with this, you leave another problem: Elves and Undeads now only have 4 classes, while Humans and Mountain Clan have 5. I don't know if you're already planning the new classes. If Yes, then just ignore this post, if No, my idea is: Make a Contest. How it will work? People will make posts on Suggestions with the tag "New Classes Contest", for it to be approved, it needs: • Name • Race (Elves, Firstborns, Undeads, Forsaken, etc) • Usable Weapons and Armors • Role (Full Tank, Tank/DMG, Healer, etc) • PvP, PvE or "Neutral"? • 5 Skills* • 5 Expert Skills* • Reference Image (for the Novice Costume) OBS: Make a class related to the Faction. What is the sense of a Firstborn Demon or a Forsaken Fairy? *For the Skills to be approved, it needs: • A theme (for the name, icon, visual effects and sounds) • Description (percentages, time of buffs, debuffs, cooldown, mana cost/consumption, etc)* *Doesn't need a exact description, just don't make it overpowered XD Some time after the Contest start, the top 3 (or 5, 10, idk) suggestions with more Reactions will be announced on a Poll, and the Class with more votes IF the developers like it, will be put on the game. Q: But no one uses the forum, do you really think it will work? A: My man, it's a New Class Contest, do you really think no one will try to make or vote in a new class? Q: What the winner will win? A: I don't know, maybe... a new class? Well, they can receive a XP Pot and a Novice of the class that they did, i think it's good...? Q: Why? A: The player themselves will know what is in need on the Faction (like a Physical Damager for Forsakens, Magical Damager for Firstborns, etc). The phrase "the developers don't play this game" will not be true anymore 😉
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Warbio, how are you? Everything is fine with me. This topic is intended for moderators, players and management to see that there are people who want to improve the game so that everyone can take advantage of my work and perhaps bring ideas and new mechanics to the game. I want to share this topic with everyone to get constructive opinions and or suggestions for this topic so that this content becomes more enriched and even more useful for the spear of war. From the bottom of my heart I hope you like it, because I worked so hard for this. Good leaving a curl aside! I will present 4 classes and the machetes that I think would best fit. Before I start I would like to add two new weapons as well. New weapons: Knuckles and magic swords. While magic swords would be good for various classes such as death knight, chief and paladin among others, as the name says it would be a sword focused on magic damage similar to the mechanics of maces. Because maces in the game have physical damage and magic damage. As for the second weapon the Knuckles in melee with the same speed as the daggers and the difference would be the magic attribute Well, if you say you didn't like the idea of knuckles being with magic damage, I would like to say right now that if you want to put them on as physical knuckles, then I think it would lose its value and do exactly the same thing as daggers, so it wouldn't be interesting. So this is the part where I am asked why to put this new weapon…. well the reason is very simple! My goal in this topic besides creating and helping Aigrind in the placement of characters and weapons in the game, I also intend to bring a new mechanics and a different class style to the game. I intend to suggest the implementation of "fighter" classes, that is, classes for the front of attack, but who prefer to fight hand-to-hand without the use of heavy weapons and shields. But what would these classes bring different? Well my goal is that they can pass through tanks or make a little tank, be careful with that my goal is not to remove the function of the tanks but to help the tanks in front of the attack. Same with the damage classes but with the difference that they are more self-sufficient and have less explosion, stealth and damage characteristics than the damage classes and exchange this for greater durability and freedom in the field. If you think a lot about how to take staff damage classes (mage and wizard) most of the damage classes have either great speed or great criticism in their attacks, being specialists in the individual. These lessons in turn will obtain varied control (I will explain below), greater resistance than a damage class, less damage and greater freedom. Moving now to the classes I will highlight 4 classes Monk (Chosen) Bard (Firstborn) Vampire (Outcasts) Battlemage (Firstborn) would be better for the chosen ones but ... .. a class has been placed now and I think the elves need one more magic or hybrid class in their group. Monk If I were to put an introduction on this character it would be something like: Monks are devout warriors on the side of the chosen. They chose to give up everything to devote themselves entirely to Harad. His days were devoted as prayers and simple works until the war against the legion almost destroyed elves and humans. Losing their sanctuaries and simple lives, the monks dedicated the rest of their days to mental training and improving their bodies and beliefs in Harad. Monks are skilled in the art of unarmed combat. Not relying on sharp weapons or magic that can fail in times of need, they upgrade their bodies to fight with their fists and become a weapon of mass destruction. I was unable to place the graph, but in the game there are 5 guidelines in total in 3 character specifications. Attack, Defense and Support. Attack: 4 Defense: 4 Support: 2 Armor: Cloth and light armor Weapons: Staff and joints Now we move on to attacks Basic Skills Ki Ball: Focus your Ki on a projectile, which does great damage when it comes in contact with its targets within 2 yards. With a certain chance of putting a stunning around. The higher the level the greater the chance. Vital point: The slightest touch on a vital point leaves your target paralyzed for a few seconds / Skill increase increases time and skill percentage. Ki Shield: When using this ability everyone around the monk tried to attack him within a certain range. The monk's body turns in a ki shield for a few seconds. Every 3 moves, a character gains a speed increase by a certain percentage. Zen Body: Enter a state of mental tranquility, increase your movement speed and grant health regeneration for a certain period. Increasing the skill will increase your speed and the amount of regeneration. 1000 Palms: A flurry of unarmed blows that does 2x normal damage divided between all targets in front of you. With the increase of the greater ability and the damage and the number of targets. Expert Skills Empty Body: Increases your dodge by a certain percentage as well as local penetration by opponents. With increasing skill, your percentage will increase. Ability with constant consumption. Ki Blast: Release a shock wave of Ki around your body, dealing damage and knocking down nearby enemies. Ability with aggression around. Dragon Style: Increases your physical and magical defense. Upon reaching a critical level, the character regains hit points but the ability stops working for x time. Passive Ability Harad Kick: Throw yourself at your target, giving a flying kick that does more damage the lower your current health. Harad path: Teleport to a place with enemies nearby, causing increased damage and movement speed. Well, for now I have more skill that I could put on the monk, but just like I did with the Templar and Cacique classes, I intend to do the same with these classes. The next class I’m going to talk about, I think they’ll love the innovative mechanics I’ll bring, because there’s nothing like it in warspear and I know it would be interesting to put it on. Bard If I were to put an introduction on this character it would be something like: Bards are singers, musicians and natural storytellers. Since ancient times they spent their days telling stories and dancing to the sound of their ballads making their music appreciated by Deus Nuadu. After the great war, unable to help and protect their people against the side of the legion, the bards decided to learn from the blade dancers the art of the sword by becoming expert swordsmen and using their magic songs to demonstrate their feelings. In combat, bards know how to use both their songs and their swords. They are masters in melee and trained to fight all enemies or to draw them to our side with a whisper. PS: Sorry but I think this introduction is very good I think I have crossed my limits now !! Attack: 3 Defense: 3 Support: 3 Armor: Cloth and light weapons Weapons: Swords, magic and physics, physical and magic mace with one and two hands and knuckles. now we move on as basic skills Basic Skills Rhythmic jump: The bard bounces with his weapons causing a lot of damage to his opponent. If the opponent is close to the bard, the jump is taken only causing additional damage. The greater the increase in skill, the greater the damage. Chance of additional magic damage Disarm: Applies an attack so fast that it disarms the opponent making his attack power and his penetration decrease for x time. Charm: Enchant an enemy by forcing it to fight for you or forcing you not to use skills against the bard for x seconds. When the ability is applied at 1x1 between a player, boss or mob, the opponent has a chance to lose the ability to use skills, during which time the bard can attack. The bard attacking the effect does not disappear. If necessary when the character is in a crowd, the effect will have been activated on the weaker mob or player automatically, based on the level, if the mob or players are on the same level the character will choose the target. If the skill fails the player, mob or boss wins a debuff that increases the chance of the skill's next use being well fixed. Maximum 3 times the debuff Song of vigor: The bard plays a melody that relaxes him or his allies by slowly healing their wounds for x time. If the song is applied to an opponent, he takes periodic magic damage. Nuadu Song: Automatically puts everyone to sleep nearby. Any damage will cancel the effect. Specialist Skills Extra luck: The character increases his chance in his dodge and speed in each automatic attack made by the opponent. The successful 3 dodge the character gains a buff in which increases his physical and magic defense. Passive Ability Song of War: Increases all emission damage and reduces all generation damage by x for x seconds. ¨Can be distributed in allies. Opportunistic: Increases the damage transmitted by enchanted enemies by x while under your control. The higher the level the greater the high damage. Song of knowledge: Instantly lowers the cooldown of all your other skills. Can be traded as an ally. The higher the level the better the skill becomes. Reply: When an opponent uses a control or debuff ability against you, there is a chance to resist and stun your opponent. The higher your level the greater your chance. Good tomorrow I'll add another class I hope you liked it because I studied a lot of the skills of each class already introduced in the game in order not to put the names of the same or equal. Thanks a lot!
  3. Arkadaşlar bu yeni sınıflardan olan warden inanılmaz derecede mcs'ı zorluyor. Dün Ayvondil T4 yukarısında 3 grup mcsyle yalnız başına savaştı. Üstelik bu kadar kalabalık olmamıza rağmen sadece 2 life scroll kullanarak bizim partimizin tamamını mundar etti. Bu sırada bird hunt'ta bulunmamızdan mütevellit her taraf elf kaynadı. Sonrasında 3 kişiden oluşan partisiyle engineer kesti. Galiba sınırsız scroll ve pot kullanma gibi bir de zenginliği var. Anlayacağınız burnumuzdan getirdi. İsmi Critmebtch. Wardenlara nerf lütfen gelsin. Sanki elfler çok güçsüzmüş gibi gm'ler onlara yardımda bulunuyor. Quest yapamaz hale geldik
  4. Is there coming anything big in near future, like new classes? One new class in every faction...? It´s being a while since you (Aigrind) added new classes. I know it´s hard to make e.g. skills to them... But you can think about to make new classes... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Players will come and say: "Bad english, noob" They will nevah to add new classes, noob" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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