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Found 3 results

  1. ××× Well a while ago brought the idea of new heroes but they did not cause a desired impact and the attention I imagined for having things outside the reality of the game, was the TAG "Shadow Warrior & Forest Guardian". The "Forest Guard" until he was well accepted for having skills consistent with the game but the dear "Shadow Warrior" was not well regarded, as he would have to add a new weaponry (knuckles) that could affect the balance of the game, with that I tried to solve it by giving new ideas to someone who knows how to have a hero that pleases everyone. ××× Ok I have historical content for the character and such but as I am not good at drawings and use a cell phone it is complicated to develop a complete hero because I even have ideas of initial costume for him but there are no conditions to do such a thing ... Anyway without further ado, let's go to the main. "Hermit" *Specializing in forbidden spells for the production of potions and poisons, they had been studying the cure for the paralysis that left their masters without moving believing that after achieving this there would be chances to fight the sentinels and retake the honor lost in the great war, however I did not imagine that to do such a thing there would be constant dangers due to the area that until then is surrounded by monsters. >>>"Hermit" <<< * Uses: Cloth armor, specialized with long-range attacks (staff). 1st Skill. "Cunning" Throw a potion that deals magic damage to your opponent and paralyzes the target for a while. 2nd Skill. "Preventive potion". Ingest a potion that increases the character's defense for a set time and slows the movement speed of enemies around. 3rd Skill. "Chaotic Power" The Hermit screams causing magic damage to everyone in the area and stuns opponents by reducing the physical and magical defense of nearby targets. 4th Skill. "Forbidden magic" Summons lightning power in a selected area, causing periodic damage if the enemy is under the paralytic effect of the "Cunning" ability he will receive a burn that can spread to nearby enemies upon contact. 5th Skill. "Enhancement" Increases the ally's attack speed and maximum energy for a while, but it causes the hermit to "weaken" after the aid will lose all its energy and will be unable to use other abilities for a while. The "debilitating" time is reduced as the skill is studied. >>> Expert skills <<< 1st Skill. "Effective zone" Applying an effect to the area increases the critical damage of your allies' abilities. And it reduces that of enemies. 2nd Skill. "Return" Increases the health and speed regeneration of nearby allies for a while. Ability cannot be used in combat. 3rd Skill. "Chaos area" The Hermit throws "Potions of chaos" at a specific location and everyone who crosses it will lose its target and can attack its close allies. 4th Skill. "Act of Madness" He donates a part of his life to help the ally but if the hermit dies at the place of his death he will pour out the potions he carries, applying a random negative effect to the place. 5th Skill. "Mirage" The Hermit uses a potion by going into stealth mode and leaving a clone of his in place. Note: "The clone only has a basic attack", and if the hermit uses skills the attack will leave any enemy out of stealth. *** Well this is my suggestion for one of the new classes, I hope it is suitable for the game, I am open to questions and criticisms for improvements and explanations about this possible hero . ***Oh and this suggestion I posted on the BR forum if you want to check it out there, just search for the topic.
  2. Olá galera, bom eu to aqui pra fazer uma pergunta, O charmer é suporte certo? Mas eu estou vendo que ele cura muito pouco, qual a verdadeira função dele dentro do game? Não é tank porque não tem agro. Não é dmg. E a cura dele é fraca. E se um Shaman está curando alguem e chega um charmer e curar esse alguem a cura do Shaman é cortada :/. O que o charmer é? Me tirem essa duvida porfavor :S
  3. It's the first time I start a topic in that area... well, all classes have seven expert skills, but, the new classes only have five expert skills. will they earn two more expert skills?
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