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Found 12 results

  1. mudança da mecânica da skill: "Marcado pelo sol" observação: pelo que observei templario tank melhor sendo híbrido por conta da agressão que dar cura baseada no dano magico do personagem sobre a habilidade estigma onde o personagem usa a skill e causa um efeito de: "agressão" em área e cura com o atack automático do personagem que a utilizou, mas como é uma classe que ajuda a pt segundo a skill de "ensinamentos de harard" que cura o membro do grupo com menos hp de acordo com o dano mágico percebi que templario mágico é suporte. E agressão da cura para o templário mas mas o dmg da PT pode acabar atrapalhando a cura do templário pela agressão. Sugestão: sugiro que o efeito estigma não seja tirado pelos membros do grupo. Que o efeito de cura seja ativado somente por atack automatico e de skill do templario. Que a cura do efeito estigma seja redirecionada ao templario e a o membro com menos HP do grupo assim como habilidade ensinamentos de Harard. mudança da mecânica da skill: "mantra" essa skill é uma cura que o personagem que a usar ou a que for aplicado fica impossibilitado de atacar e de ser atacado e o personagem que for aplicado essa habilidade sofre uma redução de velocidade de movimento e tem o hp restaurado em uma certa %. observação: skill de cura, serve para se ajudar e ajudar aos membros do grupo, mas em um grupo onde o tank precisa ser curado o mantra acaba que atrapalhando o tank do grupo pois os mobs que o tank agrou vão para outro personagem do grupo pois o tank sob o efeito do mantra não pode ser atacado e assim pode matar a pt e dificultar a presença de templario como suporte em grupos. Sugestão: sugiro que o mantra continue impossibilitando o personagem em que a skill foi aplicada de atacar, mas que não impossibilite o adversário de atacar o personagem sob o efeito do mantra e que o personagem sob o efeito do mantra continue sem receber dano assim quando o tank receber a cura do da skill "mantra" ele não perdera a agressão e continuará a ser curado pelo mantra e não receberá dano. mudança da mecânica da skill: "toque da verdade" essa skill aplica um efeito de supressão ao redor do personagem que se expande em certos segundos(dependendo do nivel da skill a área de supressão se expande em menos tempo) depois que atingir o tamanho máximo a área desaparece e bloqueia o uso de skill de todos os inimigos que estavam dentro dela. observação: sendo uma skill que ativa abaixo do personagem isso é uma desvantagem para quem usa cajado pois precisa chegar perto do adversário para usar a skill e de cajado é bem arriscado usar essa skill de perto alcance. Sugestão: como forma de melhorar a experiência de templarios de cajado no pvp sugiro que essa habilidade possa ser usada a distancia também em um alcance de uso de 5 metros, semelhante ao fluxo reverso, assim não torna o templário de cajado mais propício a completar combos sem quebra de mecânica da própria especialidade que é se aproximar do inimigo sendo longo alcance.
  2. HEY Y'ALL! Among most of Warlock players it is common to hear the same complain about the Stone Body expert skill once in the most scenarios it will just delay certain death. Even we know that defensive power is not the main role of this class the purpose of this topic is to discuss possibilities of adjustments and improvements to this skill as far as possible. Below, the current state of the skill: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health. Next, the latest changes in the skill(8.4.2 Release): Now after using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. The skill now restores health every 2 seconds of its duration amounting to 2-3-4-5% from maximum health amount. The skill itself has been improved a lot with these latest changes BUT the main problem remains, in the most scenarios in the game it just delays certain death. Considering the PvE content, it's of no use. Going to the PvP content: Arena : Once you use Stone Body you're a dead weight and -1 in your party ,but at least you'll restore a decent amount of health, right? WRONG! Besides that to recover a decent amount of HP the skill needs to be amplified, and that using it already leaves your party at a disadvantage, the Warlock becomes an extremely easy and predictable target on which opponents will be spamming their click with some control skill or massive damage(R.I.P). GvG and War: There's not much to say here, the Warlock provides a lot of group control in the area and it is very useful in these battles. But just for the record, if he has to use Stone Body, the result when leaving the buff is the same as the other 99% of the time: DEPLETED! Now, let's discuss what could change in the skill if the devs agree that there is a need: In the 9.3 Update Preview we can see that the incoming damage reduction is, to some extent, in the range of possibilities of the developers for Warlock, in the additional effect of Dark Seal. Dark Seal: Moved the effect of bonus health restoration by "Life Exhaust" moved to the "Grimoire" skill. Additionally reduces the damage the target deals to the warlock by 10-15-20-25% if it is under the silence effect of the "Hex" skill. Considering that the path the game is taking is not directed to 1x1, this INCOMING DAMAGE REDUCTION would fit perfectly as a post Stone Body effect, with duration and percentage of damage reduction increasing according to the skill level. This incoming damage reduction could be applied to any damage from opponents within a specific area of effect. Anyway, the new description and functionality of the skill would look something like this: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health.After using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. After Stone Body buff effect fades, the incoming damage caused to Warlock from targets within (certain area) is reduced by (certain percentage) for (certain seconds). In my opinion this would be the easiest improvement in the skill providing more survivability to the warlock and not changing too much the skill mechanics. I have other ideas, such as a Push effect to solve the frustating spamming(mainly from melee classes) waiting to the end of Stone Body buff, similar to the Templar Reverse Flow or a 3x3 blocks 1 sec Silence to players around the Warlock. BUT, honestly i don't know if it would be fair(and that's what I'm looking for for the game). There is an ideia to make Stone Body more similar to Mantra of Healing giving mobility too but I'm almost sure I read it in another Topic. For now that's it, I appreciate the attention and share your ideas!
  3. Hi there, I wanted to discuss today about necro their ranges on skills. I have a feeling necro's lack on PVP since the introducing of resist. I played priest and necro, but I have a strong feeling that the shield from priest is way stronger at 5/5 then necro his shield? is this something that could be looked upon? I noticed that in most of the fights vs these healing class that it is mostly one sided because of their longer range. There are also other classes like warlock who has a 4 yard fear I dont know if u can put the relic on it. My suggestion would be to make necro their range also 5 yards or maybe rework the nightmare sleep into a stun and keep it 4 yards? Necro: Nightmares - 4 yards Necro: Ancient seal (heal) - 4 yards Necro: Boneshield - 4 yard Priest: Exhuasting burden- 5 yards Priest: Armstice - 5 yard Druid: healing dew - 5 yards Druid: entangling roots - 5 yards Shaman: Blind - 5 yards Healing spirit - 5 yards Barb and charmer both have 5 yard stun with relic 7 yards. btw, BD 16 secs resist and still killing my necro on 56% resi with 1400dmg+ ... Regards, Mistake
  4. bladedancer is one of the characters in Warspear online, bd is a hero who has a high physical def despite not using a shield, bd is used to be very weak and I personally agree to balancing the powerful warlock and shaman too overpowered (past time). but it used to be, now conditions have different, dev gone too far, now bd is op, imagine bd physiktwo could exceed 1k damage the normal hit, if a tanker is only natural to have this much damage? then see all skill bd, ranging from the first skills "Rush", able to detect stealth rogue and a have high chance stunt and then, shield skills even level 5 of necro shield is too weak to be compared with the level 4 bd shield, this is a shame, advanced to the third skill that sonic boom ,third dmg skill with sickening dmg if you do not have enough resilience, the skill to 4 counterstrike im spechless to this skill (tank with 4 dmg skill) , then dodge, bd now is perfect 'tanker' , great (ridiculous) damage ( flash strike + hamstring + counterstrike + sonic boom + 4% dmg) + big defence (heavy armor + mentioned if bd was "tanker") + 2 deadly stunts (hamstring + rush) + much health power (i've seen a bd walking with 4,5k hp with "no shield") + dodge skill (parry ft dodge ? well said) . especially the less? I think no. im not crying neither whining about bd nowadays , im just concerned , why does dev keep doing this situations with keep giving buff skill to bd in every update, compared mage, warlock ,necro , and barb which in every update getting "trash skill" comparing to rogue ? yes rogue is killer who can take down enemy in less than 5 second (high amp rogues) , but you should realized that rogue have much weakness, rogue cant crit anymore with jump, rogue have 4 dmg skill (mericiless + poison + throwing + ricochet) but the effective skill is only jump and poison i think, idk others opinions, rogue using leather armor meaning rogue def will never more than bd (same amp), rogue pretty dead after stealth end up and all elf char have skill to break stealth except priest, so yeah comparing bd with rogue is silly stuff. bd does not have a weakness, weakness bd is only one if it is not amped, so what do you think? whether bd will forever op like this? or there will be a "little" balancing? with respect to bd users, lets talk about this stuff. comment with use your brains.
  5. Som

    Mage op?

    Idk why player complaining about mages I see every FB post #nerfmage Idk what ppl think but mage not op I had lvl 30 with 800 mageic dmg Solo bosses ? Yes! But slowly Every speed ranger/seeker/bd able to steal boss So? And every time I see Esy-hard mage pls pls pls So nerf?
  6. (I didn't do it by race because the maximum number of questions is 3) If you checked "Other", please say which class you would like to be added
  7. Qual é a utilidade dessa habilidade? Saturaçao "Aumenta GRANDEMENTE a regeneração da vida do personagem" "" "" ISSO NAO ACONTECE ELA AUMENTA O ROUBO DE VIDA (VAMP) Que para classe (dk) seria melhor msm a regeneracao de hp "" "" " Além disso, consome 10% da vida no meu caso 723hp para usar uma habilidade que não funciona como descrito... "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Xxxxxxxxxxxx" "" "" "" "" "" " Vejamos SOMBRA AFIADA (4/4) Vai estar assim, O personagem recupera uma quantidade igual a 50% do dano causado se estiver sobre o efeito da habilidade de saturação! PARECE MUITO BOM VAMOS NA PRATICA !! Caso eu use uma habilidade que não me permite aumentar a regeneração da vida e sim o roubo da vida, talvez eu possa combar com sombra afiada! VAMOS LÁ! Use a habilidade saturaçao (perdi 10% do Hp (723)), em seguida use Sombra afiada (para recuperar esse hp deve executar mais ou menos 1.4k (50% de 1.4k = 700), mas na prática msm essa habilidade full eu consegui 696 dano ( recuperando 348hp) É um caso em que você pensa, comparando com outras classes q não precisa perder para ganhar! opiniao (coloca para almentar "Mesmo" a regeneracao de hp, talves assim podemos combar com reserva porem perde 10% ta osso)
  8. Warspear is a very good game but aigrind is taking the issue of Well (Sentinels / Elves) and Evil (Legion / Mcs) to be a balanced game, but it seems that the balance is thought more for the Elf side and believe this weight just helps them! I do not believe I'm going to give you 10 reasons why this topic 1 ° if you ask in the servers what class nerfada the answer is only one ROGUES. 2 - Do you know the best heal of the game? Good is an Elf, DRUIDA has a skill that in mine is in the opinion of many is the best cure of the game The "secret link" Heals in a matter of seconds and heals practically all his life without Speaking that he is the only one to have 4 Cures and one of them is a shield. 3. You already noticed how 90% of the elves have a skill in common! Not? All elves are blessed with a shield except ranger, no wonder the pro ran ranger gain a shield. 4 ° -Dk! before in the mcs one of the ways a free player earn a living was farmando LAB with a dk more now that "secret reserves" was nerfada this dream is only possible for those who have money to be full theft of life. 5 ° -MAGE! Before it was nothing deserved a buff I condordo more I think they went too far! Aigrind solved a hand or rather an eye, the "Eye of the Dragon" was not enough to regenerate all energy by hitting still 50% crit, you can even talk more and only when you use skill and you already counted how many damage magician abilities has? 7 I said 7 damage skills 4 Aoe and 3 single target. 6 ° -PALADIN! There are some things that annoys me on the paladin is a replica of the quirky leap but it is better in the area, stuns, and the best still criticism looks ironic. 7th -SHAMAN! there is not much to complain about here, but I could not stop talking about the lightning shield I heard that life stealing works with this ability, but now it's good not to mention that his News Skills leave MT to be desired. 8 ° - BARBARIAN! I am very sad to see the prejudice that others have with the barbarian if it is not PRO does not enter into groups because their tank skills are not so useful their stone skin was a triumph more now there is a similar better. 9 ° -BD! It's a Dmg or tank explain there! I think he should have more TANK skills and not DMG without mentioning that the cut tendon is very stolen from the distance I've already been picked up one more mile away not to mention the bleeding that is a bit high here. 10 ° - I left the best for the final WARDEN what to say neh! Class Most ROBED Ah most WARDEN has no damage will be !? 7wardens took the flag of the legion in the war that absurd wardens in t4 Mc of the map 2 spend hours and hours there farman LAB all alone and does not have to be pro not just have HP and block aigrind made a peripécia putting limit of 1s by regeneration to each block I call it a FALSE Nerf and many believe !! Either that changes or the game will only sink
  9. warden is not enought strongest?
  10. Ranger is too overpowered on my opinion. So i went pvp cave a ranger had placed explosive traps and he literraly 3 hit me to death with them... Also in arena a ranger did the same and hit 1.2k damage normal and 2.2k critical (On a tank char) like holy f**k ranger seriously needs nerf i dont know any chars that manage to do that much damage that fast :D
  11. Arkadaşlar bu yeni sınıflardan olan warden inanılmaz derecede mcs'ı zorluyor. Dün Ayvondil T4 yukarısında 3 grup mcsyle yalnız başına savaştı. Üstelik bu kadar kalabalık olmamıza rağmen sadece 2 life scroll kullanarak bizim partimizin tamamını mundar etti. Bu sırada bird hunt'ta bulunmamızdan mütevellit her taraf elf kaynadı. Sonrasında 3 kişiden oluşan partisiyle engineer kesti. Galiba sınırsız scroll ve pot kullanma gibi bir de zenginliği var. Anlayacağınız burnumuzdan getirdi. İsmi Critmebtch. Wardenlara nerf lütfen gelsin. Sanki elfler çok güçsüzmüş gibi gm'ler onlara yardımda bulunuyor. Quest yapamaz hale geldik
  12. so it is possible for priest go arena after elusive nerf in next update? if not im gonna change to pve priest. Need suggestion pro priest
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