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Found 2 results

  1. Mohamadhk


    I suggest to make some small cute creatures that can buff players and follow them wherever they go like small flying bird or cat or even Bouncing Egg or Ball. Pets could have stats and they need to be leveled up by doing quests that give Pet Exp with players quests or feeding them some special food to make them get Stronger, more Survivability and their buffs gets better each level. Maybe give each pet a skill that player can use as Pet Skill. If pet die it will start a counter time that makes them revive after it ends or using some special potion or scroll to revive them without having to wait. We already have minions i know but they are limited by time and they can't be controlled somehow, having permanent pets that we can take care of is something cool to see in Warspear.
  2. Hello there, developers. I'd like to report 2 things which by my opinion aren't okay. 1. as you can see on ss below, Minion's health and mana bar (+ time remaining of course) are missing, after entering into next location. 2. I'm not really sure, if this second thing wasn't made advisedly.. but always, when I open chat to write something (unexpectful), it suddenly scrolls at the top, so I can't read the newest messages.. It's kinda annoying. (probably not only my problem, maybe its just bug of the latest client) thanks for your time! -Keeev
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