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Found 1 result

  1. I have made separated post to discuss ethereal barrier current status, I am not well experienced in PvP so I will exclude it and talk only about PvE (excluding T5 or ST because I live on the Surfaces). Ok let's start with the discrepition, let's take it on 4/4 (max potential) "Uppon receiving damage more than 10% of maximum Health, in 2s the character receives a definitive barrier. The barrier absorbs 100% of damage received in 0.6s. The barrier removed upon receiving damage or after 10s. Can't trigger more often than once every 4sec". I saw russian forum and it's 0.55s duration for barrier (I wouldn't complain about 0.05s) This 0.6s absorb any kind of damage, usually it's 1 hit absorption. So, as you know Sun armor increase defense of mage by 50% permanently even with 0 CD build Max physical defense I have seen pve mage with: 10K physical defense (including guild buff, wearing +10 green def enchantments). And 10k def = 30% pure solidity (no gear bounce). guild buff is +6% + 1 solidity rune it will become 40% solidity (Max solidity is 50%). Congratulations mage you have achieved 80% of the max possible solidity in game. But guess what, this 40% solidity will defect Eth barrier Job since no more critical hits to u, even if mage get crit it will be (200% crit - 40% of it = 120% for crit hit, I am sure about the calculation) *max solidity applying: 200% crit - 50% = 100% (normal dmg)* That's why max solidity is 50% other wise crit will be lower damag lol 10k is around 55% def, so mage so solid now, recieving 10% of HP in 2s not gonna happen easy. Average pve mage Hp is in range 4 -> 4.5K Hp, 10% of it is 400 -> 450. My Hp is 5k and eth barrier is 3/4, trust me it never works lol, I see it once in every 1 or 2 Dozens of hits. So if you use sun armor this will defect your eth barrier. 1/4 eth barrier have you from determined death like a quester getting bullied by rouge, giving you a second chance to do something. Old ethereal barrier even on 1/4 used to avoid 1 hit every 6 hits i guess (compare it to current one that's never works). So, those are some recommendations for ethereal barrier buff sorted from pro to not suitable solution:- 1\ reduce the requirement for the ethereal barrier, same % of HP in higher duration 4 -> 6 secs. 2\ lower the requirement for eth barrier to work ( lower % of Hp) about 6% or 7% on 4/4 (for example). 3\ since Sun armor and more def you get defect eth barrier, it have to count the damage received naked *before def reduction*. Those solutions will not effect pvp side a lot but will make it better pve. Other solutions like last longer than 0.6s isn't a solution because it doesn't work in first place. I didn't touch the 4s CD for barrier because it will be more powerful PvP and still not work PvE. +1/4 have to work somehow. I tried as much as possible to keep it make sense buff. Thanks for your time.
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