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Found 2 results

  1. First of all I want say the new rebalance is good, but not for chieftain type "HYBRID", we getting nerf with this: Dual Wield Specialization Added a 30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand. With this we getting a nerf, I know about elfs saying we are very stronger in damage killing their partys in t4 and t3 quests, but this is totally using pvp set even they not, I am freeplayer and since this character was released I play it, I think this nerf of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." Is totally bad! is very hard to get much magical damage, this update is just for rich people that can amp +10, my chieftain at the moment have 850 magical damage with guild, ring greatness, cape craft lvl30 and lvl32 amulet horror %, and I calculed after update of game i just will have 700 of magical damage, now look in aspect "PVP"... PVP ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect just work using physical damage because in aspect "PVE" we are stronger for criticals, then eagle is 60% of magical damage, imagine I have 700 magical damage 60% is 420 dealing magical damage, now count that 420 with -45% for resilience of enemy, it is 231 magical damage now count defense of enemy... Normally is -45% with penetration of 15% we got reduction of 30%, then (231 - 30%)= 162 of magical damage dealed, ok I will count ferocity +45% of damage dealed then is (162 + 45%= 239), we can see with this a chieftain can deal 239 magical damage with eagle eye per tick.... Do you think this fair? now let's see this "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." ¡SO BEAUTIFUL! PVE ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect is so good... Why I say this? well, I delicately armed each armor of my chieftain to try to achieve as much as possible and to serve with my relics, and well it is so good, critical hits are going good and strongers by the critical damage of the guild and well, I just can say we are good damagers because criticals hits but in aspect "PVP" I can't say it for the resilience.... Here's the other problem... Change of magical power in two-handed maces and spears For all two-handed maces and spears the value of magic power was increased by ~18% This new mechanism is good... but.... I still thinking on the same thing that I told before, we got nerfed in the aspect magical damage of 2 weapons of 1handed mace so this is one thing for make we don't become angry? For be good damagers in this class being magicals, ¿Are we obliged to use spears and 2handed maces? So ¿Can't we be hybrids? ¿Is this serious? SKILLS REWORKS Rugged Hide Reduced the skill’s duration: from 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 seconds, to 6 \ 8 \ 9 \ 10 seconds. Is necessary to reduce the duration of skill? We are already weak class and for tears of sentinnels we are being nerfed? Even them have shields of long duration and much reduction damage and they don't think on their nerf? Frenzy Reduced the skill’s damage: from 40 \ 45 \ 45 \ 50 % of physical power to 40 \ 40 \ 45 \ 45 % of physical power. The skill will now additionally apply the “Stun” effect to the target for 2 \ 3 \ 3 \ 4 seconds if it’s under the effect of the “Thrashing” skill. Im totally agree with this rework, I don't think -5% of physical is bad, anyway it does a lot of damage, and I like the new stun skill, it is so good but here I come again... before I was talking about hybrid class nerf, you guys just buffing chieftain in the aspect pvp but being physical, not magical, with rework of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." we are already more destroyed because we become low damage being hybrids for this reason many that likes magical need become full magical and stop being hybrids, so they are losing the new rework of stun for long time and the people that likes full physical damage but still was hybrids they become full physicals with this update and they become weaks in pve because don't have area damage? Is this nerf will be granted for next update I just think I won't play anymore, it really hurts me, I am a freeplay because in my country I can't buy miracle coins so I get all with effort and I have 10 months saving a lot of things and making my chief stronger, then I finally built my chieftain for be stronger and we get nerf? So you telling that I have 10 months of my life threw to the trash just because sentinnels are crying all the time? And sorry I don't want touch this topic of sentinnels but ¡is the true! all the time we get any buff or we are strongers than sentinnels ¡they just cry for all! I really think this things I told is bad get fix because is very unfair for freeplayers, you guys making this very very good game become to game type "pay to win"? No bro... I no want this for a good game... Greetings and I really hope fix this as soon as possible...
  2. I am making this post hoping that the upcoming massive rebalance isn't just about buffing and nerfing skills with numbers. Some classes and abilities need bigger changes, more than just numbers and I think the Necromancer falls into that category. I think the main problem with the necromancer is having too many situational skills, so, I'm gonna try to shine some light on what specifically are the problems of all the skills I think needs changed. Poison Spit & Deathly Eye Problems: I've already made a post about this specifically Deathly Eye + Poison Spittle change, but to sum it up, I just think this is an outdated combo, currently you can't really use this in pvp fights mostly because you need to sit there and use 3 skills to deal damage of 2 and it's a DoT, the problem isn't even cooldown, it's more of casting time issue, so you only get the full value of this combo in pvp in 1v1s, maybe 2v2s. Pve wise, the chance is too low at all levels against bosses, annoyingly low. The only real value you get of this combo is killing strong monsters. Solution: Increase the cooldown of Deathly Eye and give it a stronger effect, lower the cooldown of Poison Spit, increase damage and give a chance of a poison effect to happen. Make it just like the Priest dmg and debuff base skills. Nightmares Problems: Not really usable in crowded fights and even pvp in the world, people will just hit mobs and you can't use it on them anymore, but I don't see this problem with the priest's Armistice, it's usable in 1v1 and crowded fights . This skill's use is basically 1v1s and coordinated 2v2s and such, where you put one enemy to sleep and focus their allied. Solution: Make it so only auto attacks can wake up the target and make mobs unable to attack sleeping targets in the world, or completely change the effect to something like a "Banishment" or "Petrification" so it's usable in crowded fights. Bone Shield Problems: Doesn't scale very well with ability points or power and takes pure damage. At least from the tests I've made, this shield withstands the same amount of damage being used on a lvl 1 target or lvl 32 and it's not very strong in numbers. Solution: Make it so the shield takes damage after the target's defenses. Acid Rain Problems: The most "sprinkly" way of dealing damage in the entire game 10 DoT ticks, only the first 6 tags enemies. Solution: Make the whole process faster, make the Poison apply on the first sec of the rain. Poisonous shield Problems: Another "sprinkly" way of dealing damage, when I look at this skill I think the devs thought only about the Labyrinth while making it. However, the main problem I see in this skill is the combo with Acid Rain, since the two of them are expert skills there's a global cooldown and the allied needs to stand in the rain, so you can't really use it in movement. Solution: Remove the combo with Acid Rain and instead make allies under the skills's effect receive extra healing and shielding so it's a combo with base skills and it would also benefit the party more defensively. Connection Problems: Outdated, the only use for this at the current state of the game is to spread infection. Also if you're facing one enemy it's useless. Solution: Idk, maybe make it do something when used against one enemy Dead Soldier Problems: It's a totem for the necro and an ugly one, requires corpses, if there's none the points you've spent on this are wasted, the pets are the dumbest in the game. Solution: Remove the totem, make it so the necro can revive any corpse to follow him like the Charmer's Bird or just follow him in the area and focus who the Necro attack or is being attacked by.
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